by Sarah Marbach

At my heaviest, and lowest point of my life, I was 440 pounds. The most exercise I got daily was walking to and from classes in college, and carrying my very large body up and down stairs. I couldn’t fit into things that were made for average sized people. Desks, chairs, airplanes, seatbelts, my twin sized bed, smaller cars, and restaurant booths all posed problems for me. I stopped being a participant in life and was simply existing. I went to class, I came home and ate. I went to work, I came home and ate. I was 21 years old and was told that I would be lucky to make it to 30 at the rate I was going. Things needed to change, and they needed to change quickly.

My mom had gastric bypass and she was desperate for me to at least look at the options available to me. Every time she presented me with the option of surgery, I checked out mentally. The last time she mentioned it, I finally caved and agreed to go to the seminar. After the seminar I had a burst of energy. I knew this was going to be the tool that I would need to save my life. From June-December of 2009 I worked my tail off. I cut back on the amount of calories I was consuming and upped my activity level. I started taking water aerobics and walking around the track with my friends. Before I was wheeled into the operating room I weighed in at 330 pounds (110 less than my first weigh in at the seminar).

After surgery, I continued to work out and modify my eating habits. I no longer ate because I was bored, I ate because I was hungry. I began scheduling things around my favorite exercise classes. I slowly moved from water aerobics to more challenging classes like spinning and kick boxing. I found a love of Zumba and began working with a personal trainer. I began doing harder and harder work outs and loved every minute of it. Still eager to try more, I began running and signed up for a bunch of races. I completed many 5ks, a few 10ks and a half marathon. I soon found myself at a normal weight and size, and began to feel great about myself and my achievements. I have now held my weight steady at 190 pounds for more than two years and am enjoying the maintenance phase of my journey.  All told, I lost 265 pounds.

I heard of the Spartan Race and was eager to take on the challenge, but as always, was a little intimidated. When I heard the Biggest Loser sponsored a team and that it was a scaled down version of the spartan, I jumped at the chance to be a part of it.

June 1st came quicker than I expected, but I was ready to lace up my sneakers and give the spartan a go. I showed up at 7:30 and waited nervously in the Biggest Loser area, already watching all the Spartans getting ready for their start time. As more people showed up, I convinced myself that I was ready to dominate the course and give it my all. With a few last minute race guidelines from the awesome team captains Jackie, Jen, and Dan… And a special shout out for my weight loss, and we were at the starting line.

We began with a mountain to climb, and I decided that I would move as fast as my legs would carry me. I jogged up the mountain like I’ve done it before, my dad always says “act like you’ve been there” and pushed forward. About half way up one of the volunteers shouted “keep jogging!” I knew I had to press forward. All along the course, the volunteers and the captains were excellent cheerleaders. Just when I felt like I had nothing left inside, a yellow Biggest Loser shirt would shout words of encouragement. I can’t thank them enough for taking the time out of their racing schedule to help the rookies complete the race.

The obstacles were all challenging in their own way, but I was eager and willing to try every single one presented and take my penalty burpees (even though they werent required). I focused on what I was able to complete, and didn’t beat myself up about the burpees I made myself do because I couldn’t do an obstacle. I climbed up walls ranging in height from 6′ to 8′, ran through tires, carried a “pancake” up a mountain and back down the other side, dragged a concrete block up a mountain and back down again, dragged a huge tire, climbed a wall made out of ropes, climbed a slanted wall and slid down the other side, crawled through mud and under barbed wire.

Though I completed many obstacles, I did take 30 burpees for the rock wall, the pegs, the rope climb, the spear throw (I missed the bale of hay), and the monkey bars. But, like with anything, if you don’t do something the first time there is always another chance to get it right. I will continue to train my tush off and I will take on the spartan next year and will try to cross some burpees off my list, because who likes doing burpees? No one!

Besides the awesome captains and volunteers from the Biggest Loser, and all my super cool team mates and new friends, the Spartans that were racing and their volunteers were more than supportive as well. Many a Spartan helped push my tush over walls, and shouted words of encouragement along the way. At one point there was a break in the course where Dan informed me that I could either cut through or take on the mountain… I said “forget cutting through, go big or go home!” and trudged my way up the mountain. As I made my way up the mountain I heard a voice behind me say “you don’t know how much you just inspired me!” Just knowing that I was able to inspire a fellow racer because I wasn’t going to take the easy way out is an amazing feeling. That’s really been a theme in my life, and the Spartan Race was no exception.

