Event to be hosted at Spartan Race HQ in Vermont, September 18-21, 2014

CHANHASSEN, Minn. (March 18, 2014) CEO Challenges, produced and presented by Life Time – The Healthy Way of Life Company and the world leader in sport competitions for C-level executives, announced today that in 2014, CEO Challenges and Spartan Race will work together for the first time to host The Fittest CEO® competition and TV show taking place Sept. 18-21, 2014. The annual championship identifies the fittest CEOs and this year the event will take place on the property of Spartan founder and CEO Joe De Sena in Pittsfield and Killington, Vermont. Spartan Race has redefined the obstacle / mud run category of events with multiple distance timed competitions around the world.

“For the past two years we have hosted our Fittest CEO® event at Blackberry Farm in Tennessee,” stated Ted Kennedy, President of CEO Challenges. “This year we decided to try something different and utilize the incredible endurance playground that Joe De Sena has built in and around Pittsfield. Joe is an expert in testing the endurance and fitness of individuals, and together we came up with an amazing list of events for the CEOs to choose from to see how they stack up. The challenge will culminate in an epic Spartan Sprint race at Killington.”

Fittest CEO participants will choose four endurance tests out of a list of eight offered (see below) and receive a score based on how they perform versus elite athletes in each discipline. Scores for the four events are added to their time over the Spartan Sprint course to see who is the fittest CEO and who will donate the winner’s check to the charity of their choice.

“Ted approached us with the idea of co-hosting The Fittest CEO® on our property,” said Joe De Sena. “Everything we stand for at Spartan Race revolves around increasing fitness and nutrition for the masses. I think it will be a great example to the rest of the country to see CEOs testing themselves over three days of endurance competitions.”

De Sena, author of a new book titled Spartan Up! continues, “If CEOs can fit regular training into their crazy work, travel, meeting, family and social schedules, then why can’t everyone?”

C-level executives of companies with at least $10 million in annual revenue are invited to submit an application to compete in the event. The package includes accommodations for three nights and meals (wine with dinner) for two nights, a professionally organized competition including Spartan Sprint Race, racing uniform, potential feature in the nationally broadcast Fittest CEO® TV show, and opportunity to donate from a prize purse estimated at almost $40,000 to the charity of choice of age group champions.

To include your name on the “interest list” for the event, visit, and you will be contacted to find out about your company and athletic background. If accepted you and your company will be featured on the CEO Challenges website, in future press releases, and in a printed program circulated to the media at the event. Register your name today for one of the 15 coveted slots to the race, and for the opportunity to “lead by example” to your employees, your family, and viewers across the USA.

The Fittest CEO Competition Details:

Competitors choose 4 (four) out of the list of 8 (eight) offered endurance tests which will take place in and around Pittsfield, VT on Friday, Sept 19 and Saturday, Sept 20 (i.e. CEOs can choose which events play to their personal strengths. Note, you have the option to do more than four events and take your best 4 scores)

Each of the four elements will account for 15% of the total score awarded – 60% of the total mark after all four are completed

The final event – 3-mile Spartan Sprint on Sunday, Sept 21 – will account for 40% of the total score to name the Fittest CEO®

The 8 fitness tests offered:

1.   Mountain stair run – 1.5 miles, including 1-mile vertical run up a stair ladder

2.    Open water swim – 1-mile lake swim

3.    Mountain Bike – 10-mile single track trail race

4.    Wood chop & drag – Chop wood, load it onto a sled, and drag the sled 100 yards

5.    Kayak – 2-mile lake kayak

6.    Trail run – 5-mile race on mountain trails

7.    PT Test – combination of pull-ups, burpees, crunches, pushups, etc

8.    Road bike – 25-mile road bike race

*subject to minor modifications


Prior to the competition top elite athletes will be timed on each of the 8 fitness tests

The closer you come to the time of the elite athlete the more points you score

The Spartan Sprint race on Sunday morning is worth 40% of the total amount of points, with the winner receiving 100% of eligible points (40) and everyone else receiving less depending on what % they were behind the winner.

