Spartan Pro Teamer Isiah Vidal takes us through how to complete the inverted walls and gives tips and coaching advice for how to prepare for them.

Beat the obstacle and avoid the burpees!!

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We’ve all been there. You duck under that first length of barbed wire and after having moved what feels like 20 yards, you look up and realize it’s closer to 2 or 3 feet. You take a peek over the wire and it seems like this crawl spans all the way into the next state.

Pro Team member Chris Rutz knows how you feel and as such, has helped with another episode of Buck Furpees and will now give you some pointers regarding how to train for and then beat the barbed wire crawl.

Don’t forget to check out the previous episodes of Buck Furpees on our Youtube Channel (link) and brush up on other videos including the Traverse Wall, The Atlas Carry, Rope Climb and the dreaded Spearman Throw.

See you at the finish line!

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By the time you get to the tire flip at a Spartan Race, you’ll have been worn down a little. We’ll have made sure that your legs have had some punishment and that your arms feel like they are full of cement. We’re trying to break you. You’re welcome.

So, when it comes to flipping a tire that can be 2 or sometimes even 3 times your own bodyweight, it’s going to be hard. The last thing you want to do is to do it incorrectly. There are ways of lifting tires and luckily, Pro Team member Laura Messner is here to help guide you through what you ought to consider when the time comes.

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One thing we see again and again at Spartan Race is people failing the Traverse Wall. In this edition of “How To”, Corinne Kohlen guides us through the basic skills and shows us how, as an elite racer, she prefers to see off this obstacle with the minimum of fuss. 

In addition to this, we would also advise those that have difficulty with the Traverse Wall to experiment with Bouldering and indoor rock climbing. This sport generates great coordination and improves strength in the muscles needed for this obstacle, as well as improving strength in grip.

With practice, you need never do burpees at this obstacle again.

Sign up at and see how you do!

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One of the most gruelling and energy-zapping obstacles at any Spartan Race is the 8 foot wall. More often than not, these will appear after you have been beaten down with other obstacles that have made you already tired, or perhaps following an obstacle that has made full use of your arms. You see the wall ahead of you and curse the fact that it’s a stupid idea to have these obstacles in such close proximity. This is very deliberate. You didn’t think we placed them together like that by accident, did you?


Along with obstacles such as the Rope Climb, Inverted Walls and Spear Throw – all of which have been covered by the “How To” series – the 8 foot wall is something we get a lot of messages about. It would appear that this is one obstacle that is catching a few people out.

Hurdling the 8 foot wall is something that clearly requires a healthy mix of training and technique. As such, Pro Team member Christopher Rutz is here to explain what you will need to do in order to prepare and then what to do on the day.

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If you’re struggling with the J-Hook, here’s another way you can conquer the rope climb and avoid those penalty burpees!

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In our continuing series of “How To” overcome obstacles, Spartan Pro Team member Alexander Nicholas shows us 3 ways in which you can conquer the Slippery Wall.

Learn this technique and you’ll be set for the next race!


The Spartan Race spear throw – the obstacle that looks easy, but arguably the one obstacle that catches more people off guard than any other.

How do those people in the videos just seem to pick it up and throw it like it’s the most normal thing in the world? Does the prospect of the 30 burpees fill you with dread?

Trying to help alleviate those worries in this episode is Spartan Race Pro Team member Shawn Feiock with the technique he prefers to use. See if you can implement his 12 o’clock throw and ace it next time you’re on the course.


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In this installment of “How To”, Elite Pro Team athlete Miguel Medina shows us how to get past the Atlas carry without too much worry.

With each person comes different skill, strength and technique levels. Just bear in mind that simple golden rule: lift with your legs, not your back!

Use this technique at your next Spartan Race and we’ll see you at the finish line!

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