Taking the easy way out was the way old Sarah lived her life, but the me I am today wants more challenges because they build character and strength. Nothing worth having comes easy. I am proud of myself for finishing, for taking on a challenge that I was terrified of, for completing the whole thing even though short cuts were offered, and for trying every obstacle presented. The whole experience was amazing, incredible, and just positive. If you have a chance to sign up for this event, do it. You will surprise yourself and have the time of your life, plus some interesting bruises to show off at work on Monday…

Interested in learning more about the Biggest Loser off-road challenge? Click HERE.

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The images of Danny Rodriguez, a man weight in at over 400lbs at the Midwest Spartan Super are startling. Rodriguez, along with some friends and a couple of staff members, hiked and fought for a staggering nine hours to cross the finish line. But that’s just the beginning of his story. Because Danny has committed to so much more. He’s moved to Pittsfield, Vermont to let Spartan founder Joe D help him change his life for the better by changing how he eats, how he trains, and how he lives. Rodriguez is ready.

Surrendering his car keys, his vehicle and all his cash, he says his goal is to lose 200 pounds. For accommodations in Pittsfield, he is sleeping on top of a Mountain without plumbing or electricity and carried his own luggage to the top as one of his first tasks. For the Chicago native, he’s never been this far from home but he knows that its time for something better.

Danny is now undergoing the very same regime Chris Davis went through with Spartan Race founder Joe Desena in Vermont in a bid to emulate the same weight loss and lifestyle change.

“This is why we started Spartan Race,” explains Joe De Sena.  ”We’re here to rip people off their couches and change their lives.  Forever. It’s that simple.  When Danny leaves here, he’ll leave a different human being.”

Danny talks about what he wants to experience in this emotional journey to save his life.

Stay tuned to more Danny Rodriguez updates. In the meantime, find your own Spartan finish line. Register HERE.

by Logan Tobias

Just over a year ago, the 24th of July, I completed my first Spartan race. It was the Palmerton Sprint and I loved it. I loved it so much that I decided to train for more Spartan races, but before I could really start training, I had to get away from the life that was controlling me. I used drugs and alcohol on a daily basis and it got to the point that I was using drugs every day about three to four times a day.

On the 24th I woke up and I had many missed calls because it was a Tuesday and I was supposed to be at work at 8am, but instead I was hungover and still high from the drugs I had the night before. At that moment I told myself I was no longer going to be a slave to the drugs and I was going to take back my life. That was exactly one year ago and I haven’t looked back, I have remained drug free and alcohol free since then and am still, I don’t plan on giving up because I know that I am a Spartan! Spartan’s never retreat, never surrender!

What’s keeping you from finding a Spartan finish line? Sign up today.

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by Corinne Kohlen, Spartan Pro Team and Registered Dietitian

Summer’s here, your outside enjoying nature and being active! Keeping your bodies healthy and hydrated during the summer is very important. With fruits and vegetables ripe and in season, with BBQing being a great way to spend time with friends and family, and with a few ideas from your friendly dietitian you’ll be on your way to some tasty summer treats.

Summer is a great time to visit your local farmers market. Some fruits that may be in season include apricots, avocado, tomato, cantaloupe, corn, cucumbers, grapes, mangos, and zucchini. Fresh fruit can be served cut up in a fruit salad or grilled on the BBQ for some extra zest. Children can help cut, or peel fruit, or put fruit on kabob sticks for the grill or to eat fresh.

Grilled Veggies

Here are some ideas for summer meals and snacks:
Fruit kabobs – grill or eat fresh.
Balsamic grilled vegetables
Fresh salsa – try adding peaches or pineapple for color and flavor
Guacamole – makes a great dip for flaxseed tortilla chips or fresh veggies
Homemade Fruit pops – blend fresh fruit and freeze in ice trays or popsicle trays. Try mixing in mint for color and variety
Greek yogurt topped with seasonal berries – adding blueberries, strawberries, raspberries can add natural sweetness to this protein filled snack
Edamame – or soybeans – these are a great fiber and protein filled snack served hot or cold
Grilled pineapple and peaches – add a little cool whip or eat plain
Fresh Apple slices, celery sticks, or banana medallions with peanut butter dipping sauce
100 calories of nuts – 13 almonds, 11 cashews, or 7 walnuts. Eat plain or add to a salad or casserole
Watermelon, mint and peach smoothies – blend these three ingredients with ice for a great hydrating drink
Hummus with fresh carrot sticks, broccoli trees, or cut bell pepper slices

For more food ideas, sign up for the FREE Spartan Food of the day (FOD). Sign up HERE.