The Fittest CEO®:

The Fittest CEO® is the person who accumulates the most points after all events are completed, with the Spartan Sprint being the final event

Each competitor is required to bring a “blank” charity check for $2,000 with the amount split amongst the charity of choice of the winners as follows: 70% to the overall winner, 15% to the over 50 champion, and 15% to the female champion (provided at least 3 competitors in each of the divisions)

Trophies will be awarded to each of the overall, over-50, and female champions

The entire event will be filmed and edited for The Fittest CEO® TV show to air across the USA

About Spartan Race, Inc

Spartan Race, voted Outside Magazine’s Best Obstacle Race, is the world’s leading obstacle racing series and the first of its kind to feature timing and global rankings. In 2013 people participated at 60 events in what for many was a transformational experience. Spartan Race also offers an event for Junior Spartans ages four through thirteen who race on obstacles made just for them.

With over 130 events in 17 countries planned for 2014, Reebok Spartan Race is making obstacle racing one of the fastest growing sports in the world. The global event series features races at three distances, 3+Mile/15+ Obstacle Sprint, 8+ Mile/20+ Obstacle Super and 12+ Mile/ 25+ Obstacle Beast, culminating each year in the Spartan World Championship. With competitive Elite heats and Open heats for all fitness levels, Reebok Spartan Races offer something for everyone. The Spartan lifestyle continues its goal of ripping people off their couches and helping them lead happier, healthier, and more productive lives.

Log onto for more information, a schedule of events, and to register for a race.

About Life Time Fitness, Inc.

As The Healthy Way of Life Company, Life Time Fitness (NYSE:LTM) helps organizations, communities and individuals achieve their total health objectives, athletic aspirations and fitness goals by engaging in their areas of interest — or discovering new passions — both inside and outside of Life Time’s distinctive and large sports, professional fitness, family recreation and spa destinations, most of which operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Company’s Healthy Way of Life approach enables members to achieve this by providing the best programs, people and places of uncompromising quality and value. As of March 5, 2014, the Company operated 109 centers under the LIFE TIME FITNESS® and LIFE TIME ATHLETIC® brands in the United States and Canada. Additional information about Life Time centers, programs and services is available at


This January, the entire month of Spartan WODs have been designed as a 31-day workout plan to leave you feeling ripped, ready, and confident to conquer any Spartan Sprint race in 2014. Today, we run.  Share this WOD if you plan on completing it today or within the month. 

If you want to find the entire months WOD schedule, check out the program and sign up here:

Sign up for your Spartan Race today:

Live the action. Find your race and sign up today. 


Spartan Race is an obstacle course racing series built for people who want to push themselves, conquer a challenge and have fun! With three lengths – Spartan Sprint (3+ miles, 15+ obstacles), Super Spartan (8+ miles, 18+ obstacles) and the Spartan Beast (13+ miles, 25+ obstacles), racers of all levels of fitness can participate. With workout and food programs to prepare you, Spartan Race isn’t so much about race day as it is about everyday. Come find out why hundreds of thousands of people proudly call themselves Spartans!

Richard Lee, one of the “Founding Few” of Spartan Race and race operator in the UK, was accepted into training to become a Royal Marine in a 2007 Young Officers batch.  Due to injuries sustained during training, Richard was unable to complete his training, and thus was not eligible to join the ranks of the elite servicemen who wear the Green Beret and are known as Royal Marine Commandoes.  Richard is often referred to as a Royal Marine or Royal Marine Commando in written works surrounding Spartan Race, and Spartan Race acknowledges having designed some of the obstacles used in our obstacle course race series based on input from Richard’s training to become a Royal Marine.


Joe De Sena, founder and CEO of Spartan Race, wishes to apologize for the misconception regarding Richard’s credentials.  Spartan Race holds the highest regard for the men and women proudly serving their countries around the world.  Many of them frequent our races, and they have been instrumental in shaping what Spartan Race aspires to be both on and off our race courses.  Spartan Race regrets any implication that it would ever attempt to misappropriate what those in the military have worked so hard to earn, and is fully cooperating with the UK’s Ministry of Defense.


