by John McEvoy, Owner CrossFit Craic34800_10150118451226488_737781487_8229477_6008529_n

How do you train for an event that could potentially involve anything like a Spartan Race? The answer is simple. You have to do everything.

The goal of a Spartan race is to truly test your fitness. You need to be able to run, jump, climb, lift and carry heavy objects, crawl and continue to move forward after each task has been completed.

If you are exclusively a runner then chances are you will struggle with the climbing and165241_10150116337771488_737781487_8189726_8123613_n lifting aspects and if you are predominantly a weightlifter you will likely struggle with the running aspects of the race. Equally, if you are one of those people who love running around the track and doing sit-ups every lap you will no doubt struggle when the time comes for you to pick something heavy up of the ground and move it.

To truly perform in a Spartan Race your goal should be to become a hybrid version of all the above – part runner, part lifter, part climber.

315974_10150389170636488_737781487_10570256_910949538_nIn CrossFit this is our goal. To us ‘being fit’ is being able to perform responsibly well at any physical task. I cannot tell you how many people I have had come into my gym saying “I’m really fit! I’ve run 4 marathons” and they cannot do 1 pullup!. I also get big dudes who come in bragging about their 400lb Deadlift then they cannot run 400m without throwing up. The world of fitness is changing. It’s not good enough anymore to simply be a specialist, at least not in this game.

In CrossFit some days we run, some days we lift, some days we do just bodyweight164054_10150116337411488_737781487_8189708_6855384_n movements and some days we do all 3 in the same workout.  Every day is different and that is what keeps it exciting and what keeps the fire alive inside each of us.

When we arrive at the starting line for a Spartan Race it is no different. We stand at the starting line staring up the hill with no worries about what lies ahead of us because even though we have no idea what obstacles we will encounter, we know that we will be able to navigate them. We have lifted weight heavy for low reps, light weight for lots of reps and vice versa. We have run short, middle and long distances. We have jumped, crawled, carried and pulled ourselves over objects.

We are ready.

309629_10150389170881488_737781487_10570260_989958427_nWe train for the unknown and the unknowable. CrossFit competitions are the same. Sometimes we do not know what the events will be until game day which is the same as a Spartan Race.

Training for a marathon is different.   You know the distance, you might even know the course or you can find it, and you just follow a program you found on Google to prepare.

Spartan training is far different.  Run, jump, climb, crawl, lift, sprint, throw. If you have 163894_10150116337461488_737781487_8189710_5226270_nweaknesses they will be exposed. The only way to ‘play it safe’ is to expose your weaknesses in your training and eventually they will become strengths.

When it’s your turn to step up to the starting line and it’s time to test yourself you should have confidence knowing that you are ready for whatever comes your way because you trained to be ready.

Get signed up. 


John McEvoy is the owner of CrossFit Craic, a Cross Fit gym located at  355-359 Washington Street, Dedham, MA, right opposite the Kikuyama Japanese Steakhouse.  John is also a Death Race participant in 2011 and an Amesbury Spartan Sprint finisher! 

If you have any problems finding the location, call 617-817-7447!


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by Amy Kubal

Paleo-DietPaleo (pay-lee-o), it’s a word that is being used to describe a style of eating that’s becoming more and more popular. But what is it? And even more importantly what isn’t it? How does this whole ‘Paleo’ thing work and why should you care? Well, wonder no more here is your introduction to Paleo in 500 words or less.

What Paleo is:

· Paleo is a style of eating based on how our ancestors ate before traditional /modern agriculture; back when hunting and gathering were all the rage.

· Paleo eating has numerous health benefits and has been proven to alleviate symptoms and even reverse many health and medical conditions. Those with autoimmune diseases (thyroid problems, rheumatoid arthritis, MS, etc.), celiac disease, epilepsy, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, fibromyalgia, autism, ADHD, PCOS, acne, and many other conditions stand to benefit greatly with the application of a Paleo eating style.

· The main focus is on REAL, whole foods. These are the things that live, grow, rot and die, not the stuff that lives on a shelf for weeks, months, or years and has an ingredient list longer than the Great Wall of China.

