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How to Perform Lunges Presented By:

You should be used to performing lunges with all the ones you’ve been doing this month for the #Spartan30. Lunges are one of the most powerful leg exercises you can utilize on a daily basis, anytime, anywhere. The lunge exercise can be changed up quite a bit as you have seen throughout the month, from stationary, to walking lunges, to jumping lunges there are a lot of options out there to help you develop strong legs capable of climbing and descending the steepest of mountains. If you’re training for the World Championship in Vermont, take our word for it, start upping the amount of lunges you are performing. Being able to power hike up and down Mount Killington will be a lot easier if you develop the muscles required to conquer the 13+ miles of mountainous terrain. You’ve been warned., how to, spartan race, lunges, barbell lunge, walking lunge, Performing a barbell walking lunge will get you ready for those endless sandbags carries, it’ll prepare your legs for jumping over walls, and demolishing everything a Spartan Race will throw your way. Take the time to do lunges when you walk to the bathroom, or on your way to the dining hall for lunch. The more you train, the better prepared you will be. Remember keep pushing your limits. Develop obstacle immunity. Become unstoppable. Now go get after it Spartan. AROO!!!

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One of the ultimate exercises you can perform any time and anywhere in training towards Spartan Race domination is the squat. It’s the epitome of your go-to exercise for training your legs to conquer the relentless climbs that a Spartan Race of any distance will present before you. In a Spartan Race you have to run, it’s a key element of the race and squats can help develop the muscles necessary for all the running, hiking, climbing, and low crawling you’ll be doing as you make your way through one the Spartan Race courses. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Sprint, Super, or Beast. You’ll want to practice your squats. Even more so if you decide to take on a Hurricane Heat or an HH12HR, I have a feeling the leader of that loves dishing out squats., squats, squat, barbell squat, barbell squatsPerforming the squat will improve the strength in your glutes, but most importantly it will work your quadriceps. Incorporate squats into your routine and you’ll have the muscle composition to get over any 6’, 7’ or 8’ wall, climbing the steepest of hills will be a breeze, and taking on the downhill will feel all too good. If using a barbell is too much for you at first start without weight, you can even incorporate items other than a barbell such as a log, sandbag, or properly hold while still executing proper technique. Master the squat and finishing a Spartan Race burpee free will be that much closer to reality. Use the squat as the next exercise to add to your workout regimen and climb another rung on the ladder to obstacle immunity.

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This week we are taking things to the next level. As an evolution to the strength you built from doing pull-ups and chin-ups for days on end the natural evolution is the muscle up. While this may be an advanced skill, it is obtainable. Remember just keep training. Now it may take some time to reach this level of ability but with consistency you’ll get there. The muscle up is an outstanding tool to add to your training collection. Muscle ups are the ultimate in upper body workouts. Execution of the muscle up from a dead hang will cover all your upper body muscle groups. Lats, chest, triceps, biceps, shoulders, and abdominals, the muscle up hits them all!

muscle-up, muscle-ups, muscle ups

Perfecting the muscle up will give you the strength you need to conquer the toughest of obstacles in a Spartan Race. Those 6′, 7′, and 8′ walls will seem like child’s play once you have start cranking out sets of muscle ups. Tire drags, Hercules hoist and the rope climb will all become your favorite obstacles, you’ll walk up to them with confidence and crush them. Take the time to train the muscle up and if at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again. Keep working at it and you’ll get it. Make the muscle up a part of your routine and you’ll be that much closer to obstacle immunity. Train hard, train well and soon enough you’ll have yourself a burpee free race. Now get out there and work it out Spartan. AROO!!!

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How To Perform Push-ups Presented By:

In an effort to become a Spartan, it is imperative to develop the strength and coordination required to conquer every obstacle a Spartan Race may erect to stop you in your tracks. This week we continue to develop our exercise repertoire with the chin-up exercise. Much like the pull-up, chin-ups will help you to develop upper body strength, primarily your back and bicep muscles. The difference between the pull-up and the chin-up is all in your grip. With the chin-up your palms will be facing you when you grab onto the bar.

chin-ups, chin-up, chin up

Working on developing your back muscles can help you to overcome many obstacles ranging from the wall climbs, the traverse wall, the bucket brigade, and even the tire drag. As you continue to expand your range of exercises you will become a stronger obstacle racer. Take what you learn each week and incorporate these exercises into your routine. Focus on properly executing the exercise, technique is far more important than how many reps you can crank out. Try to build your strength up and work to increase the amount of chin-ups you can execute with each set you perform. Remember the more you train the closer you will be to developing obstacle immunity. Keep adding these exercises to your regimen and soon enough you’ll be finishing a Spartan Race, burpee free. Now go forth and get your chin-up on Spartan! AROO!!!

