by Carrie Adams

270259_225183544170611_147674081921558_790272_7776221_nWhen Joe Decker eased  his way into the culvert that runs under Route 100, he’d been racing over 24 hours.  He was the first 2011 Death Racer to get to this point in the race.  The water level was higher than he expected, and he had just finished a long hike back from Roger’s Farm.  Pushing his pack ahead of him, he crawled forward.  Halfway through the culvert, he felt what he thought were water droplets on his face.  Looking up, he realized that he was surrounded by hundreds of massive, thumb-sized spiders.  With no room for him or the spiders to move, he knew he’d just have to deal with them crawling all over him until he could get to the other side.

Joe Decker returned to the 2011 Death Race as the 2010 Champion, but he didn’t263646_225179954170970_147674081921558_790216_841183_n return to defend his title or to compete with anyone but his own training and preparation.  “I can only think of a race like this one task at a time and hope I put in enough time and training to be successful.  That’s what it’s about for me.  Pushing myself.  Did I do enough?  Is the training there?”

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Here is your chance to show how dedicated you are to Sparta… We’ve seen people making out with their medals, wearing them to work, around the house & while driving their cars. These have become the status quo photos.  So we really want to see some people step it up with some EXTREMELY random shots of wearing that most proud possession. Try searing the Spartan Race logo on your steak or doing a double backside rodeo on the slopes with a showcase pose. Are you traveling to the Great Wall of China, bring your medal… the Eiffel Tower – show the French what a Spartan looks like.  The world is yours!

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by Brian Ansley

SRSC_VA_0011The Spartan Challenger Series has highlighted a few powerful athletes that seem equipped to take on Hobie Call in the Spartan obstacle races. I recently met another elite Spartan willing to accept the challenge to take on Hobie. There is one huge difference….he is only 16 years old!

Alec Blenis is a rising young endurance athlete from Roswell, Georgia. He is definitely not what comes to mind when I think of the modern day 16 year old kid. For example, he is a vegan and eats only organic foods. He also tries to buy fair trade products only to support fair wages, and equality for the workers that make his organic lifestyle possible. His weekends consist of a variety of different races, including triathlons and a 50 mile run in October in Pine Mountain, Georgia.

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by Carrie Adams

On a cold January evening in 2010, twenty-six year old Gerald Veneziano got in his car at home in Clifton, NJ heading for his night shift with the Fairfield Police Department.  He noticed a car pull in behind him and follow his vehicle for over 15 minutes.  He called into the station to have the car pulled over but no one was in proximity so in an empty parking lot, the brave man identified himself as a police officer to his follower.  Before he could react, the suspect pulled out a handgun and began to fire.  Taking bullets Veneziano exited his car to seek cover.  Three shots ripped into his leg crushing his femur and tearing a major artery wide open.  Another shattered his jaw and broke off several teeth leaving him unable to speak.  He somehow managed to return fire but multiple gunshots later, Veneziano lay alone in the abandoned parking lot bleeding out from the torn artery in his leg. 

His car had rolled away in the fire fight forcing him to seek help despite his horrific injuries.  He managed to drag himself 40 yards to the street where a bystander called 911.  He was airlifted to the hosptial where his his life was saved and a drug-induced coma was necessary to let his injuries heal.  A year and a half later, with five major surgeries and months of rehab behind him he just recently returned to active duty.  The man accused of shooting him was apprehended a month and a half after the incident later in an unrelated incident involving what is reported to the the same handgun used in Veneziano’s case and now sits in a mental hospital awaiting a trial.  To date, he’s never admitted committing the crime or given a reason.    
For Veneziano, the damage is lasting.  He will always have nerve damage and he has a rod in his femur to hold it together and screws and a plate in his jaw.  Doctors said he lost so much blood that he should’t be here.  In fact, the cold temperatures may have helped save his life.  Doctors speculate that the 15 degree weather slowed blood loss possibly preventing his death. 
Overcoming obstacles has been the theme of Veneziano’s life for a year and a half.  He knows what hard work can accomplish alongside the support and encouragement of family and friends.  He wants others to know what that feels like.  On September 24th and 25th The Spartan Race will head to Staten Island for an eight mile obstacle race of running, jumping, climbing and crawling, and Veneziano will be in the audience.  Unable to participate in this year’s event he looks forward to future races.
He says, “I wish I could do it!  It sounds like fun – especially if people from work do it together and build comraderie.”
A special  Law Enforcement Challenge has been added to the Staten Island race to which Spartan Race will be donating funds on participating Law Enforcement team’s behalf.  Veneziano is encouraging his co-workers to get signed up for the challenging race saying, “You’d be surprised what your body can do. When I got shot I had to crawl to the road with a broken leg.  As far as long term, I keep working at it.  That kind of hard work will get you far.”

