Heather Lych wrote in recently about her time in Temecula and we were so moved by her story that we felt compelled to share it.

Dear Joe and Spartan Race,

I’m so grateful for all of you being there and and of course for ALL of your help,support,and encouragement from everyone. If it wasn’t for everyone who helped me with their selflessness and determination to see that I finished, I would have never crossed that finish line.

You believed in me when I already given up on myself and for that I am truly grateful. I got to see something that most people don’t realize exists in our society today and quite honestly, it touched my soul and restored some of my faith in humanity. I witnessed the courage, determination, heart and spirit that defines the meaning of a true Spartan! 

I’ve always prided myself in being tougher than the average woman. I’ve  faced my share of obstacles in my 37 years on this world, starting when I was just 8yrs old. A couple of neighborhood friends and I were taking turns riding a mountain bike that one of the girls had just received as a Christmas gift less than 2 weeks prior. The bike was a little big for me, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me. Unfortunately, the mother of a girl that lived next door was drunk and hit me head on with the Toyota truck she was driving. 


I literally went through the windshield from the outside, coming to rest half inside the truck and the lower half of my body still across the hood. My injuries were severe to critical, the least of which being a broken femur that required a screw through my knee to secure to secure 70lbs of tractiontraction in hopes of pulling the bone straight and to normal length again, instead of overlapping making one leg shorter.

The  more life threatening injuries I suffered were severe neck, spinal chord, severe trauma to my head and facial injuries that laid my forehead wide open. My parents were told it was a miracle I survived. After countless weeks in hospital and excruciatingly painful hours in physical therapy, I was released home in a wheelchair never to walk again.

I took that as a challenge. After suddenly becoming a single mother I decided to meet life’s challenge and  raise the ante. On Jan 26th, 2014, the day after turning 37, myself and 5 other amazing people entered our first Spartan Sprint as “The Ranch Team”. My teammates all did amazingly well and have decided to continue on and complete their Trifecta. Unfortunately, around the third mile I sustained an injury to my hip. I was in unbearable pain and to have to just give up on myself after everything that I’ve lived through, it all came down to this.

I couldn’t continue I couldn’t take another step. I was in so much pain I wanted can just crawl into a hole and die. I’ve always prided myself on being stubborn and strong and survivor with a “tell-me-I-can’t -do-something-and-watch-me-” attitude. I was giving up on myself. Thank God for the most amazing people that I’ve ever been blessed enough to meet, the Spartan staff and medical personnel! In particular 2 good looking gentleman from Spartan headquarters and two medics. They refused to let me give up on myself. They were determined to see me finish my first Spartan race and cross that finish line.  They carried me the last mile completing the remaining obstacles as we went. 

They made sure that I crossed that finish line. Their selflessness and heart they showed me that day was overwhelming. I’m forever grateful to those amazing people. They are my heroes!

Although I didnt walk across the finish line the way that I’d intended, I have a renewed faith in myself and found my inner strength and stubbornness and courage. I’m a survivor and I hope that my heroes that believed in me will be there to watch me cross the finish line in my next Spartan Race.  God bless, my heroes.

See you at the finish line!

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    Congrats! You will walk across the finish line next time :)

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