3 Eggs a Day: 70% of the time, it works every time.

by Joe DiStefano  of  Spartan Coaches


Eggs have been perhaps the most debated food of our time. In fact, I distinctly remember the lecture labeling them as the number one food my father was to stop eating after having a heart attack, along with their partner in crime, red meat.

The influence of the Paleo Diet revolution has really shifted many of us towards going more Pro-egg, so I am hoping to provide perhaps the necessary capstone insight to clear the air…at least for some of us.

Research out of the Department of Nutritional Sciences at the University of Connecticut explains that 70% of the population are “hypo-responders” to dietary cholesterol. In other words, 70% of us Spartans could eat all the cholesterol we want and see little to no change in blood cholesterol levels or heart disease risk. AROO!!!

However, there is a possibility you are in the other 30%. My sincerest apologies, you are a hyper-responders and do show increases in blood cholesterol as a result of your dietary intake. Just tread carefully, and get regular blood work done. I would not wish an entirely egg-free diet upon anybody.

So what about the three eggs a day part? Another published study, also out of UCONN’s Department of Nutritional Sciences, found that men eating three eggs per day for 12 weeks showed a 30% increase in HDL (the good) cholesterol levels. At the same time, these subjects also experienced decreased waist circumference and a nearly 40% drop in triglycerides. In fact, 15 out of the 18 subjects who were classified as having metabolic syndrome at the start of the study, no longer met that criteria by the end of it.

Let me leave you by saying  30% may be a minority, but is by no means a small percentage of a population. This blog is by no means a permission slip to go tell all your friends, family, colleagues, and clients that eggs have finally been solidified as the miracle health food we all suspected they were. Do your homework.


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    Didn’t notice the “Hypo” “Hyper” difference right away so I was a bit confused. Good article. I wonder which one I am…?

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    Is that the same Keats that’s on second ave and 45 st. That place has very nice lunches and I like having a cocktail once in awhile.

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    Do you know if the same holds true for women and eggs? I like my eggs (plus, I don’t eat meat, so it’s a big source of my protein).

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