by Carrie Adams

[Editor's Note: As many of you already know, Spartan Race is excited to offer a prize of $100,000 to any competitor who can win every single race (maximum two losses allowed) in 2011, including the Death Race.  Hobie Call won Saturday's race and is on his way to the prize.  Here's contributer and racer Carrie Adams's interview with Hobie.  Check out the original version of the article on Carrie's clean-eating blog,]

Hobie Call, Saturday's Winner and $100,000 Man

After just a few minutes with Hobie Call, you feel like doing jumping jacks.  His energy and youthful optimism are contagious, and with an easy smile and carefree attitude, he’s impossible to dislike.  Even if he is trying to take $100,000 out of your pocket.

That’s right, don’t let the twinkle in his eye fool you.  He’s going for a pretty big payday and he’s not afraid of going after it with everything he has.  And for a guy who recently snagged the first win of the Spartan Race season in SoCal and who holds the Guinness Book of World Records for lunges (1 mile of them in 24 minutes – I know you were wondering what that looks like)  he’s proven himself a formidable opponent.

Living the life of a heating and air conditioning technician in South Jordan, Utah, Hobie is dreaming of what’s next for him.  He designs energy-efficient homes, and it’s his passion.  So much so that, without hesitation, he told me that the first thing he’d do with a $100,000 check would be to build the energy efficient home he’s designed.  No irresponsible purchases for him.

“I’ve been there before,” he laughs when I ask him if there’s anything crazy he’d buy.  “I’m not doing that again.  This is my passion now.  Well, outside of racing and athletics.  That is my interest.  Nutrition, the whole health side of it.  I am very health conscious.”  And after I met him in Southern California, I believe it.  While waiting for the start in the clubhouse, Hobie spent nearly twenty minutes in a constant state of motion–stretching and warming up with a grin plastered on his face.

Saturday’s cold and rainy conditions were not a problem for Hobie, who lined up with the at the starting line bare-chested and in shorts.  Barreling down the hill shortly after 9:00 A.M., Hobie destroyed the brutal 8-mile course in under an hour.  First prize: Won.  First step toward winning $100,000 this year: Completed.

Hobie loves to run, and it shows in how he talks about racing.  When I asked him what he’d tell someone considering competing in a Spartan Race he said, “That race was so much fun.  I’ve run 5Ks, 10Ks, half marathons.  I’ve run them all.  You don’t feel that way when you are running a road race.”

Humble and gracious, he was quick to thank me on the phone for calling.  Just before we got off the phone, I had to ask him what he’d say to anyone who plans to challenge him for the prize money.

Without a missing, a beat he said good-naturedly, “Bring it on, I guess.  I’m excited and I’m not shy of a challenge.  Bring me all you’ve got. “

Good luck, Hobie.  We’ll see you in Arizona.

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    I love what Hobie is trying to do. I hope he reaches his goals and win the 100k. If he does this it would be unreal what he has put his body through. A lot of wear and tear in 12 months!

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    More info coming on a fundraiser for Hobie Call.

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