Overcoming obstacles, finding out what’s possible… That’s true Spartan spirit. 

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by Tom McCormack

I’m a big fan, if not a quiet stalker, of the tech community here in NYC.  There’s a lot of excitement in the air these days as tech scene continues to thrive. As someone that actually has New York City written on my birth certificate, I think it’s great that the gang from NY Tech Meetup ( is encouraging companies like Foursquare, Meetup and GroupMe to band together to let the world know – New York is a great place to be if you’re in the tech business! Silicon who? And since I’m not intelligent enough to land a job with Foursquare or Meetup, I thought, why not lure
them into our world of rocks and mud? Wait, that doesn’t sound right.  What I meant to say was, I’d like to find out if these guys and girls are up to a challenge. Let’s see if they’re willing to support each other both physically and mentally at a Spartan Race.

That said, I’d like to introduce the NY Tech Challenge. Spartan Race is urging NY tech’s finest and fittest talent to join us at our September 24th race on Staten Island. NY Tech companies are encouraged to sign up as teams, sporting your coolest company t-shirts, and race alongside your tech buddies in a special NY Tech heat. Winning team earns bragging rights at the toughest tech team in NYC, a fancy new trophy to display in the office, and a major surprise that we’ll announce as we get closer to September.

Our “Super Spartan” course will feature 8 plus miles of wooded single track, a little mud and barbed wire, some sandy beaches, and skyline views of the city …not that you’ll ever have a chance to admire the view. This Super Spartan venue will bring athletes through the main event site area twice before the finish of this 8 rugged course, which will give spectators plenty of time to watch those Spartans challenging themselves against we at Spartan Race have created. It’s going to be a brutal course no matter what industry you’re in, and we’re expecting over 8,000 racers to show up for two days of racing at Wolfe’s Pond.

So, startup folks, do you think you’re ready? Let the trash talking begin! Register here: Use promotional code “NYTECH” to receive discounted entry and reserve your spots, but do it quickly. We are limiting this heat to the first 275 racers to sign up.

Want to sponsor a team or an obstacle? For more info, email Tom McCormack:

Once again, for event details and registration click HERE.

Check out our Tuxedo, NY episode from HERE.

The long awaited Spartan chicked uniform is HERE! 


The Spartan Chicked Women’s Team will be rocking this at the upcoming Spartan Beast and it will then be available for sale to the Spartan public.  In addition to this uniform that you’ll be able to purchase as a unit or pieces, there are a whole host of Spartan Chicked gear and apparel we’ll be rolling out.  Spartan chicks make mud look good!  Email for details – ordering online coming soon!

So get signed up for a race, get some gear and find the finish line! 


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Spartan Street Team Info

We have a very exciting opportunity for members of the Spartan Community to become involved in the Spartan Race experience.  Earn discounts, cool swag, and get your community excited about Spartan Race!  We are looking for dedicated members of Sparta to assist with promoting the Spartan Race brand within their local communities!

 Street Team members must be 18 years old
 Living in the Continental United States.
 Motivated & willing to motivate community members
 Results Oriented

e-mail for details on the Street Team! 

Spartan Code
 A Spartan pushes their mind and body to their limits.
 A Spartan masters their emotions.
 A Spartan learns continuously.
 A Spartan gives generously.
 A Spartan leads.
 A Spartan stands up for what they believe in, no matter the cost.
 A Spartan knows their flaws as well as they know their strengths.
 A Spartan proves themselves through actions, not words.
 A Spartan lives every day as if it were their last.