· Food quality is of major emphasis. Grass-fed, wild-caught, free-range, organic, hormone free – the good stuff – is highly encouraged. (Don’t be put off – it’s not a deal breaker if these types of food are out of your current budget!!)

· Focus is placed on lean or grass-fed cuts of meat, wild-caught fish, and other lean or high quality animal proteins, non-starchy vegetables (not potatoes, corn, or peas), and healthy fats from coconut (oil, milk, raw meat, etc.), olives, olive oil, avocado and in some situations moderate amounts of nuts (not peanuts – they are legumes).

What Paleo is NOT:

· Paleo eating is not a fad diet or a diet at all – it is a LIFESTYLE. Yes, many are successful in losing weight eating this way, but it is not a quick fix – short-term program. There are no pills, powders, shakes or special machines required. It’s just real, whole foods!

· Foods that are not included in a Paleo eating plan include all grains, dairy, legumes (beans, peanuts, soy), processed foods, starchy vegetables (corn, peas, potatoes), sugars, and in some disease states nightshade vegetables (eggplant, peppers, tomatoes, etc.), eggs, and/or nuts.

· Paleo is not just for those interested in losing weight. It is possible for those looking to gain mass, compete in endurance and sports events, and feed the whole family; to be successful using Paleo.

That’s Paleo in a nutshell. Why should you give it a shot? If you want to improve how you look, feel, perform; stop relying on prescriptions to make you healthy, increase the length and quality of your life, and quite feeling ‘sick and tired’ then give it a go. If you think you already feel good – know that it could be better! Give it 30 days, it’s not easy at first but make it through the first week or two and you’ll wonder why you didn’t try it sooner!

Written by Amy Kubal, MS, RD, LN, Paleo Dietitian – Amy is a Registered “Paleo” Dietitian and the ring leader of Robb Wolf’s RD consulting team. She works with a wide range of clients from competitive athletes to those dealing with complex health problems. Check out her bio and consulting options, and her blog Fuel As Rx to get your Paleo nutrition fix. Email her if you have questions or would like to learn more at:

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by Carrie Adams

315399_10150296511606861_251061411860_8447444_1887746876_nWith the recent addition of the Hurricane Heat at some of our 2011 and 2012 venues in the works, we thought we’d mix it up a little bit in the Midwest.  How do you feel about a night heat on our Spartan Sprint course at Cliffs Insane Terrain Park?

Where Death Race meets obstacle race you’ll get the chance to run with our Founders and staffers from Spartan Race in a unique and memorable way.  Beginning at 6:15 PM Friday, October 14th on the Cliffs Insane Terrain Park venue it will take you through the course in groups with the goal of just2011-09-24 04 40 03 finishing the course.  No chips, no clock, just a fun run Spartan-style that represents what our company and our athletes are about… getting up when you’re knocked down and finishing what you start.

Mandatory gear: Headlamp and TWO glow sticks! 

Additional mandatory gear will be communicated to all entrants before run time! 

304285_10150289616066082_608446081_8340959_906873759_n (1)Successful finishers earn a finisher medal, a Hurricane Heaters badge, entry into a closed networking group, discount on rad Spartan gear, a limited edition Hurricane Heat Finisher t-shirt, and the chance of a lifetime finding the Spartan finish line a Hurricane Heater.  

Only 100 spots to fill… sign up now!

Head to the Chicago Registration Site to secure your spot!  The Hurricane Heat is available in registration for $120 and includes all the perks, and gets you a shot at Hurricane Heater status!  Registration closes October 12th so get signed up!

Already registered and want to add this special to heat to your existing race time?  We’ve got you covered!  Visit us HERE to find out how.  bamf

Midwest Race Detail:

Cliffs Insane Terrain Park
2725 E 2625th Rd
Marseilles, IL 61341


All parking is on site at 2725 E 2625th Rd. There will be a $5.00 per car (cash) parking fee collected by the venue when you park. Please don’t park on the roads or you will be ticketed. This applies to anyone (spectators, racers, King Leonidas, etc).

The Midwest is shaping up to be special!  In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the race will make everything they can pink – even the obstacles. In addition, an 11:30am heat dedicated to breast cancer survivors, family & friends is available where 50% of the money raised from this heat will go to the Chicagoland Area Affiliate of Susan G. Komen For The Cure. A fundraising page has been set up for donations. CLICK HERE to donate!

