by Carrie Adams

museum replicasEach race brings new challengers and champions and we want you to know a little bit about them.  Presented by our amazing awards partner, Museum Replicas, we will profile them for you after each race!  

Meet the Spartan Top Three Finishing Males and Females of Miami!


It’s no surprise Hobie Call took the top spot once again in Miami! 

Top 3 Males1st Place Male
Full Name:
Hobie Call Occupation: HVAC Installer
Official Time: 1:08:27 Bib #: 1
From: Erda, UT
Age: 34
Height: 5’ 8”
Weight: 145 lbs
Why do you run Spartan Races? I have no good reason not to. :)
How do you train for Spartan Races? The way you’re supposed to
Quick Bio & Interesting Facts: I’m married w/ 5 kids. Here’s my response….”Ummm”…. So I ask my wife. She says… “Ummm”… “Ummm”…

Shout Outs: Joe DeSena for creating such a marvelous race, Pines Wheatgrass for helping to keep me healthy, and my wife Irene for helping to keep me sane.

miami 2nd place mens2nd Place Male
Full Name:
Leif Kohler Occupation: Firefighter
Official Time: 1:09:40 Bib #: 2207
From: Haiku, HI
Age: 27
Height: 5’ 11”
Weight: 165 lbs
Why do you run Spartan Races? Its raw pain and I want to take Hobie down!
How do you train for Spartan Races? Running mountains, rock climbing, and firefighter training
Quick Bio & Interesting Facts: Grew up on Maui, Hawaii and went to University of Washington for Civil Engineering. I enjoy skydiving & naked bungee jumping from time to time.
Shout Outs: Wife Kristin (later inserted a carrot and the word gorgeous before “wife”). Mom the nutritionist, Dad the bad-ass and my bro Hans the Beast!

SPARTAN RACE WINNERS- For the Spartan Wall of Champions
FL 2/25/12 – Super Spartan

miami 3rd place mens3rd Place Male
Full Name:
Daniel Martin Occupation: Ocean Rescue Lifeguard
Official Time: 1:10:45 Bib #: 292
From: Miami, FL
Age: 28
Height: 5’ 9”
Weight: 147 lbs
Why do you run Spartan Races? To beat Hobie and it’s Fun!
How do you train for Spartan Races? Just running a lot and some pull-ups and push-ups
Quick Bio & Interesting Facts: I got 2nd last year. I’ve been running since I was 12. I was born and raised in Miami!

Shout Outs: Thank you to my parents for support and also to my beautiful girlfriend.

miami 1st place female1st Place Female
Full Name:
Amanda Czapla Occupation: Profession Asskicker J . Legal secretary, volunteer, student personal trainer
Official Time: 1:34:11 Bib #: 113
From: Houston, TX
Age: 24
Height: 5’ 1”
Weight: 112 lbs
Why do you run Spartan Races? It’s fun and to give the boys a run for their money. Plus I love the challenges.
How do you train for Spartan Races?
I run.

Quick Bio & Interesting Facts: Native Houstonian, ex gymnast, competitive runner and I don’t know how to swim.

Shout Outs: Sally Spooner. She beat me last year by 30 seconds. Kurtis Morgan, Michael Wallace, and my new friend Angela Bronco, thanks for the competition. Oh and Daniel for “thinking” he was going to dominate and Omar. Good luck! Kick ass and take names.

SPARTAN RACE WINNERS- For the Spartan Wall of Champions
FL 2/25/12 – Super Spartan

Top 3 Females2nd Place Female
Full Name:
Angela Bronco Occupation: Firefighter
Official Time: 1:35:28 Bib #: 72
Deerfield Beach, FL
Age: 36
Height: 5’ 7”
Weight: 136 lbs
Why do you run Spartan Races? For fun, challenging
How do you train for Spartan Races? Triathlons, CrossFit, firefighter combat challenge.

