Indiana Sprint – race preview

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Written by guest writer and Elite Pro Teamer Amelia Boone For the third year, Spartan Race will be back at Haspin Acres in Laurel, Indiana, setting the stage for a Midwest showdown. Located an hour and half from Indianapolis and an hour and a half from Cincinnati, don’t let the remoteness of this race venue [...]

Bruce Springsteen, $500 million and you – what’s the connection? Citizens Bank Park.

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You’ve no doubt seen the countless pictures and videos of folk running across hilly terrain, sometimes jumping into what looks like a moat or pit filled with muddy water. Nestled alongside these pictures are those of folk wading chest deep into another pit to get to the rope climb they have to conquer. Let’s not [...]

Welcome to Tuxedo, New York – The Tri-State Sprint

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All the signs are there. The Tri-state double header weekend is looking to be the biggest Spartan Race event of all time and arguably, the biggest OR of all time. As it stands, 17,000 people will witness the brutality that the Spartan staff have designed for them. So, not only would being there make you [...]

Citi Field Race Report

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By Pro Team member Miguel Medina Last weekend over 12,000 Spartans scurried over and under shock cord, flew over walls and ascended an onslaught of stairs at the second Stadium Sprint in Citi Field. The weather was absolutely pristine as wave after wave of participants tested their strength and fortitude to overcome the obstacles in [...]

Spartan Race – “How to” series. Chapter 1: J-Hook rope climb

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How many times have you stared longingly at those people at Spartan Races that effortlessly scamper up those climbing ropes and ring the cowbell with effortless ease? There you are, hugging that rope with your hands clenched around that knot, hoping that if you can get just above the one in front of you, you’re [...]

Dear Joe – Martin Lonnie: A US Marine gives thanks

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Dear Joe, I wanted to thank you and your team for the Spartan Races. I have been in the Marine Corps for over 19 years and done a couple combat tours. After my last combat tour I came back with some heavy PTSD, amongst a myriad of other issues. It has been a daily struggle [...]

Spartan Chicked – still going strong! How do you know you’re a Spartan Chick?

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5 Ways you are a Spartan Chick – even if you’ve never raced By  Heather Kokesch Del Castillo 1. You overcome obstacles every day. Whether you’ve set a new PR on your back squat, made a tough decision at work, or were faced with the challenge of having to be two places at once, Spartan [...]

Running to honor the memory – the story of Brian Tanzer

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On January 10th 2013, Brian Tanzer received a phone call that no son or daughter ever want to hear. Two days shy of his 92nd birthday, Brian’s father passed away. Not quite sure how he was going to tell his mother, Brian knew this news was going to hit harder than anything his mother had [...]

The Spartan Race World Championship Race – Welcome To Vermont

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All those stories you hear about the course at Vermont are true. There’s a reason Spartan Race’s home is in the mountains of Killington. There are runs and there are trails and that’s all very cute, but when it comes to the absolute premier place to really test your mettle, the Beast – and of [...]

Spartan Race welcomes Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) to the family.

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Jim MacLaren was an outstanding athlete at Yale University, especially in lacrosse and football. Running was a something of a gift of his, but after a motorcycle accident in 1985, he lost his left leg below the knee and nearly died. Remarkably, he went on not only to recover, but to run a marathon in [...]