Further, Richard Lee apologizes for inaccuracies in the media regarding his British military service and for not more actively managing such references made to him as a Royal Marine or Royal Marine Commando.  ”The truth is I entered into training to become a Royal Marine in a 2007 Young Officers batch, but due to injuries sustained during my training, I was unable to earn the proud distinction of Royal Marine.  Those who serve in the military are truly our nation’s heroes, and it is certainly not my desire to dishonor them by claiming an unearned accomplishment.”

From everyone at Spartan Race, we’d like to wish you all a happy holiday and hope that 2014 brings you what you whatever aim to work for. 


by Anthony Adragna

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If you’re looking for even more reasons to do exercise regularly, check out the following list from US News & World Report that stresses some benefits of working out that you might not have thought about. Via their list:

1. Exercise Reduces the Harmful Effects of Stress: Studies prove that 30 minutes of exercise on a cross treadmill brings beneficial chemicals like serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine into the brain. Additionally, a study by the University of California at San Francisco suggests that exercise could actually counteract the parts of aging process caused by stress.
2. It Could Help Prevent Depression: Doing exercise three times a week and burning 350 calories each time relieves depression about as effectively as anti-depressants.
3. It Helps With Learning: When you exercise, levels of brain chemicals called growth factors increase. A recent study shows that students performed better at cognitive tests after 10 minutes of exercise.
4. Exercise Increases Your Self-Esteem and Body Image: Even if you don’t radically change how you look, merely completing an exercise goal can lead to a more positive body image.
5. High Intensity Exercise Leads to Feelings of Euphoria: That urban legend of a “runner’s high” actually exists. If you run intensely for 30 minutes, then decrease your pace for five minutes before sprinting again, you will feel great for the rest of the day.

See all the action of the Fenway Spartan Sprint! Share and Subscribe!

One competitor laughs of the cold and takes time to tell the photographers that it really isn’t that bad under the water.

You’d have been forgiven for thinking you were not actually in sunny California, but perhaps Chicago, Detroit or somewhere not altogether unfamiliar with ice and below freezing temperatures.
With the typical Spartan Race rain on the Saturday and the malevolent grin of glinting frost and ice beckoning the competitors to the start line on Sunday, the elements had already conspired to make the competitors suffer.

Spartan Race elite male and female podium finishers

With many regular faces descending on Malibu from all corners of the country, the all-too familiar feeling of a reunion in was in full force. However, once stepping over that start line, all friendships were put temporarily on hold. Tellingly, a water obstacle again proved to be the undoing of Hobie Call as he only briefly misjudged a plan of attack. This merest hint of a chance was something Hunter McIntyre exploited and punished by pushing past and snatching first place by only 33 seconds. Brakken Krakker took third place by crossing the line only just over a minute after Hobie, proving just how tight the men’s elite class is now. It seems as though every race is now a guarantee for a nervous and exciting fight for 1st place.

The female elites didn’t fail to add to the tension, either. Rose Wetzel (1st), Lauren Ho (2nd) and Tiffanie Novakovich were separated by only just over 3 minutes. The female elites are crashing through into 2014 with higher rates of training and motivation than ever before, so it was unsurprising that numbers into double figures were finishing faster than some male elite runners. Competition has never been fiercer!

Despite having no legs, Mathew Webb failed only one obstacle – the spear throw.

Away from the professionals the Spartan Race inspiration machine was in full force. Travelling over 7 hours to make the event to represent the ever-present and all-conquering Weeple Army (taking their 8th biggest team win), Mathew Webb crushed the course despite having the “minor inconvenience” of having had no legs since being only 18 months old. Making jokes that the water in the lake was so cold that he couldn’t feel anything below the knee, he powered through failing only the spear throw.“Overcoming Obstacles” was led by Slosh Pipe champion Kevin Kierce. Containing competitors  Michael Aygin, Brian Tom, Michael Yu, Durrell Johnson, James Mogana, Joel Senteno, (who are all hard of hearing or blind) and previous Spartan Race blog subject Misty Diaz who battles Spina Bifida, they all went through the course in a flurry of high-fives from well-wishers and a  volley of “AROO!” chants. Accompanying Kevin was his 74 year old mother, Linda Barber. Together, this one group alone pushing the fact that there are simply no valid excuses.

