by Jessica Murden

Road to the Games: Week 1

It’s Tuesday night, March 15th.  Along with many other members from my home box at CrossFit ACT in Saddle Brook, NJ, I am scrambling for last minute registration to compete in the CrossFit Games Open Sectionals.  I finally register myself – for the second time; my first attempt at registering would not let me affiliate with my team.  Fail.  So now I’m registered.  I have my profile set up, complete with a picture of me deadlifting – a secret tactic used to intimidate my competitors.

Everyone at the box is now eagerly awaiting the announcement of the first WOD at 8pm.  We wait and wait and wait.  Nothing.  By 8:30 the site had crashed.  The CrossFit world was in an uproar.  I wouldn’t doubt that people lost sleep over refreshing their browser.  By the next morning, the workout is posted: as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of 30 double-unders and 15 power snatches (75lbs for men and 55lbs for women).

Upon hearing the WOD, I am psyched.  I love double-unders and power snatches – awesome, great start.  On Wednesday I watch the first people attempt the WOD.  It’s a sure sign that a workout is a destroyer when every single person collapses onto the ground when they’re done.  I watch person after person perform the workout all week.  I see each and every single one of them persevere through ten minutes of constant movement.  I observe the face of pain, hear the grunts as the weight grew heavier with each rep, and take in the intensity level that each athlete had minutes before the WOD.

By Sunday, it’s announced that the deadline for the first WOD will be extended a week since there were so many technical issues involved in the announcement of the first workout.  I think of this as a blessing in disguise; extra time to recover.  It seems like a great idea, except for the fact that anticipation is building up for over one week.  Fast forward to Saturday and I am ready to do the workout.

3, 2, 1, Go!  I start flipping the handles of the jump rope quickly.  I’m feeling good, confident in my double under skill.  I then move onto snatches.  I’m keeping a steady pace.  Sweet.  15 reps later I’m back to double-unders.  First attempt, I trip-up.  Second attempt, I trip-up.  I quickly realize that it is not going to be easy to pick my feet off the ground.  My legs are fatigued, but that’s no excuse.  In CrossFit, you push through the fatigue.  It’s that sense of suffering that draws us in; that walks the line between athlete and CrossFitter.  After 10 minutes, I find myself in the same position as my fellow teammates: on the ground.  It’s quite the humbling experience to be utterly and completely raw for just a few a minutes and have everyone around you know the same exact emotions and feelings.  Commradery at its best.

With week one complete, the CrossFit community is now able to see a worldwide ranking.  Tuesday night unveils the second workout for 2011.

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