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SPARTAN RADIO HAS VIDEO! See the faces of the hosts you’ve come to know!  This Sunday, July 24th we hit the air waves again and talked all things Spartan!  Ladies and Gentlemen of Sparta, it gets hot on the airwaves…literally.  We give out some hints for the races in 2012: progressive racing series!  Also, we now have U.S. rankings compiled!  Those will be made available within the next few days.  We also have a team competition that will include awards!  Details to come soon.  We give shout outs to our Cambridge Spartans, talk about the Beast coming up and the ever-growing Spartan Chicked team.   “Good climbers will be rewarded!”  MScan gives a little insight on how to train for the Beast.  Jim and Carrie give some truly inspiring personal anecdotes.  For more, you’ll just have to listen…

Listen to the amazing bloopers at the end of the show!  Also, we know that MScan plays with her hair a lot.

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by Jason Jaksetic and Carrie Adams

utah-85 - CopyLove our WOD’s?  If you aren’t getting them delivered to you sign up here:  We love the daily WOD’s  too and they go a long way in preparing you for Spartan Race days.  There is another component, recovery and rest, that we want to address.

Recovery and rest days vary based on your level of activity, your upcoming races, and timing of the races.  Overtraining is an issue but so is under-recovering.

Regardless of your level of fitness, make sure you are doing a few things:

1. Drink plenty of water.  3 liters a day is a good rule of thumb.

2. Stretch frequently and invest in a foam roller for helping work lactic acid out of your muscles immediately following exercise and anytime you feel tightness in your muscles.

3. Eat well.  Nutrition is  key component to your training.


Traditional “rest” days aren’t always absolutely necessary.  In fact, some light cross-training is becoming far more beneficial for your body than true rest is some scenarios.  For example, if you are a runner, sometimes easing into a effortless swim or bike ride around the town  might help heal your body than complete rest.

And sometimes you better barricade yourself in bed with those child-railing-things that keep you from falling on your floor as a kid.  True rest has it’s place.  Know your body.  The choice is always yours and should be based on how your body feels and your experiences with recovery and rest.

If your are new to the training game, you’ll want to defer to rest days until you know your recovery threshold.  But a brisk walk on rest days can be invigorating and always take the time on those days to get in a good long stretch.

For those of you who have been hard training for a while, you have a handle on recovery, but regardless of how superhuman, Sylvester-Stallone-ish you are feeling all the time, you need to have a day where you MUST turn the fitness switch and slow it down.

Here is why that’s important:

If you kill yourself for 3 weeks straight you are getting diminishingly strong as you wear your body down. You’re slowly crashing your system.

You DO get bad-ass strong as your heal and recover from bad-ass training. Then repeat process over and over again. This is why training is call ‘adaptive’.  And why we call it the training cycle.  Also, Burnout is a serious issue as is over training. As is injury and constant fatigue syndrome.

Best defense to get better and stronger is to rest now and again.  You think this would be easy enough but most people burn out and over train. They develop injuries and illnesses.

So, what to do?

Avoid the drama. Give yourself permission 1 day a week to let the lactic drain and your mood improve. And REALLY give yourself permission.  No griping to workout comrades about feeling guilty about ‘not training today’. Drop the pretentions and heal.

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utah-7 - CopySpartan Nation grows every day!  Get connected!  Train & Race with Spartans near you! Spartan Racers stick together whether they’re on the course or not.  If you’re looking to build your team, find people to train with, locate a great CrossFit gym, or simply hoping to change your life by becoming an integral part of the Spartan Community, you’ll accomplish it all on our new Meetup page.

With, athletes all over the world can RSVP to future Spartan Races, or utah-20 - Copycreate your own Spartan workout groups in your neighborhood.  Get off that couch, sign up for a Meetup account, and start your Spartan training today.  Need a way to get started working out? Sign up for our WOD’s. Take pics, videos, and post ‘em.

Visit to locate events, training sessions, and make new friends in your city.  Why are you still sitting there?  Start your local Meetup groups now or it’s 50 burpees for all of you!  (You know we love our burpees).  And get signed up for a race!


***Special offer:  Use promotional code “MEETUP” for any Spartan Race to receive discounted entry fees to upcoming races.***


The Spartan Race series starts out with a 5k, you then work your way up through the Olympic distance (Super) then to the Ultra distance (our Spartan Beast). If you finish all 3 distances in the same year you have completed the Spartan Challenge. Step one is signing up. Step two is telling all your friends so you are on the hook, Step three is following our WOD’s and eating healthy!

Here is one Spartan’s way of getting prepared.  Robert Decillis raced with us in Tuxedo, NY is racing in Boston as well as Staten Island in Septebmer.  How are your getting ready for the Spartan Challenge?


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