Linda Barber, 74, has completed every Malibu Spartan Race to date.

Team SISU,led by Daren De Heras made multiple loops of the course over the weekend, choosing to continue their Death Race ethic by carrying logs, tires and wearing elevation masks in order to make “things more interesting”.

From Hollywood, actors Tony Besson – making his third Spartan Race appearance – and Josh Peck ran in a wave shortly before Eric Colley fromTMZ made his debut at the start line.

As 2014 winds down to a close, Texas will see thousands of Spartan descend on Glen Rose where host the last race of year. Spartan Race will see out 2013 with a Beast and the last chance to qualify for a Trifecta before the new season starts in January. Will you be one of them?


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Written by guest blogger Ang Reynolds

This Saturday and Sunday Spartan Race returns to Malibu California.  Calamigos Ranch has hosted each year Spartan has come and never  disappoints. The hills and water at the ranch lend for a muddy course  year after year. To honor a three-year tradition, Mother Nature has  promised cool temps and rain again this weekend, so don’t expect to  bask in the Southern California sun.

Hobie Call will be in Malibu this weekend hoping to claim yet another  Spartan victory. His son Hawk will also be racing this weekend,  following in his father’s footsteps. Don’t expect Hobie to walk away  too easily though. Several Spartan men are ready to challenge him.   Spartan elites Matt Novakovich, Hunter McIntyre, Brakken Kraker,  Elliot Megquier, and Miguel Medina are ready for the kill.

Miguel Medina is living in the mountains of Vermont, building his own cabin.

Miguel is  traveling cross-country from his new home in Killington, Vermont where  he spends his days training, hiking up and down Killington Mountain  and trudging through freezing water. (He hopes to build himself a  cabin for the winter before it’s too late to stay warm.) Other notable  men include Spartan Pro Team Elites Chris Rutz, Tony Matesi,Chris Obertlik and Michael Tobin.  Tobin will be making his Spartan debut.

Our Spartan elite woman will be ready to go this weekend. Ty Clark and  Jenny Tobin will go head to head. While Alaska native Tiffanie  Novakovich won’t be slightly bothered by the temperatures this  weekend. Atlas Pro Team member Rose Wetzel Sinnett will make her  second appearance at a Spartan Race. Don’t count out Irene Call. She  just set the world record for lunging a mile, something that will
definitely give her an advantage on the steep hills. Andi  Hardy will be there in all of her green glory ready to rock the barbed  wire. Other notable athletes include Laura Messner and Danielle Ross.

Regular Slosh Pipe event champion Kevin Kierce will lead a team of competitors who are more physically challenged than most.

Ross is ready to rock the slosh pipe and will be joining Weeple Army member Kevin Kierce to lead a heat for Weeples overcoming obstacles. That heat will  consist of blind athletes, several deaf athletes, and Misty Diaz, a woman with Spina Bifida. Weeple Army and biggest team leader Dave  Huckle will race both days after traveling around the world this year courtesy of Spartan Race  and recently completing the Australia Ultra Beast. Dave will finish  his season next weekend in Glen Rose Texas, rounding out  9 Trifectas!

Team SISU leader and Death Race veteran Daren De Heras is looking to break his own record of most laps by attempting 8 loops of the course weighted down with various logs, sledgehammers and other various weights. We wish him the best of luck!

Keep an eye out for the man in blue this weekend, Stephen Sinek and  his talented wife Aeni will be there to debut their oceanic design from  The Painted Warrior’s recent design contest. Whether you are looking  to P.R., have a good time with your team, or run with a friend, you  won’t want to miss the race this weekend.

See you in Malibu!

Are you ready for a Spartan Race? Look through our future events and sign up here.