Get signed up for the once in a lifetime chance to run the course at night!

Questions? Email us at

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by Carrie Adams

Undeterred by torrential rainfall Friday, Spartan Race’s Super Spartan presented by Dolphin Fitness went off without a hitch on Saturday, September 24, 2011 at Wolfe’s Pond Park.  Lots of muddy mayhem lay in wait for the Spartan athletes brave enough to take on the eight mile course.

DSCN2098A new feature you’ll be seeing at upcoming races is the Hurricane Heat and Staten Island was the second installment of the new series of heats put on by Spartan Race at our events.  Starting in the early morning and before dawn, the Hurricane Heaters of Staten Island set off on the course led by Joe DeSena, Spartan Staffers (myself included), and with headlamps lighting the way on the muddy course.  Part Death Race camp, part team “fun” run, this early heat incorporated additional punishment and physical challenges inside the race course.  Thirty burpees were issued at every obstacle and picking up logs, rocks, and sometimes each other along the course, the final Hurricane Heaters came across the line, some being buddy carried for some extra toughness, after nearly four hours on the trail.

DSCN2154As the Hurricane Heaters were wrapping up, the competitive heat was just getting their day started!  Taking off at 9 AM, they attacked the course and Hobie Call, 34, once again ruled the day taking the top spot with a time of 56:03.  He was followed by Junyong Pak, 33, with a time of 1:00:22 and Matthew Kepler, 22, took third with a time of 1:01:09.  The ladies had a fantastic showing as well!  Stephanie Vaughan, 32, took first place female with a time of 1:16:37 followed by Una Broderick, 30, 1:21:26 and Courtney Kistler, 30, close behind with a time of 1:21:53.

DSCN2120Al Harrington, Jersey Native and Denver Nuggets star also took on the brutal course finishing in just over an hour and a half.  He ran alongside fellow Spartan athletes on the 8 mile course and had a lot of fun doing it!  Team Frado and his group of Biggest Loser runners also had a great showing at the race!  Their efforts and accomplishments are inspiring!

311379_10150289624796082_608446081_8341044_997695512_nThe star of the show on race day had to be the course itself.  Designed by Nick Moore and built by Russell Cohen, Nick, and the dedicated Spartan Race build team it made the beautiful venue of Wolfe’s Pond Park memorable for anyone who ran it despite rainy conditions during the build process!  The course featured some great single track trails, creek running, some of our signature obstacles near spectator areas including a barbed wire crawl, slippery walls, spear throws, and of 296970_10150319978619033_601879032_8025143_1691774055_n (1)course our Spartan Gladiator pit near the finish.  Beach running was another unique feature of this race with two portions of the course going over sand.  The crowing jewel of the event was the culvert crawl spanning five lanes of traffic.  Athletes swam beneath the highway in chest deep water to lead them to a two and a half mile loop in the woods.  Coming back they swam again under the culvert to get back to the course and head back towards the finish.

303291_2371759222773_1514303834_32529137_107150313_nThe kids race, always a fun event, featured our littlest Spartans taking on a tough course of their own!  They did a great job in their 12:05 PM heat and the spectators got quite a show as they climbed cargo nets, ran the beach, traversed balance beams, crawled under ropes, and got nice and muddy in the process!

It was a memorable day in a great venue.  If you missed your chance to get some Spartan Gear, head over to our online store and order something to wear proudly after your amazing finishes on Saturday!

A big thanks to our volunteers for their help on race day with all the details!  Many more stories about our amazing event in Staten Island, including a wrap-up on Spartan Radio Tuesday night at 10PM/9PM Central time.  From everyone at Spartan Race, we would just want to THANK our athletes and their family and friends for coming out to spend the day with Spartan Race.  We loved having over 4,500 athletes and over nearly 2,000 Spectators come rock it with us on Saturday.


Want to get registered?  Want to know what it feels like to call yourself a Spartan?  Get registered.  You’ll know at the finish line.


