We’ve been racing since everyone else has been ‘Dashing’ and ‘Mudding.’  We were born out of the Death Race in 2005 and strive to throw the most wicked race for the baddest athletes on the planet.  And we want YOU to race with us.  So, what do you need to know?

1) Spartan Race was founded by 8 extraordinary individuals: The Founding Few, comprised of seven ultra-athletes. These people participated and competed in ultra-distance, self-supported races and expeditions for fun, for the challenge and for the primal satisfaction of testing physical limitations.

SR-Facebook-11A few examples: Joe DeSena – Multiple Ironman finisher, Ultra-distance runner and cyclist.  Noel Hanna – World Record holder in mountain climbing, has ascended Everest four times.  Andy Weinberg – Ironman, Double and Triple Ironman finisher, ultra-distance runner and cyclist. Richard Lee – Ironman finisher, and endurance athlete

Why is that relevant?

Because we know rad racing and this a rad race.

BND_46982) Our race is fun… but it’s not easy.  You’re going to earn your finisher medal.  We don’t always have water stations. Spartan race does not believe in thousands of plastic water bottles (they are unhealthy for us and the environment.)

As a Spartan racer you can carry a water and if you think you might need it, bring it with you.  We will let you know if there is or is not a water station on the event page on our website. Either way, it’s a level playing field.  Prepare accordingly to stay hydrated.

SRCA_BD_14823) Our race has variables that we can’t control.  Sometimes parking gets bananas; sometimes it rains, hails, storms, is cold, or hot, but we don’t control it.  If we did, we’d make all that happen and more.  We dig that.  Why does that matter?

We do our best to control parking, but a lot of events are not in easy to get to locations – they wouldn’t be nearly as fun!  If weather gets bad, we can’t help it, and we’ll make the best of it… we hope you will too.  Bottom line, a Spartan Race won’t be cancelled.

4) Spartan Race does not believe in cheating, but it happens.  We don’t beat people up over it.  Why?

Well, frankly, we don’t always see it, and we won’t always be able to control it. But they have to live with it not us.  This is a race about you.

carolinas-165) Our races are timed. Spartan Race believes in timing those people that want to push themselves and see how they rank against 100′s of thousands of others globally.  Do you have to race for time?

Absolutely not.  For many of our racers it’s just about finishing but for many of our racers it is about setting time goals too.  Go to any junior high or high school gym in the country and check the wall – there’s probably a scoreboard there.  If 11 year-old girls can keep score, so can we for those that want that element.  So show up to make it your race and just push yourself to whatever goal you have.

6) Our race waves start on time. Does it matter if you are there for your registered SRAZ_BD_0055_1wave?

Absolutely.  Signing up for and showing up for your desired wave is how you make sure that happens. First wave, 9 AM is the primary competitive heat.  Get signed up early to make sure you reserve your spot!

7) You’re going to get dirty, but you probably already knew that…

We don’t dig holes and fill them with mud to get you dirty.  You earn your mud.  We like fire jumping, barbed wire, carrying heavy buckets, crossing water, throwing spears, running hills, getting blasted by Spartan Gladiators and doing burpees.  Have fun with it.

258455_10150208311901861_251061411860_7676453_6165517_o8) Your bib number might come off or get covered by mud… we certainly hope it does anyway.  Why should that matter?

Well, it matters to our photographers who are trying to get some cool shots of you achieving Spartan glory.  Mark your foreheads, forearms, bare bellies, legs, any visible skin with your bib number.  Not only will you get a rad tan line but our photogs can mark you when they are processing pictures.  Win/Win.

9) Stuff gets lost.  We won’t have a secure place to leave your clothes, jewelry, wallets, watches or bags on site.  We also can’t de-muddify your shoes. What to do?

Bring old shoes you don’t mind parting with or ones you don’t mind cleaning!  If you need something, bring it, wear it, lock it in your car, or stick it in your shoe (that again, will be ruined by the time you’re done) and that includes a change of clothes and a few garbage bags to cover your seats with on the ride home.

SRMT_JM_382210) Wardrobe is important.  Wear something comfortable.  What does that mean?

Well, for some of you that’s shorty shorts, a monkey suit, or Lycra and a wig.  Perhaps bikinis, compressions shorts and socks, or a tiara.  Maybe it’s marathon gear, triathlon gear, or spelunking gear.  It’s you’re choice really.  We suggest trail running shoes or sneakers, however.  Long sleeves and long pants are also good – there is an excellent chance you’ll be on the ground for a good portion of the race.

11) We have medics onsite for the events, and we know how to use them.  You might bleed, get bruised up, scraped up, and otherwise battle-scarred for your efforts. If you don’t, you probably didn’t do it right.  Just kidding!  (Or are we.)  Why does this matter?

253705_10150198176421861_251061411860_7581579_5134010_nWe want you to be safe and leave in (mostly) one piece.  Don’t worry, we probably won’t let you die….unless, of course, it’s the Death Race. Then, yeah, we’ll totally let that happen.

12) Fido isn’t going to like to jump fire…why should you care?

Our races have a no pets policy.  Most venues aren’t okay with it and if Fido gets set on fire or gets trampled by a Spartan Gladiator there’s no waiver, and we love animals!  Leave them at home please.

13) Kids make awesome Spartans too… let ‘em run!SRTX_MB_2353_1

Kids race is ALWAYS at 12:05 and is for kids ages 5 – 13.  The adult race age requirement is 14 in the U.S. and 15 in Canada and the UK.  Everyone in the family can come get dirty with us.  We’re inclusive with our mud.

14) Packet pick-up?  What’s a packet pick-up?

Someone else can pick up your bibs for you, but we’ll still need a signed waiver from you.  Any possible changes to your info or wave need to be made a week out from the event.

srowfb-5615) What if you forget to register?  There’s hope!

If you haven’t registered you can ALWAYS register at pre-race packet pick-up (check the event page) or at the race itself.  We always bring extra bibs.

16) Um, the race is over.  Now what?

You’ll get an email with official race results.  We’ll post them on FB too, but the email you register with will get results within a couple days of the race.  Pictures will be found at www.nuvisionactionimage.com.  Our photographers are geniuses, but give them a couple days as well.  Magic doesn’t happen immediately, and you’ll be glad you were patient.

While you’re waiting do a few burpees and sign up for another Spartan Race HERE!

255624_10150198179421861_251061411860_7581697_1825660_nSummary: Our race is like no other.  We know racing.  We know obstacles.  We know how to push limits.  We want to give you every opportunity to push yours, and we want you to love every second.  Spartans believe in transcendence and glory.  If you come to our race, if you commit to the experience, and give it everything you have, at the end of the day you’ll have both.  You’ll know at the finish line.


Check out our FAQ site for additional details on common Spartan Questions.


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    Outdoor Spartan Training for all NLC Warriors is Tomorrow Sat 9th July, meet outside NLC at 1315hrs
    See you there…NLC Warriors AROO!

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