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Meet Keala Boncie Machin of Glenville, NY. She’s 6 years old, the only girl of 4 children, and in school, she’s quiet, not a fan of noise and commotion and is prone to bouts of shyness. Teachers will tell her parents that often she will sit in the corner of the class, coloring in books and keeping herself to herself. It could be argued she is your typical all-American little girl.

One day, she came home with a permission slip for a school talent show, expressing an interest in taking part. Surprised, her parents asked her what she wanted to perform, knowing that singing or dancing wouldn’t be something she would be at all interested in. She wanted to show her school what Spartan Race was all about. Her mother pointed out that dumping a truckload of mud in the school would not please the principal, so she decided that her act would be that of a Spartan Race workout she would design herself. Keala is a Spartan Racer.

The back story of this started when she witnessed her folks take part in an OCR that didn’t have a race for children. Her eyes widened and she knew that’s what she wanted to do. Her mother Rayn explains, “The first time she ran, it was as though she was born. Though she enjoys dressing up and wearing glitter, Keala does not fit into any sort of typology, but instead, finds comfort in areas which allow her to be herself. Though it would be easier for her to fit into a mold, Spartan Race is who she is, and who she is is beautiful.”

And so Keala embraced the lifestyle and threw herself into what the Spartan Race ideology is, she found a new kind of happiness. Not only does she do burpees alongside her mother, but helps out with her non-profit as Rayn explains, “I run a non-profit for children that have experienced extensive abuse and/or neglect, and those in at-risk situations. Spartan Race donates their entry fee so that we may teach these children that what they have endured, does not define who we are. It had not occurred to me that the same run may work with non-abused children, who may not fit into stereotypical demands, but may instead, flourish in situations not typical of their classmates”.

And Keala is a part of that. Rayn continues, “due to the economic downturn, Keala has, per her own desire, spent her out of school hours, helping children in emergency situations. She has given up her racing “career” (for a month or two), until we can raise money to get them to a Spartan Race.”

Keala explains how she sees it, “Bad people can’t hurt them at Spartan Race.”

And it’s all too evident when you see Keala when she is at her happiest – working out – that Spartan Race is a very important part of her life. When asked what Spartan Race has done for her, she points out, “They helped me….like cheering…they gave us a medal….Momma cheered, Dada took pictures…the other people say yay…they are nice…they are kind. I was happy in school and it was a great time, but everyone is loud. Everybody is really noisy they are just all loud. They always be like that, there is a lot of talking. I am the only one who is quiet. I am not shy at Spartan Race”.
And why is this? “Because the people are nice…they smile….they like me for me, and I like them.”
What do you worry about in school? “Sometimes I am kind of like bad at coloring and my class is a loud class….at Spartan Race, they have nice people….they like me even if I can’t color good….”

Why do you do this? “Cause it’s fun…they keep cheering at all the people…they give people high fives”

Is there any one person you remember from a Spartan Race? “Kim (McDonald; she was a volunteer at Tuxedo). She is kind. She gave us medals. They are cool. She likes kids. I like her.”

And so on the day of the talent show, Keala did exactly what she wanted to do. Something she would be comfortable with. Rayn smiles, “She performed without pretending she isn’t comfortable. She did exactly what she wanted to and knew that no matter what her classmates said, Spartan Race and its athletes would be behind her”.

Since they had been learning about the environment in school, she decided to do a Spartan Green Workout, using only items that were already around the house. A school bus tire that was used as a swing was recycled , a length of 2×4 from a building project was utilised and a piece of wood that had been cut from a stump would be used for flipping.

Letting her younger brother introduce what she was about to do, she prepared, came out and being careful not to scratch the auditorium stage, Keala went through her workout to a stunned audience of open-mouthed teachers and students.

Pausing only to take a bow, Keala bounced off the stage to cheers and applause.
When asked how Spartan Races and training makes her feel, see briefly ponders, “Well…it was fun to go in the mud”, then smiling cheekily, “and I do burpees better than Mom”.
Want to see how your kids will do at a Spartan Race? Sign them up now.

See you at the finish line…

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