by Carrie Adams

May 2011 025Hobie Call is withdrawing from the Virginia Race on June 18, 2011 in an effort to be best prepared for the upcoming Death Race.  Call has been pursuing a $100,000 payday that requires him to win 14 out of the 16 Domestic Spartan Races.  Winning the Death Race is mandatory and withdrawing from the Virginia Race and missing the Carolinas Race (which is the same weekend as the Death Race) will force Call to win all the remaining Spartan events if he can conquer the Death Race June 25th.

“Generally speaking, there are three reasons why people make choices.  Fear, love, and logic.  Scientists like logic.  Most people follow fear.  And then there’s those who follow there hearts.  My heart says to do what I’m doing.  If choosing the logical choice were to drive my actions, I would have given up my goals to be a great athlete 15 years ago.  If fear drove my actions, I never would have toed the starting line in the first place.  Against all odds, I have every intention of winning the Death Race.”

- Hobie Call

“I’m just going to warn you,” Hobie told me from the Utah airport, “Everything I am about to say is going to be a contradiction.”  He laughs, “If Joe [DeSena, Spartan Race founder] told me today I didn’t have to do this race, I wouldn’t do it!”

Call is preparing for the Death Race in the midst of an injury-riddled season of Spartan Races and he’s sure he’ll be successful.  He has to be.  “I realize that you can’t go into a race like the Death Race and say you are going to win but I have to say it.  I have to believe that.”

Training for Spartan Races that range in distances of 3 – 12 miles is a very different training methodology than those committed to the Death Race a two, three or four day (maybe longer) event that is held annually in the Vermont mountains. Call has no idea what to expect and he openly admits that, but he is encouraged that his physical strength, mental toughness, and family support will get him through.  “My two brothers will be there to crew for me.  We’ll have a good time.”

Call has had very little down time to do the kind of rigorous training required to properly prepare for the Death Race, but that doesn’t deter the undefeated Spartan, “I’m going to the Death Race and I’ll have fun. I know that much for sure!”

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    Maybe I am reading it wrong, but did I read that the race in Carolina will go against Hobie? SpartanRace…You got two races on the same day!?! Oh well! It is what it is. I figured Hobie would miss the one in VA so he can be ready for Death Race. Good Luck Hobie in Vermont!

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      I imagine the reasoning behind only having to win 14 out of 16 is because they know you have to miss one due to the race conflict, and then they let you have one for illness, injury, your mom died, whatever. So in essence, they aren’t counting the Carolina race against him, since they already accounted for it.

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        BUT, when the rules were made up the Carolinas race was not originally scheduled on the same day as the Death race (I’ve got a Spartan shirt with the original schedule to prove it!) so that reasoning don’t jive.

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    Hobie’s withdrawl from the Virginia race leaves him with the ability to loose one more race. You can’t count the race in Carolina that is on the same day as the Death Race as a loose for Hobie. He doesn’t have the option of running it. And you have to count the Death Race as one of the 14 wins. Lets be somewhat fair.

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      Math lesson everyone, Hobie still can lose three more races AFTER the Virginia and Carolinas race (if those races are counted as losses) because there are 19 domestic races this year for which Hobie has to choose his fourteen races. He’s already won 7, now he can choose his next 7. If there were only 7 more races left and Hobie chose not to show for one…then that could be considered a loss.

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    Glad I don’t have to run against him in the Carolinas :) Best of luck to him though.

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    dear race director,
    let’s walk through this… you have scheduled two races on the same day. one which is mandatory(death race). if this is the case then Hobie only has “one” race to lose on his journey to the 100K not two. opting out of VA has him at a disadvantage now cause he cannot miss anymore domestic spartan races under your agreement… even though by default its one race.
    i know you are a man of integrity, honesty and intelligence… do you mind explaining this to me please. i do not see at any point for any athlete that they are guaranteed two losses. look forward to hearing your explanation of the rules and so are many others on this thread. thank you! B

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      Skipping a race will not necessarily be considered a loss. As I said above there are 19 domestic races that Hobie can choose from. Spartan Race never said that his fourteen mandatory races had to be run consecutively.

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    Seriously, there is no way that the Carolina race should be counted against Hobie. This needs to be done right or I will lose much respect for Spartan Races.

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    I agree with the comments above. How can you count the Carolina race against him and also say he has to win the Death Race? As good as Hobie Call is even he can’t be in two places at once.

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    I agree with them, it’s a shitty move to count a race he can’t run in any way. What would King Leonidas say about this if he was still here.

    tst tst tst

    Sounds like there are some people who try not to spend $100k for true Spartans…

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    Im just going to say Im disappointed. I was looking forward to the challenge. Good luck Hobie and I hope our paths cross someday.

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