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When Winter Vinecki began her Spartan Race at Soldier Hollow in Utah, the fourteen year old was on a mission. It was far from her first race, she’s been racing since she was a young child… but unlike most 14 year olds, her mission is to educate the world on prostate cancer and raise funds. So far, she’s raised over $700,000 and she’s not slowing down. The youngest finisher of a complete marathon on Antarctica, she’s traveling the world spreading her message and running some of the world’s toughest races along the way. Her message about prostate cancer and it’s devastation is born out of her own tragic loss of her father to prostate cancer when she was just nine years old, shortly before his 41st birthday. At the Utah Race she shared what motivates her, what moves her and how Spartan Race is the newest addition to her impressive list of race finishes. To learn more about her cause, visit her website for Team Winter at

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by Steffen “Cookie” Cook

On March 23rd, Christopher Mitchell was in Carolina to take part in the Spartan Race. So what? So were thousands of others. Well, Christopher’s journey there was a little different than some.

On July 3rd, 2012, he underwent reconstructive ACL surgery on his right knee. It was a mess. He explains, “A few months before, I completely tore my ACL while sparring in tae kwon do. I can’t really explain exactly what happened, but it felt like the top half of my right leg and the bottom half went in opposite directions when I planted my leg. Initially, I thought it was a bad sprain and treated the swelling and pain for a couple of weeks.”

There wasn’t the improvement he expected and on further inspection, an MRI scan determined that the ACL was “not there anymore.”

What happened next was like the script from the Six Million Dollar Man. Dr. William Garrett at Duke Sports Medicine in Durham, NC took a piece of Christopher’s hamstring and together with some new hardware, basically “built” him a new ACL.
“After my surgery, I spent the next week on my back with my leg in a brace and a cooler circulating ice water around my knee 24/7.”

Rehab was hard as he expected it to be. “Physical therapy began on July 11th and continued twice a week until just before Christmas. PT, it was slow and painful. The protocol for my rehab was provided by my doctor, and my physical therapist and I spent a lot of time working to get my knee to bend normally and to put weight on it. Over time, I progressed from my brace and crutches, to just my brace, and finally, no brace. My goal at that time was to walk with a normal gait, and eventually to build some strength in that leg. The loss of strength and muscle tone in my leg was amazing, and took some time to regain.”

Towards the end of the rehab, when treadmills and ellipticals were strengthening his leg, he noticed that it wasn’t doing anything to remove the extra pounds that he had acquired during the rest and rehab.

“I knew I wanted to get my leg, and body back in shape. It was about that time I came across the Spartan Race website. I was immediately hooked. I read every word on the website, and watched the videos. I felt connected with the Spartan Mission and the Spartan Code. I knew that I wanted to be a Spartan.”

With time pressing, Christopher explain how he tunes his body to be ready for the event.

“I’ve never been one to “just finish” any athletic activity. I want to be fully prepared and ready to give 100% to be as successful as possible. With so far to go to be ready and with so little time, I joined a program at my local gym designed to transform your body in 30 minutes a day, 4 days a week, with very intense, circuit-based workouts. We do burpees, push-ups, planks, pull-ups, jump rope, curls, shoulder presses, box jumps, and various workouts with kettle bells, just to name a few….oh, and did I mention burpees? I felt like this program would get me Spartan tough as fast as possible. And with some extra cardio/running added in, it has.”

A miraculously quick turn around, but one that shows how the focus of an individual can yield the rewards. The extra weight has gone and after some recruiting, he is now prepared to attack the course with his sons and a co-worker by his side.

“I am already planning to race in the Mid-Atlantic Spartan Super in August, and the Carolinas Beast in November. And who knows, maybe someday, even the Death Race?”

Yet another example of the triumph of the human spirit.

See you at the finish line.  What’s keeping you from finding the Spartan finish line?  Register TODAY.

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by Michele McBride

Michele, left,  at 240 lbs

My name is Michele and I am a 41 yr old mom of 3 kids (2 boys and 1 girl ages 23, 18 and 7) and have been married for 24 years! When I was little I was always a skinny little thing, but when I hit 14 I gained some weight. Around age 15 almost 16 I decided to loose it and did! Man, it’s funny to see how boys who wouldn’t talk to you before but they sure wanted to talk to me then!

