Todd from Tampa got in touch with Spartan Race and wanted to share what was on his mind

Well, it’s Sunday, post Spartan Race day, and as a family we have a overwhelming feeling of accomplishment within us. If you have a moment, we would like to share our experience with you. We have shared our start up story with you, but here is our pre-Spartan timeline.

My wife and I have been traveling around Florida bouncing from mud run to OCR events for the past two years because we needed a healthier, more enjoyable lifestyle. This lead us to finding complacency in the lower level or over hyped runs. We quickly found ourselves moving further and further up the leader boards, and in the past 4 months, we decided to step up our game. We decided to move forward with the competitive beast inside us and take on the top tier races.

Basically, we put our foot in the water and it wasn’t too cold. This lead us to Spartan Race Special Ops Tampa. From first hearing about Special Ops we were filled with excitement and anticipation – we now had a game plan and set schedules for excessive training and changing of meal plans.  Oh boy, did we train, along with participating the 30 burpees for 30 days challenge. Then job confusion, illness and a last minute injury hit within the last three weeks of race day. Days before the race we asked each other if we were ready and our response “HELL NO”. So what to do? Wife decided to run with a partner and I decide to JUST FINISH, both for the first time.  Neither of us were happy with this but we STFU and went with it. To be honest, with my injury from the weekend before at The Hobie Call Challenge, I didn’t make the decision to run until right before my 8am start time.

Special Ops Tampa started with a 120ft round about running climb with a cargo net near the top which I dubbed as the ‘time chip snatcher’, I had to pick mine and a few others out of it.  Next, a few short walls continuing on into the stadium stairs and stairs and more stairs. Lets just say lots of up and down stairs with several obstacles in between, which included 7ft wall, 8ft wall, sandbag carry up and down the stadium stairs, transverse wall, another 120ft round about run climb or 15 burpee option (nice touch, for your information and no I didn’t fall for that one), and a rubber band around the ankles hop up and down stairs. During the rubber band obstacle I told the racers around me, “if my mom could only see me now”. WE LOOKED FOOLISH. Oh – did I mention there were stairs?

Then on to the field. First, a Nerf football throw in a 50gal drum (20kt wind),  then a 280ft barbwire crawl though dirt mounds smoke and military debris. I still have dirt falling out of my body from that crawl. Next, we left the stadium to the north parking lot which housed the last quarter of the race. Up next was the concrete pulley pull, which was hard if you didn’t keep your chin behind your torso, a 20yard 100 pound concrete ball carry with 5 burpees, then back 20 yards – the wife hates you for that one – multiple mud hills, weighted ammo boxes, inverted wall , spear throw (20kt wind), rope climb out of water and slippery wall climb. This actually brought a tear to my eye when I watched three racers help another racer try to get over it for 25 minutes. Then there was a fire jump and then the gladiators.  Lastly, I must mention BURPEES. Spartan Races’ golden gem, 30 burpees if you don’t complete an obstacle was just the icing on the Spartan cake.

I may have missed some or some may be out of order but this is what is locked in the old brain.

I could carry on and on about our experience. Thank you from the Anderson family.
We did find out at the finish line.

Todd from Tampa


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