Quick Bio & Interesting Facts: Married to Lee Bronco, competing in triathlons for 13 years, started CrossFit, and I compete in firefighter combat challenge.
Shout Outs: Thank you God, thanks to my wonderful husband, all my triathlete competitors, and my sponsor Ride Backwards!miami 3rd place female

3rd Place Female
Full Name
: Courtney Kistler Occupation: Freelance Writer
Official Time: 1:36:15 Bib #: 244
Toledo, OH
Age: 31
Height: 5’ 6”
Weight: 136 lbs
Why do you run Spartan Races? Fun
How do you train for Spartan Races?
Run, pushups

Quick Bio & Interesting Facts: Live in NYC, like to get muddy. I’m single, boys J

Shout Outs: Margaret Dillon, Hal Miller

Keep track of Current 2012 Points and 2012 Spartan Race Results!  See you in Georgia!

Top 3 Males-Females (2)

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by Carrie Adams

Screen Shot 2012-02-27 at 7 42 58 PMSpartan friend and blogger Margaret Schlachter recently won a Bloggie for Best Sports Blog after a worldwide vote.   Margaret is a regular on the Spartan racing circuit and one of the original members of Spartan Chicked, a movement that began at last year’s Spartan Beast, where Margaret took third place female! 

On this Spartan Chicked Tuesday, we thought we’d give her some love and let her choose a WOD for Spartan Nation.  True to her Spartan core, she chose one that dirt in your skirt 2.cdrinvolves a workout partner… a rock. 

Congratulations Margo and here’s your WOD Sparta, brought to you by none other than Ms. Dirt in Your Skirt herself, Margaret Schlachter! 

117-Margaret-1561This is a WOD I came up with right after Hurricane Irene hit Vermont and left my town an island. I couldn’t go on the trails and I had to stay off the road due to construction. When life throws a kink in the chain, you work it out. Choose a rock or weight that is manageable for multiple sets. Live in snowy climates?  Do it with snowshoes on!

Grab a Rock find a hill and get ready to go…

15 Minute – Warm-up -jog, bike, jump ropeIMG_0773

Training: 5 Rounds

Uphill throws to top of the hill

50 Clean and Jerks

50 Squats

400 Meter Run

Here is a link to the video of the workout:

Check out Margo’s blog, Dirt in Your Skirt at!

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by Carrie Adams

27966_1127450282571_1716617129_247377_4881280_nOne of Spartan’s founders and accomplished endurance athlete Joe Desena lives and works in the small town of Pittsfield, VT.  Pittsfield is well known for  playing host to the Death Race each summer as well as the Winter Death Race and a variety of other endurance challenges held by Peak Races.  The Winter Death Race is set to kick-off this weekend but racing isn’t the only thing you’ll find in this small town of Vermont.  Among all the talk of Death Racing, Pittsfield is also a unique, and somewhat unlikely place for love2720303334_edf765f0b8

Up the street from Amee Farm, which serves as basecamp for the Death Races sits Riverside Farm, a quaint spread of land accessible by covered bridge and serves as a home for Joe and his growing family.  Joe has three children with his wife Courtney and a fourth is on the way, due this summer.  Courtney helps run a wedding business out of their property Riverside Farm Weddings. 

The wedding venue accommodates all sizes of weddings and boasts a rustic, inviting, and personable wedding experience for couple’s seeking a unique venue and location.  Joe and Courtney should know, they got engaged in a very Spartan-like way, in the summer of 2001 and Courtney 390674223_2e200772e3Desena was kind enough to share their story. 

Joe and Courtney went to do a 24 hour adventure race in Santa Monica, CA in the summer of 2001 and spent a grueling night of kayaking, mountain biking, and trail running (they heard coyotes all night long howling in the woods).  Courtney, not admittedly a hardcore adventure racer (She was Captain of the Penn State women’s soccer team and avid runner) was enthralled and challengd by Joe’s idea of “fun” in extreme sports and distance running so she got used to dating in spandex and camelbacks instead of dresses and heel. 

Thinking it was just another one of their normal dates of eating Protein Bars, kayaking, biking and running to all these crazy races, she didn’t realize he had something special planned.

After the duo had finished a tough section over the night and as the sun was coming up, they arrived to the ocean and Courtney was dead tired. She stopped to look over the water- the waves were crashing against the rocks and they sat down to enjoy the view and have a have a drink and a breather before continuing the race. 