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How To Perform Push-ups Presented By:

In order to become a better obstacle racer we need to continually push ourselves and focus on building all the muscles in our bodies. Remember In Spartan Race, you are testing not only your ability to run through a course but to conquer all the obstacles as well. This week we are focusing on our chest muscles and our triceps as we start working on the push-up exercise. The stronger we become overall, the easier the obstacles you face in a race will be. Perfecting the push-up will allow you to execute those chest-to-ground burpees, flawlessly. Hopefully, in building your strength up you will eventually develop obstacle immunity and no longer need to do burpees. To do that let’s take a look at what it takes to execute a proper push-up exercise.

push-up, push up, push-ups, push ups, pushup, pushups Remember by building our strength we are setting ourselves up to be more successful at completing all the obstacles a Spartan Race will throw your way, whether it be a 6′,7′, or 8′ foot wall, the Bucket Brigade, or even the rope climb. Working to develop an overall fitness plan is the first step to obstacle immunity. By incorporating push-ups into the training mix you will begin to develop your chest and triceps even further bringing you one step closer to a burpee free race. Now drop down and give me 30 clean push-ups and get after it Spartan! AROO!!!

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Obstacle Race training requires more than just running ability. It requires a well balanced amount of upper body strength as well. Continuing to build up our repertoire of exercises that can be used in building the muscles necessary to complete obstacles, today we will learn the proper form for dips. By working on a variety of exercises we become stronger, and as we become stronger a majority of the obstacles will inherently become easier. Having trouble pushing yourself up and over the wall climbs? Do your arms get tired while crawling through the barbed wire? Performing dips is a fantastic way to develop your tricep muscles and help you to conquer these obstacles. How to Perform Dips Spartan Race

Whichever obstacle it is that gets the best of you, know that by working on building the strength to complete them is half the battle. The other half is practice. Incorporate dips into your everyday training and soon enough you’ll develop what we like to call “obstacle immunity.” Once you develop “obstacle immunity” any obstacle you face whether it be in a Spartan Race or in your everyday life, will become easier. Things will begin to just work and you’ll no longer fear the unknown. It’s not that they’ll just become easier, it’s more that you’ll become better at handling them. Work hard enough and you just might earn yourself a burpee free race. So get to work, do some dips, and we’ll see you at the finish line. Get after it Spartan! AROO!!!



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When training for the many obstacles that present themselves at a Spartan Race there are a myriad of exercises that can help you to overcome them. Today we will be looking at the Pull-Up, a commonly difficult exercise that proves extraordinarily crucial in developing obstacle immunity. Working at building the proper muscles for each obstacle will help you in achieving a burpee free race! If you find it difficult to climb over the six, seven, or eight foot falls, or perhaps the Hercules Hoist is just too darn heavy to hoist to the top, it’s time to start doing more pull-ups.

pull-up exercise how to spartan race obstacle immunity

The pull-up exercise will help you to develop your back and arm muscles, specifically your latissimus dorsi, biceps and shoulder muscles. These muscles in turn will help you to conquer not only the wall climbs and the Hercules Hoist, but also the monkey bars, the traverse wall, the rope climb, the tire drag, the sandbag, Atlas, and bucket carries, as well as the slippery wall. As you can tell the pull-up and the muscles it focuses on strengthening are essential in conquering most of the obstacles at a Spartan Race. muscle lats

The pull-up is just one of many exercises that will lead you to obstacle immunity. Get to work and incorporate pull-ups into your workout regimen. If you have trouble doing one, start off doing them assisted and work up from there. Your goal should be to continuously improve. Remember, always stay hungry and strive to do more in each set. Now get after it Spartan! AROO!! Click here to view video tutorial.

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If you’re from the PacNW then being a Spartan comes quite naturally, just have a look at these eight ways that you know you’re a PacNW Spartan:

1. Rain makes it better.

2. You have seen possible sightings of Sasquatch while training.

3. Chopping wood has always been a normal exercise activity.

PacNW Spartans fill hydration bladder with coffee

4. You have coffee in your hydration bladder.

5. Rocky beaches are preferred over the ones covered in sand.

6. You get anxious if you are not within two hours of a mountain.

7. It’s not a family vacation if you are not hiking or camping.

8. Regardless of the weather, the prettiest day of the year is when Spartan Race comes to town.

So whether or not you are from the PacNW sign up for Spartan Sprint coming to the PacNW August 2nd and we’ll see you at the finish line!