Thank you to all our amazing sponsors who helped make SI fantastic!  Dolphin Fitness our Presenting Sponsor, Air National Guard & Rise to the Challenge Tour, 180 Body Clinic & Musceology, Army, CKO Staten Island, Intoxx Fitness, Apex Wrestling, Museum Replicas who does all our amazing trophies, Powerade, and Zico!


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toronto-20The Sept. 24 event, presented by Dolphin Fitness of Staten Island, is an eight-plus mile Super Spartan – a trail run with over 15 obstacles. Competition is expected to attract 7,500 weekend warriors on Saturday, Sept. 24 at Wolfe’s Pond Park Preserve. Races start at 9 a.m. and continue every 30 minutes until approximately 3 p.m.  Children ages 5 to 13 can compete in the Junior Spartan Adventure on a specially-designed ½-mile course at 12:05 p.m. on Saturday. Proceeds benefit the Max Cure Foundation (

040816-F-8769K-043At precisely 8:45 a.m., Pararescue Jumpers from the Air National Guard 106th Rescue Wing on Long Island will rappel from an HH60 PaveHawk Helicopter near the event site. They will deliver the Spartan Race trophies and then enter the race with 11 other Air National Guard service members. The ANG’s Rise to the Challenge Tour will be onsite where attendees can simulate real-life Air Guard missions (

fradoThe race, which includes former Knick-Denver Nugget forward Al Harrington, 31, and various reality television stars from the hit NBC TV show Biggest Loser like Frado Dinten, will be one for the ages!  “Life is not a straight line,” says race organizer and native New Yorker Joseph DeSena of Spartan Race, Inc. “Spartan Race returns competitors to our ancient roots where running through woods, getting dirty, and facing adversity was part of everyday life.”

The Spartan Race competition series benefits Homes for our Troops, hoping to raise $400,000 to fully construct a specially adapted home for an injured veteran (

With the inclusion of another installment of the Hurricane Heat, that gives runners the chance to meet and run with the Founders and staff of Spartan Race in a unique and memorable way.  Held at 5:30 AM September 24th on the Staten Island Wolfe’s Pond Park venue it will take you through the course in groups with the goal of just finishing the course.  No chips, no clock, just a fun run Spartan-style that represents what our company and our athletes are about… getting up when you’re knocked down and finishing what you start. 

photo (32)Successful finishers earn a finisher medal, a Hurricane Heaters badge, entry into a closed networking group, a finisher t-shirt, and the chance of a lifetime finding the Spartan finish line a Hurricane Heater.   Hurricane Heats will be making appearances at other Spartan Races so stay tuned! 

Only 100 spots to fill… sign up now!  Head to the Staten Island Registration Page to secure your spot! 

Race Director Nick Moore says, “When scouting for a venue in the New York area, my local ambassador in the area said you have to check out Wolfe’s Pond…so I did. I have been putting on events for 15+ years and racing for over 20 years and have never seen the obstacle that is waiting for all those Spartans brave enough to enter as I have seen at this venue. Very unique venue located on Staten Island with skyline views of the city, beaches, sand, wooded single track…need I say more?

This Super Spartan venue will bring athletes through the main event site area twice before the finish of this 8 mile course. This will give those family members and friends that want to come out and watch plenty of times to watch those Spartans challenging themselves against what mother nature has created and what we at Spartan Race have creative.”

Pre-Race Packet Pick up!  Stop by the day before your race at Roadrunner Sports and pick up your registration pack to beat the lines on race day!  From 4 – 7 PM, Friday, September 23rd at the New Brunswick store.  Also, receive 10% off any store purchase and be entered into a raffle for a new pair of running shoes!.  Look for Spartan Race registration signs. There is race day packet pick-up as well.

North Brunswick Store
The Shoppes at North Brunswick
501 Shoppes Blvd.
North Brunswick, NJ 08902
(732) 214-8808

Race Location: Wolfe’s Pond Park Hylan Blvd and Cornelia Avenue (Between Seguine Avenue and Luten Avenue

Staten Island, NY 10308

These schedules should help in getting to Wolfes Pond:
Ferry From Manhattan?
Saturday Schedule click here
Staten Island Rapid Transit (Train)?
Schedule click here


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When Hurricane Irene descended on the East coast and ravaged Spartan HQ in Pittsfield, VT and nearby Killington, VT where the recent Spartan Beast race was held, it was clear that the stranded town needed help. Help came in the form of the Air National Guard and along with 14 other towns, they were airlifted supplies and supplied necessities as the roads were being repaired to allow access into the battered towns.

