by Lindsey Williams

[Editor’s Note: Lindsey Williams raced in the September 4, 2011 Yorkshire Sprint in the U.K.  This is her individual “Ninja” race report.]

spartaSunday the 4th of September seemed miles away when I first booked the Yorkshire Sprint.  However, time flew by and before I knew it my alarm was going off at 7am on the morning of the sprint. In the time leading up to this i didn’t know what to expect as details of the course were kept very VERY quiet. I had seen and heard about a few obstacles but these were American based and we all know how crazy the Americans are compared to the the UK ( in a nice way of course ),so I didn’t know what exactly to train towards. Luckily I work with horses so I have a good general fitness to start with and along side my Body Combat classes I have a good cardio base and muscle tone to get me through the distance, or so I thought!!! I had decided to do this course in a ninja suit just to add to the fun of the event plus it was for charity, so why not? My lift arrived and we set off at 8am on route up to Ripon, both as excited as little kids on Christmas eve waiting for Christmas day to come around.

We arrived at the Barracks and OMG the atmosphere was great everyone getting ready for there sprint, warming up and doing the last final stretches. I put on my ninja suit and as the sun shone down I was getting rather hot quickly. I found a hay bale to get some of my last minute training in on route to the registration hanger. The music started playing to get us in the mood and before I knew it, it was announced the first wave was setting off. My wave wasn’t until the next one, but I was even more overwhelmed with excitement.

I made my way over to the starting line and just before the wave set off the very firstsparta 3 Spartan made it across the finishing line. We were all very pleased for him and he had a huge reception to greet him. The starting line had music blasting, the smoke cans went off, and we were then free to go! The first few obstacles were quite easy and we over come them quickly but then my Spartan buddy decided to take off and leave me behind. So I was left to face the test alone but, hey, I’m a Spartan chick we don’t need men.

I got to the carry the bag of rocks and was thrown a heavy bag by the marshals as apparently I looked tough (don’t know if that was a compliment or not). That obstacle was quite intense and wore me out quite a bit but I soldiered on. My biggest worry that I had seen on past videos of the Spartan races was the ‘rope climb’ and after I had tackled a few more obstacles I came round the corner to find the dreaded ‘rope climb’ looming. I attempted this and failed so did my push up punishments.

The music was getting louder so I knew I was drawing closer to the finish line but there was still a fight with two gladiators and a dreaded rope climb against a slippery wall. I used some special ninja moves and managed to get past them without being taken down.  Then came the wall, I ran at it and grabbed the rope and managed to get to the top but just as i reached there I lost my grip and slid back down. I then gathered up my energy and give it on last try, I managed to climb to the top and nearly went sliding backwards but persisted to pull myself up and over the top.

I ran towards the finish line to get my well deserved medal and drink of water.

I loved every minute of this race and even managed to learn something new – how to do a burpee correctly.  (well they say everyday is a school day). I have highly recommended it to anyone that’s into pushing them self past 100% and I shall be returning to beat my time in 2012, leaving the ninja outfit at home next time but coming up with something new and better!


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