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40 Reasons Why You SHOULDN’T Run a Spartan Race
1. You hate adventure.
2. You dislike the feeling of excitement you get when you try something new.Women Spartan Race Tuxedo New York
3. You don’t enjoy challenging yourself.
4.Fitness is not important to you.
5. You don’t enjoy getting together with friends.
6. You want nothing to do with camaraderie or teamwork.
7. You despise the idea of being outside.
8. Seeing people having fun makes you angry.
9. You don’t appreciate or enjoy exhilarating scenery.
10. You would rather see a pre-installed computer desktop background of a mountain or forest than witness it in real life.
11. The idea of strengthening your social network makes you cringe.
12. Developing the trust and loyalty of another human is absurd to you.
13. You don’t like free beer.
14. You hate seeing chiseled men and fit women in tight clothing.
15. Free stuff like bananas, Clif Builder’s Bars, and Core Power Protein Drinks are not your thing.Reebok Spartan Race New York Tuxedo Rope Climb
16. You hate having memories to tell your children and grandchildren about.
17. You have no interest in seeing the view from the tops of mountains and hills.
18. You hate earning medals and accomplishing tasks.
19. The idea of satisfaction makes you feel ill.
20. The idea of setting goals and seeing them through is stupid to you.
21. You have no desire to turn exercise into something fun and enjoyable.
22. Traveling and seeing the country/world is of no interest to you.
23. Experiencing life, culture and the sort is just not on your to-do list.
24. You prefer to have bathroom selfies over epic professional photos of yourself.
25. Free t-shirt is not in your vocabulary.
26. You don’t like helping others accomplish their goals.
27. You have no faith in mankind or the kindness of strangers.
28. You have no interest in learning new skills.
29. Party atmospheres with fun challenges is something you find boring
30. You don’t see anything inspiring in watching veterans with missing limbs conquer courses.
31. Watching folk with Spina Bifida, Cerebral Palsy and MS do the same thing is something that makes you yawn.Tuxedo New York Spartan Race Reebok Cargo Climb Obstacle 32. Watching the joy in children’s faces doing a kids race is something you find repulsive.
33. …and seeing their eyes light up when they receive a medal is just plain stupid.
34. You have no interest in helping charities.
35. You hate cheering strangers on. What is the point of that?
36. You’d rather not witness nature up close and see animals you’d never otherwise see.
37. You are allergic to all of or some of the following; mud, wind, sand, water, grass, fun.
38. You hate the sound of laughter and cheering.
39. Bumping into the occasional celebrity and grabbing a photo opportunity is boring.
40. You have nothing left to learn, as you know everything, so learning something new about yourself when your body is pushed is a complete waste of time.

If this is not the case, then we’ll see you at the finish line!


How long does it take to walk your dog? Fifteen, twenty, maybe even thirty minutes? That’s more than enough time to squeeze a small work out in. Walk your dog more than once a day? Even better! You may have never thought about it but walking a dog is already great exercise. You’re outside. You’re moving. Enjoying the scenery. On it’s own it’s not a strenuous workout out by any means, it’s simply a walk. What if you could change that. Do something that turns said workout into something more. Guess, what? You can! Just follow these steps and turn your typical dog walk into a Spartan inspired dog walk! As we reported once before, dog walking is actually very good for you!

sandbag carry dog walk spartan race workout

Handsfree Leash and Sandbag Carry

Step 1: Purchase a hands free leash, there are many out there that allow you to fasten the leash to your waist as opposed to holding it in your hand. Here’s a few “Best Seller” options on (If you don’t want to purchase a hands free leash, another option is to wear a weight vest in Step 4).

Step 2: Fasten the leash to yourself and your dog.

Step 3 (Optional): If you can, find a partner, friend, or someone else to tag along to make it more fun.

Step 4: Grab a sandbag, log, kettlebell, or any other heavy/awkward object. Fill milk jugs with concrete or grab a bucket or two filled with gravel or sand. You’ll figure something out. You’re a Spartan!

weight vest spartan race dog walk workout

Weight Vest Dog Walking

Step 5: Take your dog for a long walk around your favorite neighborhood, park, or wherever you’d like to go. Make sure you and your dog are well hydrated and go for as long as you both can handle.

Step 6: When the going gets tough use teamwork to pass the sandbag (or whatever you brought with you) to your partner. If you don’t have a partner…suck it up buttercup.

Step 7: Make this part of your dog walking routine. Whenever it’s time to walk the dog, grab an object and get moving. You’ll be amazed at how much your core is getting worked. As things get easier, up the weight.

It’s that simple to turn your typical dog walk into a Spartan style dog walk! Now what are you waiting for get out there and give your pooch some exercise! As always, we’ll see you at the finish line.

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