I got married at 17 to the greatest guy who loved me for me not my size! Well after two babies I had kept on the weight! After my 2nd I weighed 180 pounds. It was then when my darkest time entered. The weight continued to pile on and by the time I got pregnant with my 3rd in 2005 I weighed 240/245 lbs! It was the heaviest I had ever been and felt so depressed. The pregnancy was hard as I had many problems by the time I had her in December of 2005 I weighed 224!

It was then that I started watching The Biggest Loser! That inspired me big time! I first just changed little things – giving up soft drink except for one every now and again – but I knew I had to change, I’d developed Type II diabetes. Then I actually started eating right! I used to only eat supper and now I eat breakfast, lunch, snack, and supper! I also changed my white carbs to wheat and am making better food choices.

So I changed my eating but I knew I was still missing exercise! I admit I am lazy but I was wanting something different! I was

Michele (far right) back to 180 and counting

looking at all the Biggest Loser contestants and how they looked and looked like they felt and I wanted that. One day while searching a Biggest Loser event I stumbled across Spartan Race! Oh MY! It looked fun but I wondered if I could do it. My self-esteem had gone down as my weight went up! Even now I am not sure… but I WANT TO! My husband is very supportive and said of course you can do it honey!

I recently joined a gym and got a trainer and am preparing for my first race! I feel great now! I currently weigh 180 and have started noticing body changes. I am scared to death but I have to overcome some other fears during this Race! I have a bad fear of heights so that’s going to be hard! But I want this! I need this!! I want to be around for my little one to graduate and to one day have grandbabies to hug and run with! Plus, maybe finally I can out-kayak my brother! I love kayaking and my brother goes with me and we have so much fun but he can out paddle me! Well, watch out brother here I come! I am losing weight and inches but gaining so much more again! I have been inundated with support from Spartan Chicked Facebook page, so if you need the support they rock!

Are you a female Spartan looking for a cool crew of chicks to hang out with? Spartan Race has a Spartan Chicked closed network on FB that connects like-minded women to talk about training, nutrition, and staying healthy, strong and active. No boys allowed! Click HERE to request to join!

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by Michael Bacon

I returned home from Afghanistan on the first weekend in June, 2013. I had planned to do the races for my Trifecta in as little calendar time as possible because I would have the leave days from deployment to use up. All the dates, time and money lined up. Well, even they hadn’t, I would still have done it anyway…..that’s just me, The Baconator.

The week after I got back (Father’s Day weekend) and the following weekend I ran two other OCRs as a tune up for the Utah Beast. This resulted in five OCRs in six weeks. That is not really a tough schedule compared to many of my fellow OCR athletes, but it was quite adventurous with all the travel, training and racing.

My goal was to knock out punch the Spartan Trifecta in the shortest amount of days possible. And….stay healthy in the process. The plan worked well: 22 days, lots of travel time, lots of bad road munchies and food, great times with family and friends, and putting it all out there on each course, and leaving nothing in the tank.

All my tough training (4-6 days a week for about 6 months and sometimes two-a-days) preparing for Spartan glory while deployed to Tarin Kowt, Afghanistan was about to become the real deal. The Utah Beast was first, and good thing, because it was the toughest and it had me a little reserved and worried. Family and friends noticed that I wasn’t my typical, over-the-hedge squirrel, energizer bunny self on the drive out and just before the race. The UT Beast pushed me to my never-before-reached limit. Halfway through at the rope climb, I contemplated the thing I said I would never do…..quitting. My friends and teammates, Jason Reed and David Tatham, responded to my waning resolve by joining me back on the course to give me some motivation. Success! The PA Sprint proved to be what many call the “Mini Beast.”  According to some who ran the previous year’s PA Sprint, this one was a little shorter, but arguably more difficult. The terrain, again, was the real challenge. Obstacles are just obstacles. You approach each one on its own turf and do it or don’t do it. The part of the planet that Spartan decides to put them is what kicks your butt!

The Midwest Spartan was FUN! I think what made it the most fun was the festival atmosphere with all my friends from many teams and the new people I met throughout the race and the rest of the weekend. The course start was nice because it wasn’t a vertical ascent to Mars. I actually had time to warm up and get in a pace groove before the hills and obstacles.

