Concept2 – Be Prepared

by Jason Jaksetic

Immediately before the iconic spear throw at the Carolinas Spartan Sprint, I saw a confusing madness of exhausted people gasping for air around some workout machines.

The juxtopasition of gym equipment and the mud-laden wilderness that surrounded me by the spear throw was engaging.  Just what the heck was Spartan Race thinking?   The ancient meets 2012?

Then I understood.  Yes, Spartan Race was putting 431 BC right beside the best of 2012 AD.

The second and third place women now came into view.  They were battling it out on the Concept2 SkiErg machines.  Teeth were clenched and bodies looked about to fail.  This is when the genius of it hit me.

Concept2 gives our athletes one of the most intense physical obstacles after completing 90% of an outrageously difficult course.  So Mike Morris, the Race Director of the Carolinas Spartan Sprint, had put this arm destroying effort right before our most motor skill engaging obstacle.

Yes, you can throw a spear.  But can you do it after the Concept2 just broke you?  Probably not.

The 2nd and 3rd place women got to the spear throw.  One hit, one didn’t.  I was pretty sure things were decided right there an then.  This was the case.

Knowing your obstacles matters.  Concept2, a fellow Vermont based company, is revolutionizing home fitness.  Spartan can’t always be running up and down mountains.  You need a fast, efficient, and brutal workout at home.  That’s why Spartan Race and Concept 2 teamed up.

The Concept2 SkiErg is built for functional fitness – the objective an athlete strives towards in order to dominate a Spartan Race.  It is a tool for athletes.  All Spartan Racers will be confronting a Concept2 in their journey on race day.  Better head to the website now and be prepared.

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    Concept rowing is the most intense workout both mentally and physically I have ever done. It has been instrumental in my preparation for The Spartan Death Race the last the last two years.

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