by Beth Connolly

Today’s Spartan Race in SoCal was a huge success!  Congratulations to all of our Spartan winners and Spartan competitors.  You all challenged yourselves and tested your limits.  If this was your first race, you probably just changed the course of the rest of your life–in future decisions, you won’t shy away from taking a difficult, more rewarding path over an easy one.

If this wasn’t your first race, you deserve a Spartan-style congratulations from your significant other (google it).  I don’t doubt we’ll be seeing you at many future races.

And if you didn’t compete–get excited for the Chandler, Arizona race coming up in less than two weeks!  Sign up here.

Curious about the results of today’s race?  Click here.

Stayed tuned to the blog for more detailed race coverage in the upcoming days.

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    Are the results for the 8 plus mile Spartan run or for the 3 plus mile spartan sprint??

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      Hi Amanda, Saturday’s Event was a Super Spartan 8-mile race (the first ever!), as will be the upcoming race on March 12 in Chandler, Arizona.

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