Suddenly Joe asked, “Are you having fun?” and Courtney responded, “Yes, this is incredible!  Exhausting, but great.”

Joe replied, “I have another question- will you marry me?”

Dazed, Courtney responded, “Of course! Are you going to finish the rest of that Protein Bar… and wow, those coyotes were loud last night, this is…”  

Realizing what he had said, tired but giddy, Courtney said, “YES!” ! 

They made great time the rest of the way… suddenly not tired, or thirsty, or hungry…they raced to the finish and have been running ever since. 

Courtney says, “Now 3.5 kids later we are having a blast and I appreciate Joe for being passionate about life and his family. He’s a great dad. He’s a great role model for the kids. Life with Joe is never dull and he has a wicked sense of humor… so that makes for an interesting life together.”

5379137658_2c8825d06bSo, if you’re heading to Pittsfield, it may not be in search of Death Racing… it might just be for love. 

To find out more how you can have a unique Spartan Wedding of your own, check out photos of the grounds and amenities of the Riverside Farm Weddings by clicking on the links below.  Go to for more information.

The Grounds at Riverside Farm

The Groom’s Cabin at Riverside Farm

The Stables @Riverside Farm

The Red Barn @ Riverside Farm

The Bridal Suite @ Riverside Farm

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WOD for Monday, Feb 27th presented by Gaspari Nutrition

~By Hobie Call & James Villepigue CSCS

The Advanced High Endurance/Strength Booster WOD


This particular training protocol should only be performed by those who have been actively & consistently training and lifting weights for at least one year.

When it comes to running a Spartan Race, be it a Spartan Sprint, Super Spartan, Spartan Beast or Spartan Death Race, you’re going to want an optimal balance of endurance and strength in order to successfully compete and complete the challenge.

The following WOD is one of my absolute favorites for building that balance and trust me when I say that this protocol is not for the faint of heart – If you’re in it to win it, take today’s WOD on and watch what happens to your conditioning level and the shape of your body!

We’re going to be using the Romanian Dead Lift as the exclusive lift for this protocol.

I want you to perform today’s WOD once a week for 5 weeks and then take a few weeks off.

Here’s how this WOD works. For your first week, you’ll be performing four sets of ten repetitions with one- minute rest between sets. Your deadlift tempo should be explosive in the accent and a bit slower and completely controlled during the descent. When you descend, do not bounce or bang the weights like a sissy – Touch the weights to the ground and immediately go right into the next repetition.


Your objective during this protocol is to keep ongoing tension on the muscles involved (just about every major muscle group!) until you’ve reached your last rep. This is going to be one of the toughest muscular endurance & cardiorespiratory challenges you’ve ever experienced.

Here’s how to choose the appropriate weight:

Choose a weight that is approximately 65% of your 2-rep maximum  – As an example, I end up using 315 pounds for the entire 5 week protocol. My max 2-rep deadlift is approximately 525 pounds.


Week One:

Perform 3 sets of 8 repetitions with one-minute rest between each set.

Week Two:

Perform 4 sets of 8 repetitions with one-minute rest between each set.

Week Three:

Perform 5 sets of 8 repetitions with one-minute rest between each set.

Week Four:

Perform 6 sets of 9 repetitions with one-minute rest between each set.

Week Five:

Perform 7 sets of 10 repetitions with one-minute rest between each set.

The weekly progression is designed to both acclimate you to the workout while making sure that results are solid and consistent.

If you find that you need more rest between sets, take the time, but don’t cheat yourself.

Keep Going!

James Villepigue & Hobie Call

by Carrie Adams

66064_167325896612508_100000052959586_573317_2931735_nWomen have always been a vital part of the Death Race history and DNA.  The women who come to the Death Race are tough, strong, capable, and smart.  Add to that line-up the undeniably bad ass Ms. Lynn Lena.  Sporting a new full sleeve of ink on the heels of her recent 41st birthday, Lena is not your typical woman by any measure. 

Like many in the DR line-up, Lynn has been training for and placing in many of the past Spartan Races, often after taking on a grueling Hurricane Heat before hand.  Her toughness is matched by her sense of humor, her kindness and generosity with fellow racers, her affection, and her supportive nature. 

