SSNC1PROMO-27The Spartan Races are underway. Which means men from across the country have been going up against the filthy elements. So we want to help you get to that filthy finish with a few survival tips for one of the harshest obstacles you’ll be facing. The Dial for Men Barbed Wire Bog.

What exactly is the Barbed Wire Bog? Well, it’s a bog. Covered in barbed wire. Pretty straightforward, right? Wrong. Here’s how you attack it.

On your knees, Spartan

Immediately crouch on your hands and knees and get going. Like a dog. Just be glad you don’t have a tail. It’d probably get lopped off.

Be one with the Mud

There’s nothing like an earthen armor to protect yourself from a canopy of barbed wire. The more you cake on the better.

Slow is Fast

Hug the ground. This is one of those slow and steady wins the race deals. The faster you go, the more likely you are to slice yourself on the wire. You don’t want to come out on the other side looking like pulled pork. Pulled pork doesn’t win races.

Get on a roll

When all else fails, turn sideway, and roll like a log. Really.

We believe that our friends at Dial for Men, would approve this message, but they currently can’t be reached. It is likely that they’re out muddy field-testing a new product. God bless ‘em.

Good luck out there, Spartan.

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Dial® for Men brand is thrilled to sponsor Spartan Race in 2012 as a part of our continued support of muck masters around the country in their quest for muddy glory. With products engineered to deliver the cleanest clean this side of anywhere, we have no doubt that we can combat the toughest grime the obstacles of Spartan Race have to offer. So carry on Spartan warriors: Get Your Dirt On. We’ll Get It Off.®

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