Beast Mode Challenge 1.1 to 1.4

Let this 4-week workout challenge kick your Spartan training into the next gear.  Try each workout 1-2x a week for 4 weeks to experience the intense training that you will find our most vicious racers doing to prepare, especially for the brutal endeavor of completing a Spartan Beast.

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Beast Mode 1.1 – Spartan WOD Challenge:  Week 1

Think you are ready for a beast of a challenge in your weekly training?  Try this workout as part 1 of a 4-week Beast Mode Challenge and rip up this November.  Swing by our Facebook wall for more info and to post your progress.

Click here for week 2.


Well done is better than well said.
– Benjamin Franklin

At the end of a run, and/or after a serious dynamic warm-up, perform the following high intensity intervals:

High Intensity Intervals:
30 seconds of burpees
30 seconds recovery
30 seconds sprint
30 seconds recovery

8 x


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