304083_10150483916709186_706409185_10971285_1999777599_nLena, a Vermonter herself is heading up to Amee Farm  in June for the Death Race and she isn’t all nerves.  “I can’t wait!”  She told me with excitement. 

“I’m not feeling nerves or fear I’m just looking forward to taking it on and pushing through it one task at a time,” she continued. 

Strikingly beautiful and strong, Lena, is a competitor.  She took home third place in the Chicago Spartan Race and the Glen Rose competitive heat saw her taking home another trophy.  She keeps in shape by training hard, teaching boot camps, taking regular weighted hikes, and traveling to endurance challenges across the country, she’s preparing for what the Death Race will expose her to and she has no misconceptions of 390736_10150405577831581_504681580_8963956_2126581308_nwhat awaits.   “I know without a doubt it will be the most grueling experience I will ever have the pleasure of taking on, and I will be honored to experience it with amazing people by my side.”

A member of the Spartan Hurricane Heat inspired group the Storm Chasers, Lena has inspired women and men with her commitment to seeing things through and getting the job done. 

Lena says, “I work hard everyday trying to instill the importance of self belief in people who take my BOOTCAMP and I can’t wait to show them the power of it when put into action.” 

302362_10150338913681361_67645276360_8617593_947676361_nThoughtful and deliberate, she is preparing herself for what lies ahead physically without forgetting about the mental side of the challenge.  When asked to reflect on the experiences she’s about to face and what she’ll do when faced with the darkness, the hurt, the fatigue she says, “Don’t quit, can’t fail.” 

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by John Whitaker

[Editor’s note: Everyone runs for a reason.  Often those reasons are bigger than themselves.  When we met John Whitaker in Glen Rose Texas, we knew he was special.  Positive, upbeat, an easy smile he was an inspirational presence with an undeniable mission.  He had  a story to tell and hearing it left us wanting to carry on that mission and tell the story of a remarkable boy and how his life exemplified the Spartan spirit and how his legacy embodies the indomitable will to keep on fighting despite the odds.] 

jw2At 42, I find myself in a life that I never anticipated. I am married to Tracy, who is a wonderful wife and amazing mother. We have been blessed with 2 incredible kids. My oldest child, a blue eyed tow head blonde boy – Mitchell – came roaring into our life in May 0f 1997. Our second, an amazing little fireball redhead, Meredith, followed 2 years later. American dream – good wife, 2 kids, good job, great friends, picket fences (you know the drill).

In August of 2005, at age 8, Mitchell is diagnosed with leukemia. Our lives changedjw1 drastically….and in many ways became quite simple. Live one more day. Fight through another obstacle. Provide fuel to the confidence and willpower of my son so that he can fight and thrive during treatment. Carry the weight of a mother who fears for the future. Carry the weight of a daughter who wonders why this is happening and when she will get her best friend back. Pray to the Lord for strength, wisdom, and courage enough to carry me through the dark hours because Mitchell knows that if his dad says everything is going to be alright…then dad will find a way to make it happen regardless of whatever obstacles come in our way.

I was equipped, by Providence and Faith, to use “this present suffering” to encourage others that followed our journey as I was encouraging my own. I didn’t want the job, but it was my “water to carry”. Isn’t that just like life? We will always be presented with opportunities to grow in circumstances outside of our control.

Tracy and I were blessed to witness Mitchell display his toughness in the face of adversity. We watched him excel under trying circumstances athletically, academically, and spiritually. He was an incredible athlete and thrived on competition.

At age 10, after 2 years of showing up every day to stand and deliver in the face of adversity, my heir, my name, my legacy passed from this life to the next as I stood by his bedside with an arm around Tracy and a hand on his cheek. Mitchell was a warrior in every sense of the word. He was the fiercest competitor and possessed the strongest will that I have ever seen.