This is my 50th year of life on the planet. “Go and torture yourself, Mike….over 25+ miles of unforgiving terrain and obstacles….for your birthday celebration.” Thats what my brain said and my body replied with “bring it on!”

The Spartan Race Utah Beast
June 29th, 2013:
Seymour, Indiana to Cheyenne and Evanston, Wyoming and Midway, Utah 1600 miles, 26 hrs travel time.
Departure: June 26th, 2013
Round trip total: 3200 +/- miles, 50 hrs travel time
Corn Fed Spartans on the road trip: Michael Bacon, Kathy Bacon, Jason Reed, Jessy Reed, David Tatham.
Friends in Wyoming: Lisa Todd (thank you for letting us stay at your house!), Liz Roper and Valerie Cuecuecha.

Utah Beast: 12.2 miles in the Utah Wasatch Mountains
Elite Heat
Time 4:56:16

The Spartan Race Pennsylvania Sprint
July 13th, 2013
Seymour, Indiana to Carrolton, Kentucky, DeGraff, Ohio, Reading and Palmerton, Pennsylvania 780 miles, 14 hrs travel time.
Departure: July 11th, 2013
Round trip total: 1570 +/- miles, 27 hrs
Corn Fed Spartans on the road trip: Michael Bacon, Jason Reed, Jordan Hill, Dan Bacon
Friends in Pennsylvania: Dann Pitkapaasi and his wife, Mia (thanks for letting us crash out at your house!), Brian Tumelty (Team Limitless)
Extra: Sweeper Heat with Ron Zastocki and his wife, Kelly, Gary Belanger, and Kelli Parady
Pennsylvania Sprint: 4 +/- miles at Blue Mountain
Elite Heat
Time: 2:23:43

Spartan Midwest Super: 8.2 +/- miles at The Cliffs Insane Terrain
July 20th, 2013
Seymour, Indiana to Marseilles, Illinois 320 +/- miles, 5 1/2 hrs travel time. Departure: July 19th, 2013
Round trip total 610 +/- miles, 16 hours (slept at a truck stop on the return trip….exhausted!)
Corn Fed Spartans on the road trip: The Baconator, solo.
Friends in Marseilles at the race and campground: The Corn Fed Spartans, Chicago Spartan, Team Ninja, Midwest Vikings, and all the amazing Spartan Racers! AROOO!
Extra: Sweeper/Pull Heat Team with Missy Morris, Stefanie McKenna and Emily Brandstatter (All Corn Fed Spartans!)
Time: 3:14:27

Trifecta Completion Stats
Days to completion: 22 days
Distance traveled: 5380 miles
Time Travel: 93 hrs

To say Todd Sedlak is evil, but a really nice guy, creates an oxymoron. Like he said at my finish of the Midwest, “You hate me out on the course, but like me when you’re done, right?” Mike Morris – thanks for the Midwest. See you in Amesbury, MA!

Thanks to LegendBorne Sportswear for the great race jerseys and tech t-shirts. They fit like a glove and make me feel like a superhero. The gear made the race! Thanks to Inov8 for my Roclite 315s. They gave my feet the performance of a mountain goat!

Special thanks to my wife Kathy for being there. Special thanks to Jason Reed and David Tatham at the Utah Beast. In my 50 years of life and 23 years in the US Army, I have never done any event so tough, ever. Thank you two AWESOME Corn Fed Spartans for jumping back into the Beast and giving me the sometimes silent, reassuring coaching and motivation to “Just keep going!”

What’s stopping you?  Get registered TODAY.

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Like moths to a flame, the Spartan Race community was drawn to Cliffs Insane Terrain Park in Marseilles, Illinois for two days of intense trails and obstacles that would test all those who were willing to push themselves. With this being the Super Championship for the year, the men’s elite line-up read like a who’s who of Spartan Race with the Spartan Pro Team seeing a lot of the podium all weekend.

On the men’s side the competition was tough.  Spartan Pro Team men Brakken Kraker, Hunter McIntyre and David Magida finished in a 1-2-3 ahead of so many highly skilled athletes.  In fact, the top three finishers in the elite heat Saturday and Sunday on the men’s side were all Spartan Pro Team athletes.

