By Carrie Adams

Spartan Nation… it’s time we hear from YOU.  Tuesday will now be Spartan Spotlight Day! What does that mean?  It means that we’re going to feature an original blog post, video, or pictures from one of our Spartans!

We know that you have YouTube channels, personal blogs, pictures and memories of your epic Spartan experiences, and we want to see them!  Send us your video links, your WOD training videos (we put them out there for a reason), and links to your blog recaps of your races.  Email them to Carrie – (My mailbox better be blowing up y’all.)

We can’t get enough. We just really like hearing how badass we are.  And did we mention that there’s a free racing entry for the most popular post?  So get out on Facebook each Tuesday and start “liking” already.  We know you’re not working.

Here’s a few stories from fellow Spartans to get you warmed up.


Dylan Sanders

Dylan Sanders, Austin

Dylan Sanders had no energy when he approached the Spartan Gladiator about to pummel him with a pugil stick, and he prepared himself for the impending beat-down.  He had just spent the last three obstacle-filled miles getting cut up crawling under barbed wire, carrying buckets of dirt through waist-deep water and up tire-strewn hills, and executing an endless series of burpees.  “I grew to hate burpees more than I ever have in my life. The wall climb I nuvision_action_image_storefront_3_136767couldn’t reach the last wood block and I literally dove for the bell so I wouldn’t have to do them again,” says Dylan.  “Only to find out there was a spear throw, which I missed so I had to do even more burpees.”  He laughs.  The 23-year-old mortgage banker was not prepared for the toughness of the Spartan Race. “More intense than I was ready for!”  He plans on joining us again next time.

Tori Allen, Georgia


Tori Allen

Two weeks after the April 30th Georgia Spartan Sprint, 25-year-old Public Relations specialist Tori Allen is still nursing scratches and bruises.  One look at the course and all she could think was,  “I should have been training for this!”  Allen also spent some time in the ER after her race from a spider bite that left her arm swollen and painful, but she claims she had the time of her life and can’t wait to do it again.  “I got through it!  I was intimidated, but I got through it.”  (Psst, she’s our first featured post… check it out later today.)

“It was daunting and I was the very last heat and I was fighting the fight or flight urge.  I told myself, ‘no one will notice if I walk away,’ and the smoke goes up and we’re off. I had to prove something to myself.”

The CrossFitter from CrossFit Peachtree began working out last August and has gained strength and confidence with her workouts that came in handy on the course.  “I was on the very last obstacle -  it was the slippery wall -  and I got stuck with one leg on either side of the wall. It was one of those moments where I could let go and fall or I could figure out a way to shimmy my way out of it.  I figured it out.”  She’s coming to see us again in the Carolinas in June.

Micah Arnold, Arizona



Micah Arnold, known to his friends as Mudking, spends a lot of time in the mud.  In our recent Arizona event, he finished an impressive 23rd overall with a time of 1:09:55.  He’s run just about every race out there, but he’s never seen anything like Spartan.  Dedicated to the Spartan WOD’s, he often reports his times (which are legit, by the way).  He even won his recent wave in the Warrior Dash.

“So, I went and did the Warrior Dash last weekend…let’s just say that it didn’t feel like much after the Spartan Race earlier this year. Not only are you guys more involved with your community, you throw a much more impressive event and a more intense, challenging and REWARDING race! And so, I look forward to your return to the AZ desert next February and continuing to take pride in BEING A SPARTAN!!! Leave the warrior to the rest of ‘em.”  Aroo Mudking, Aroo!


Now it’s your turn…

Photos courtesy: Brent Doscher, Nuvision Action Image

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