During his last days, whenever Tracy and I had to make the decision to let him go, we would spend hours by his bedside whispering in his ear and telling him how proud that we were of his life, explaining how wonderful heaven was going to be, and that it was ok for him to rest. Mitchell wanted to become a doctor to find a cure for his disease, but he never got that opportunity.

jwDuring one of these quiet times, as I was holding his face close to mine, listening to the shallow rise/fall of his sedated chest and outlining this face with my hands he awoke, after being unconscious for 2 days. He opened up those amazing blue eyes, and very clearly said: “KEEP FIGHTING.” He closed his eyes and died 3 days later. Those were the last words that he ever spoke in this world.

Spartan warrior spirit? He embodied it. He lived it. His life rallies others to do the same. Since his passing, my entire life has changed.  My best friend and son, gone. Many dark days have passed by my door the last 4 years and on those days when I want to just pack it in, I am harkened back to the last words of Mitchell and the strength that my Heavenly Father has seen fit to provide.

In Mitchells honor, Tracy and I started the GoMitchGo Foundation to raise awareness and funds for families battling blood cancers. Our personal goal is raise $1 million dollars in Mitchell’s honor. Let the following facts sink in for a moment:

· Every 4 minutes a new diagnosis for a blood related cancer.

· Every 10 minutes, a patient dies from battling these diseases.

· Leukemia causes more deaths than any other cancer among children and young adults under the age of 25.

In the time that Hobie Call blazes through a Super Spartan, seven young people die from blood and bone cancer diseases. Eleven are forced into the battle of their lives during that same time span. Blood and bone cancers are killing our children and NOBODY KNOWS ABOUT IT. Nothing moves me greater than those willing to sacrifice for a cause greater than themselves. To date, Mitchell’s story has inspired people to raise nearly $475,000 dollars for blood cancer research.

I run Spartan & other endurance races as a way to honor Mitchell’s athletic talent, competitive nature, and warrior spirit. I run to tell his story in the hopes that others will join our cause to stand and fight. Spartan Race is such an amazing, living, dirty, sweaty, painful, & accurate metaphor for life. There is only so much we can control in life and most powerful choice we make is to tackle our obstacles head on without hesitation, until we can go no further.

Mitchell would have been 15 on May 15, 2012. Spartan Race has agreed to honor Mitchell’s legacy with a special heat. Will you join me at 130pm on May 19th? The “Mitchell Whitaker – Keep Fighting” heat will be a perfect time to honor his legacy. Spartan has agreed to donate half the registration cost to the GoMitchGo Foundation to help fund blood cancer research. Come run for a cause greater than yourself and help save a life!

Live life ferociously, passionately, and for a cause greater than yourself…..because THAT is what being a Spartan is all about.

Keep Fighting! Aroo! Aroo! Aroo!

For more information on the GoMitchGo Foundation and our story click here:

To join the fight on race day, please register for the 1:30PM heat by going here and get registered:

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by Carrie Adams

When we get emails and letters from Spartan finishers we are inspired by their individual journey’s and how they’ve changed because they’ve committed to a healthier life, they’ve pushed their limits, and they’ve overcome obstacles to find out what they are capable of accomplishing. 

This story touched us, because it had an effect on a whole family…

Meet Johnathan Spoonmoore and hear his family’s story.  Johnathan recently finished the AZ Super Spartan and inspired a family along the way. 

john2Both my parents were athletic and fit at a younger age. My Mom played high school sports and so did my dad, who after school joined the United States Marine Corps while my Mom stayed at home to raise children. After the military life both continued and increased their smoking and didn’t keep up with staying healthy on a daily and long term basis. I myself have been in sports most of life as well as going to the gym and staying personally healthy on a daily.

I came across Spartan Race through a friend who was interested and shared it with me(but has still yet to race!). About a year later I signed up for my first race, the AZ Super Spartan. I knew this race was a big deal and a huge accomplishment but much more came out of it than i had expected. After months of training, it was race day and i gave it all I had crossing the finish line.

After many congratulations and hugs the news was out, my Dad had signed not only me, but himself for next years race here in Arizona. He has decided that he is going to quit smoking, after so many years, and get into shape to run next years race with me. There was more.  My Mom also decided she wanted to quit smoking and get into shape to race as well, so we got her signed up. They have already began their journey with putting down the cigarettes and preparing to get their workout on.

