by Carrie Adams

Spartan Race is living large in 2012.  So large, we finally quantified it! Spartan Race HQ is proud to announce that in 2012 we are giving away $500,000 in cash and prizes!   Born out of the Death Race and growing rapidly since 2010 Spartan has worked hard to make our mark in the growing sport of Obstacle Racing.  With 34 global events, recognized as Outside Magazine’s “Best Obstacle Race” for 2012, Spartan Race, presented by Dial For Men, is building the sport of obstacle racing as the competition for the complete athlete – fast, strong, agile, with endless endurance, and strong of mind, body and character.  There is no doubt that Spartan is cutting edge with the world’s first and only global ranking system, an escalating race series from 5K to the first ever marathon distance race with the introduction of the Ultra Beast we are working to reward our Spartan community – handsomely!

To recognize and reward the nearly half million athletes and fans who have attended Spartan Races worldwide in the last year, Spartan Race is announcing the largest ever prize purse in the sport of obstacle challenge racing. Spartan Race and its partners will award more than half a million dollars in cash, prizes and giveaways to its athletes and supporters in 2012.  With the recent milestone of 1.5 million Facebook fans and rapidly closing in on 2 million, Spartan Race is maintaining the goal to rip one million people off their couches and change their lives.  We won’t stop until we hit 10 million!

Spartan Race would be nothing without our faithful Spartans. So, to express our gratitude to all our Spartan community, we will offer myriad opportunities to win major cash and prizes in 2012.

Prizes and awards will be presented at the Spartan Race Championship Event at Killington Resort in Vermont, Sept. 22, 2012, in the following categories:

Spartan Beast, crowning the World’s Best Obstacle Racer in 2012.   The Beast is a 13‑mile Obstacle Race the world has yet to see. Compared to any other race in the world, whether a mud run, fun run, marathon, triathlon, bike race, death march or any kind of event claiming to be the “toughest race on the planet,” none comes close to the Beast.

  • Men’s Division                  $5,000 1st, $2,000 2nd, and $1,000 3rd place
  • Women’s Division           $5,000 1st, $2,000 2nd, and $1,000 3rd place
  • Both Divisions                  4th through $10th – 2013 Season Passes ($400 value)

Spartan Ultra Beast.  What do you get when you do a Spartan Beast twice? You get the Ultra Beast Marathon.  The first of its kind, the Ultra Beast will be the world’s first marathon distance Obstacle Race. It will be one heat featuring two loops of the main Beast course. Racers will face the toughest course Spartan Race can bring, twice before finding the finish line. Not for the faint of heart, to ensure the highest level of competition and for their own safety, racers must apply for acceptance in the Ultra Beast Marathon with a race resume and explanation about why they want to take on the Ultra Beast Marathon.

  • Fastest Team (teams of 3)           $15,000 1st place
  • Fastest Individual                           $5,000 1st place

Spartan Points Leaders- Over the course of the 2012 Spartan Race season, Spartan athletes earn points based on their four best races.  Cash and prizes will be awarded to the top 300 men’s and women’s points finishers.  The cash purse began at $5,000.00, has grown throughout the 2012 season, and by the completion of Vermont Beast is expected to total:

  • $40,000 in cash, plus
  • $260,000 in prizes.

Awards will be earned for:

  • Age group leaders male and female nationally
  • Age group leaders male and female regionally
  • Age group leaders male and female based on Spartan Distance.

Prize Money Qualifications:

  • To 20 male and female point leaders globally
  • Performance at The Killington Beast, Spartan Race’s World Championship

Throughout 2012, Spartan Race competitors are also earning cash and prizes as follows:

  •  Navy Federal Credit Union $25,000 Cash Prize.  Navy Federal Credit Union has placed a $5,000 cash purse on offer at the following five Spartan Race events: Pacific Northwest, Pennsylvania, Mid-Atlantic, South Carolina Beast and Glen Rose, Texas. First place male and female finishers in Saturday’s competitive wave will take home $1,500; 2nd place – $750; and 3rd place – $250.
  • Spartan Team Challenges – Spartan Race loves teams that train and race together.  To recognize Spartan teams, we have launched multiple team-based competitions in 2012, with total prizes valued at more than $100,000.00, which will be announced in Vermont at the Spartan Championship race.
  • The Fittest Gym - Fittest gym in each market will qualify to win World Class Concept 2 Rowers
  • The Strongest Box - Spartan Race’s Strongest Box winners will receive the best in gear to promote their boxes, worth more than $25,000 from Spartan Race sponsors Concept 2, LifeAsRx, BodyWrench among other innovators in the fitness industry.
  • The Toughest Bar - Spartan Race has partnered with regional favorite Long Trail Brewery, awarding the Toughest Bar at each event, as well as the Toughest Bar Regionally and nationally with awards and Toughest Bar bragging rights.
  • Biggest Team – Spartan Race will also reward the LARGEST teams in 2012.  The Team Captain of the biggest Team in 2012 gets travel expenses (airfare/ hotel) and race entry to every U.S. Spartan Event in 2013. This prize is valued at more than $25,000.  One free race entry per team member for 2013 race season

There are races for beginners and races for pretenders – Spartan Race is for competitors.  You’ll Know At The Finish Line.

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    Hey Carrie, just out of curiosity, I’m signed up for the Ultra Beast but I already won a 2013 season pass through the March Madness competition. Is that transferable to the 2014 year? Or is there a substitute prize for finishing the Ultra Beast? (assuming I do of course…I’m definitely not counting my chickens before they hatch…lol.)

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    90 some days ago I committed to working out for my first obstacle race with my two brothers. We kicked it around for a while between tough mudder and others but chose spartan race because it looked “badass”. Glad I did, All of us completed the Super Spartan in Vernon NJ last weekend and have already signed up for a sprint and the super again. I am completely addicted.

    Mike Secoda

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    I’m a 2X Olympian in triathlon and I was interesting in trying your race and I had question about prize money…

    Is there prize money at every race? If so, how much for the podium?

    Do you have elite invitation for free registration?

    Kathy & Facebook

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    What is the race schedule for the Spartan Ultra Beast in 2013? Is the Ultra Beast offered at every Beast event?

    I finished another “toughest race on the planet,” event in the mountains, going to death valley to do another on Oct 7, and Florida on Dec 1. All are 12 miles.

    I’m sure that I’ll be of sufficient physical condition by 2013 to do a marathon obstacle course.

    As for mental condition, I’ve led high risk operations throughout West Africa, Middle East, and Eastern Europe. I’ll finish.

    Best Regards,


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    I went to the Sprint having know idea about Spartan Races. When I got home I realized I was hooked. Just Ran the Beast in Texes,
    and was on the mountain at Vernon, NJ for that now famous perhaps hardest Super to date. So siked to be Spartan Trifecta!
    Can not wait to run my next event. See all you other bad asses soon.
    Spartan Racer

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    After completing all 3 races how do I recive my trifecta I recive it at the beast race?

  7. avatar

    Hey !!! Everyone Of You Spartans .. YOU ARE AMAZING!

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