Amelia Boone kept her winning streak alive by winning both Saturday and Sunday, despite getting lost on Saturday for over

Iram Leon with Spartan Race Race Director Mike Morris

ten minutes and clawing her way back to the front of the pack. Boone has never failed to podium at a Spartan Race and her Sunday finish saw only five men finish before her, nabbing not only first female but sixth overall.  Behind Boone, Spartan Pro Team females rounded out the female podium Saturday with Hannah Orders in second and Leslie St Louis in third. Orders made many jaws drop at the fact that despite losing a shoe mid-race, she finished just two minutes behind the leader on Saturday. Leslie St Louis fought off brave competition for third in a highly competitive field.

Also racing in the elite heat both days was the quiet and unassuming Iram Leon. A terminal cancer marathon winner, Leon is an inspirational runner. Leon placed high, despite being very new to the concept of obstacle course racing. The marathon champion charged at the course, wearing a shirt with a runner being chased by the Grim Reaper, with the caption, “Make Him work for it”.

Brad Kloha, who is running 100 races in 52 weeksto raise money for Alzheimer’s was on-hand in Illinois. He is running to

honor the memory of his grandmother and great-grandmother who he lost to the disease and hopes to raise $1 Million to aid the charity. Kloha runs every race with a photo of his grandmother strapped to his forearm to remind him of his purpose.

The Unbreakable Joneses, a father son team we recently profiled who often does multiple laps, also took to the highly technical trails, mud and obstacles in Illinois.   Last seen sprinting around the Texas Sprint multiple times, the father and son team known affectionately known as “Thing 1” and “Thing 2” successfully completed the course 3 times; once for speed, once carrying sledgehammers and once tethered together.

AC Auld – a Biggest Loser participant – remarked that finishing is, “an achievement that no one can take away from you.”  He smiled cheerfully and held up his hands bearing two wounds opened up while low crawling under the barbed wire.  Spartans wear their cuts and bruises with pride.

Love was also in the air!  In what is quickly becoming a tradition at Spartan Races all over the country,  Megan Pritchard happily accepted Michael Manning’s request for her hand in marriage amid huge cheers and applause at the finish line.  We wish them the best!

Danny Rodriguez

The longest and hardest journey of the weekend was that of someone who is no stranger to what a Spartan Race can offer. Weighing over 400lbs, Danny Rodriguez, along with some friends and a couple of staff members, hiked and fought his way through an epic nine hours to cross the finish line to a flurry of high-fives, knucklebumps and teary-eyed hugs. Personifying the “sign up, show up, don’t quit” attitude, Danny is now undergoing the very same regime Chris Davis went through with Spartan Race founder Joe Desena in Vermont in a bid to emulate the same weight loss and lifestyle change. Everyone at Spartan Race would like to wish Danny good luck for the next few months.

A big thanks goes out to the Cornfed Spartan team whose volunteering, work and course sweeping for the Midwest race was an immeasurable asset.  Thanks, Cornfed!

Next up, the Sprint championship in the Pacific Northwest. Who will come out on top? You’ll know at the finish line…

Sign up today! 

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by Loren McLean

3G phones may not be a rare find, but 3G Spartans? Actually, 3G Spartans and a bit, to be precise.

We are the Three-Generation McLean family of Spartans – 1G Loren, 63(me), 2G Eli, 38, 3G Steven, 20 who is gearing up for his initiation to Spartan Racing at Miller Park this fall; and of course the precious ‘bit’ is Baby Cameron, 13 months old, and definitely to be the 4G Spartan.

With ten plus obstacle races under my belt (three Spartan finishes – two Sprints at Laurel, Indiana, and one Super at Marseilles, Illinois), I am staying fit enough to last until the 4th G joins our family team – hey, it’s only another, what, 14 years or so right? So last year, I made a new entry to my Bucket List! I bet no one knows a Great-Grandpa captured the 4th place in the 60+ category at Spartan Sprint in April.

As for the family clan, with his competitive spirit sparkling, Eli the 2G trains like a Spartan, races like a Spartan, and has the heart of a Spartan – he is my inspiration. Truth be told, Eli stuck with me and he was the reason I was able to finish my first Spartan Race last year. Though willingly trading his training gear for baby wipes and diapers for now, I have a feeling that Steven the 3G is secretly prepping to beat the old men with his resilient youth. Hearing all the Spartan talk around him, Baby Cameron patiently awaits his turn. Oh, yes, I can tell from his smirk every now and then. After-all he’s definitely got the pedigree.

So we’re set to take our family legacy to the next level this September at Miller Park. As far as I’m concerned, you’re never too old or too young to live life to the fullest. Yes, WE ARE SPARTANS!

Are you heading to Miller Park? Find an event near you HERE.

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