It is not just the race but the need for them to change their lifestyle and add years on instead of taking them off. A huge, immeasurable, thank you goes to Spartan Race and the Spartan family. With everything they have brought forth the change has already started and I don’t believe it would be happening right this second if it wasn’t for this organization and it’s followers. We cant wait to see you all next year with our new and improved selves.

[Editor’s note: Do you have a Spartan story you wish to share with HQ?  Email your stories with pictures to and you might see your story in our blog or on our FB wall!]

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by Carrie Adams

chickenThe Spartan Agora Grill is heading to Miami!  Ever mindful of the healthy way of Spartan living, Agora grill offers healthy food options on race day.  This event will feature Paleo Chicken Wraps with Shredded Carrots, Bok Choy, and Napa Cabbage with Vinaigrette on the side.

In addition, there will Turkey and Swiss Wraps with lettuce, Bacon Bits, and Sprouts as well as Hummus and Grilled Veggies on Whole Wheat Wraps.  All are served on 12 inch wraps with Sun Chips and Fruit!

You have many options for beverages including water, Gatorade, Blue Moon, Heineken, Corona, Bud Light, Coors Light, and Miller Light.

How’s that for a race day menu?  See you in Miami!

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by Carrie Adams

militaryOwen Duff is no stranger to hard work and dangerous environments.  He’s not even a stranger to the Death Race itself.   He was a part of the 2011 race, where he dropped after 17 hours of the 43 hour event.  Long before the Death Race, Duff, 25, spent time in the military on the bomb squad as an explosive ordinance disposal technician and currently spends his days living and working as a CrossFit and Olympic weightlifting coach in Palm Springs, CA.  He’s heading back to the Green Mountains in June to finish what he started last year.

Duff’s 2011 experience was rough.  Feeling sick before the event began, he blamed nerves for his upset stomach.  But early on, it was clear something was wrong.  The Death Race opened with five hours of heavy lifting and Duff’s stomach only worsened, “During the rock cleans I was having trouble eating and keeping water down. We took off from the farm and I got really sick I couldn’t eat and water was hard to swallow I assumed I had food poisoning.”  He made the decision at that time to drop out but managed another 10 hours through the woods and water before he succumbed and left the race.  Once he finished it would still be another two days before he could eat normally again.  A disappointing experience for the competitive, Duff.  He’s not letting that effect his view of what awaits him this year.

owen duffUpbeat, quick-witted, and full of palpable positive energy, he’s ready to take on the race again in 2012 with a renewed energy and focus.  When asked about how he feels about the Death Race he says, “Last year I didn’t know what to expect, this year is no different but I have a beard so that makes everything better.”  And indeed, his beard has become legendary.  He has the (self-proclaimed) “Best Beard” in CrossFit and he jokes, “Hiding success in my beard is key this year.”  No doubt there’s room.

The Spokane, Washington native is also preparing for the CrossFit games, but the Spartan Death Race is something altogether different.  Duff says, “For me the Death Race is about finding what stopped me last year, staring it down, putting it in my ruck and carrying it back into the river.  Finishing the race.”  Like many in the Death Race field, his CrossFit training and coaching a major part of his race preparation.

The closeness of the Death Race community has also become something Duff looks forward to in June, “I am most excited to see all the friends and people I met last year, the pain suffering and cold brings souls together.”

And so he trains, regularly posting videos of his progress on his YouTube channel including this video of a recent 285 pound Hang Squat Clean.  Jokes aside, he says, “the death race is now apart of me, it is forever simpler to take the path less traveled by.”  The race is something that’s changed his life for the better and influenced how he spends his time, how he feeds his body, and who he surrounds himself with.  He’s planning to bring that knowledge and wisdom gained over the last year with him back to Vermont.  But, like Sampson, he’s also bringing a secret weapon, adding,“I do have magical beard powers.”

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WOD for Monday, February 21th, 2012 presented by Gaspari Nutrition
~By James Villepigue CSCS & Hobie Call

Burst Bout Cardio

The following 3 Levels of high-intensity Burst Bout Sessions last between 4-6 minutes in duration. Please do not mistake this short duration for easy exercise, because it is not!