A week after post-Irene flooding crippled arterial roads through the state, the Vermont National Guard’s Task Force Green Mountain Spirit led a multi-state effort to support civil authorities helping residents and reconnecting cut-off communities with the rest of the world.

The ironic twist is the relationship that Spartan Race has with the Air National Guard. They are one of our biggest supporters and sponsors and we want to give them some love!

In addition to the heroics on the East coast in recent weeks, the ANG will be putting on a show in Staten Island! On Sept. 24, at exactly 8:45 AM an HH60 PaveHawk ANG helicopter will hover over the race site and four PJ’s (Pararescue jumpers) will descend, carrying the trophies for the race. These four will then be joined by about 10 others in racing at various time during the day. The PJ’s and chopper were featured in the movie “The Perfect Storm.” Elsewhere on site will be the ANG’s Rise to the Challenge mobile interactive display – essentially video games that simulate ANG training. Very cool stuff!

So, how can you get involved in such an amazing organization? Here are some details about our friends in the Massachusetts Air National Guard and Otis Air National Guard Base.

Air National Guard pays up to 100% for State and local colleges TUITION. The new mission at Otis Air National Guard Base in MA, for example is made up of positions centered around the Intelligence and Communications career fields. Take a look at the multitude of benefits they have to offer, all for only 1 WEEKEND PER MONTH, AND 15 DAYS PER YEAR:

· ENLISTMENT BONUS OF $20,000 FOR 6 YEARS; for individuals enlisting into one of the many critical career fields.

· 100% TUITION & FEE WAIVER ; offered at Massachusetts State Colleges and Universities. This equates to thousands of dollars in savings for members every year.

· MONTGOMERY G.I. BILL; provides $345 per month – non-taxable – for full-time college students. This money does not have to be used for school-related expenses; it can be used for any expenses that you may have.

· MONTGOMERY G.I. BILL KICKER OF $350; in addition to the Montgomery G.I. Bill; offered to selected specialties within the Massachusetts Air National Guard and provides an additional $350 per month to those taking advantage of the MONTGOMERY G.I. BILL benefits. Add that to the GI Bill, along with your monthly “drill” pay, and you could be making over $700 per month!

· COMMUNITY COLLEGE OF THE AIR FORCE ; earn an associates degree through the Air Force by combining your college credits, and military training that you receive. This allows you to earn a degree in less time.

Check out for more details!

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by Carrie Adams

When an athlete crosses a finish line of a Spartan Race and the coveted finisher medal294761_10150280672601861_251061411860_8354975_1201597623_n hangs heavy around their neck as a reminder of their accomplishment they are often euphoric and overwhelmed by accomplishment.  There is no other feeling like the feeling of finishing a tough race and getting the job done and covered in mud, grass, and earth (sometimes blood and bruises) the athletes have earned their medal for the day.  Spartans give generously and the finish line is the opportunity for an easy way to give back and make a difference.

Muddy Spartans face the dilemma of what to do with muddy gear and footwear.  Spartan gear we for sale onsite is an easy and cool way to rock Spartan pride without all the mud, but what to do with the shoes?  The mud earned on the battlefield is probably the last thing you want to put in your car when you go home, but we at Spartan Race have a solution for those of you willing to part with your footwear.  We will happily take them off your muddied hands so we can help one of our favorite charities, Max Cure!

Check out our video on the inspiring story:

Be_Brave_Adventures_logoSo, what can muddy shoes to do in the fight against pediatric cancer?  Well, in Pennsylvania, 1,790 pounds of muddy shoes = about 900 pairs!  And with Max Cure getting $0.50/lb those shoes got $895 donated towards a phenomenal charity that we love.  Please leave your muddy shoes, Spartan Race will collect and process them so that our friends at Max Cure can keep fighting the good fight and stay brave in the face of adversity!