As you will notice, as each level advances, the total duration of the Burst Bouts decreases. This decrease in time is due to the decrease in your rest times. Although the total Burst Bout duration will decrease for the advanced levels, that decreased rest time will make each Burst Bout much more challenging.  This type of intense training is extremely challenging, but it will absolutely produce amazing results with minimal time!

Level A (Advanced)

Time: Work/Rest Movement Type Bouts/Round #
3-5 Minute Warmup If you worked out just before your bout, you may not need to warmup. If you’re doing it cold, make sure to warm and prepare your muscles for the workload. Walk in place
20/5 Burpees 1
20/5 Straight Punches 2
20/5 Knee Ups 3
20/5 Jump Rope 4
20/10 Burpees 5
20/10 Jumping Jacks 6
20/10 Straight Punches 7
20/10 Knee Ups 8
20/10 Jumping Jacks 9
20/10 Jump Rope 10
3-5 minute cooldown Cooling down helps to reduce your heart from having to work too hard to pump blood out of your working muscles and back throughout your body. Don’t disregard it! Walk in place
Total Time:4 Minutes*Add in warm/cooldown times. For progressive achievement, you may desire to add to the # of Bouts you perform during each Burst Bout session. Please don’t try and progress too quickly. Begin with two additional Bouts (#1 & #2) and take it from there.


Level B (Intermediate)

Time: Work/Rest Movement Type Bouts/Round #
3-5 Minute Warmup If you worked out just before your bout, you may not need to warmup. If you’re doing it cold, make sure to warm and prepare your muscles for the workload. Walk in place
20/10 Burpees 1
20/10 Straight Punches 2
20/10 Knee Ups 3
20/10 Jumping Jacks 4
20/15 Burpees 5
20/15 Straight Punches 6
20/20 Knee Ups 7
20/20 Jumping Jacks 8
3-5 minute cooldown Cooling down helps to reduce your heart from having to work too hard to pump blood out of your working muscles and back throughout your body. Don’t disregard it! Walk in place
Total Time:4.5 Minutes*Add in warm/cooldown times. For progressive achievement, you may desire to add to the # of Bouts you perform during each Burst Bout session. Please don’t try and progress too quickly. Begin with two additional Bouts (#1 & #2) and take it from there.


 Level C (Beginner)

Time: Work/Rest Movement Type Bouts/Round #
3-5 Minute Warmup If you worked out just before your bout, you may not need to warmup. If you’re doing it cold, make sure to warm and prepare your muscles for the workload. Walk in place
20/10 Jumping Jacks 1
20/15 Straight Punch 2
20/20 Jumping Jacks 3
20/20 Straight Punch 4
20/20 Jumping Jacks 5
20/20 Straight Punch 6
20/20 Jumping Jacks 7
20/20 Straight Punch 8
3-5 minute cooldown Cooling down helps to reduce your heart from having to work too hard to pump blood out of your working muscles and back throughout your body. Don’t disregard it! Walk in place
Total Time:5 Minutes*Add in warm/cooldown times. For progressive achievement, you may desire to add to the # of Bouts you perform during each Burst Bout session. Please don’t try and progress too quickly. Begin with two additional Bouts (#1 & #2) and take it from there.

*Remember, the objective of Burst Bout Cardio, is to get the most amount of exercise in, in the shortest amount of time. If you are a beginner, you MUST pace yourself, but still keep in mind, that you want to move, as fast as you can, during the Work Time of these movements. This is why we’ve chosen movements that are less ballistic and that allow a faster pace and constant rhythm:


It’s always good to keep your training fresh. The key to achieving constant results is to make sure that you keep your muscles challenged. One way to do this is by changing up the Burst Bout movements, from time to time. Here is a list of possible exercises that you can use to build your custom Burst Bout Cardio routine from:


  1. Jump Rope
  2. Knee Ups
  3. Shadow Box Punches
  4. Jumping Jack Flashes
  5. Weighted Torso Twists
  6. Bicycles
  7. Burpees
  8. Side Shuffle
  9. Speed Skater
  10. Jump Squats
  11. Push Ups
  12. Walk Outs
  13. Sit Up & Pike
  14. Push Up Jumps
  15. Side-to-side jumps

Keep Going!

James & Hobie