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Picture3When Hurricane Irene threatened the East Coast and the state forced us to shut down our Sunday Amesbury race in August, our staff, volunteers and crew were devastated.  Joe Desena, one our founders, was more upset than anyone about the unfortunate situation.  After some creative planning and 9,000 emails to set up the logistics, more than 150 Spartans showed up at 5am Saturday morning to tackle the Amesbury course with Joe and a few Spartan employees.  Little did they know, they’d be put on teams with strangers, forced to carry sandbags and do 30 burpees at every obstacle, whether they got through it cleanly or not. But they did not toil alone. Alongside their teammates they forged Spartan bonds of camaraderie and teamwork.

Over the course of two a half hours, members of Team Orange Hat, Team Green, and307192_10150273015585866_544365865_8255628_2393416_s others were challenged beyond what they had expected.  It was an emotional day, and no Spartan was left behind, as teammates waited at each obstacle to make sure everyone came out on the other side.   It was an experience that can only be described as priceless.  We’re doing our best to recreate that exact experience on Staten Island.

The Hurricane Heat gives runners the chance to meet and run with the Founders and staff of Spartan Race in a unique and memorable way.  Held at 5:30 AM September 24th on the Staten Island Wolfe’s Pond Park venue it will take you through the course in groups with the goal of just finishing the course.  No chips, no clock, just a fun run Spartan-style that represents what our company and our athletes are about… getting up when you’re knocked down and finishing what you start. 

Successful finishers earn a finisher medal, a Hurricane Heaters badge, entry into a closed networking group, a finisher t-shirt, and the chance of a lifetime finding the Spartan finish line a Hurricane Heater.   Hurricane Heats will be making appearances at other Spartan Races so stay tuned! 

Only 100 spots to fill… sign up now!

photo (32)Head to the Staten Island Registration Page to secure your spot!  The Hurricane Heat is available in registration for $150 and includes all the perks, and gets you a shot at Hurricane Heater status!  Registration for this closes at 11:59pm on September 22nd so get signed up today!

Already registered and want to add this special to heat to your existing race time?  We’ve got you covered!  Visit us HERE to find out how. 

From our Amesbury Hurricane Heaters, Class of 2011:

“Thank you to all the organizers for putting together and making the hurricane heat possible. It was above and beyond the call of duty and something we all will never forget.” – Kevin Andrews

“I am so thankful that I made it through that hurricane heat! I think about it daily and wish I could be carrying buckets of rocks up hills with good friends everyday.” – Jennifer Coletti

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Calling All Spartans!

header_imgWe’ve recruited world class scientists, invested millions of dollars, and ran a few thousand miles in order to find out if there’s anything in this world that could possibly be better than a Spartan Race. 

I know, it seems like an impossibility, but we managed to breakthrough with a huge discovery: The only thing better than a Spartan Race is a FREE Spartan Race!

Is it possible to improve on the improved? Is there anything better than a free Spartan Race?

Apparently there is: A FREE 2012 Spartan Race SEASON PASS!

We’re proud to present the I AM LEONIDAS Spartan Race Giveaway.

For the rest of 2011 we’re giving away one FREE Spartan Race every day. 

To make things more interesting, at the end of every month we’re giving away one FREE 2012 Season Pass!

All you have to do to enter our giveaway is follow these three simple steps.

  • Click Here to claim your badge and become LEONIDAS!
  • Enter your email address to gain entry.
  • Publish the badge to your Facebook profile picture to confirm entry.

Every day we’ll pick a winner, but please note that if we choose you and you haven’t uploaded the badge as your profile picture your eligibility for this giveaway is removed.  So keep those badges up! 


You wanted it, we got it! The Spartan Race 2012 Season pass is here! Get your shot at Spartan Glory all year!  See you on the battlefield!

Purchase your season pass today!  With a full schedule of events in each region in the US and priced at $400, this is a steal!  Click below!



Once you purchase your season pass all you have to do is go to the event registration pages for the races you want to enter and select the  (Spartan Season Pass Holder) category and fill out your information. Voila!

Pick the time you want and you’re all set!

Works all season!

Get signed up quick before the heats sell out!

Note: You will not be able to complete registration unless your first name, last name, date of birth and gender match the registration you completed when you purchased the season pass.

*Offer excludes the Vermont World Championship Beast and the Death Race.