Spartan chick Margaret Schlachter aka Dirt in Your Skirt recently took part in the Death Race.  Her race ended before 24 hours, but she stuck around covering the event and she wrote three pieces about her experience on the mountain.  Her emotional journey began as an athlete trying to survive and ended as a volunteer helping facilitate the experience for those who would go the distance.

Part One: The Death Race

Part Two: Quitting

Part Three: Changing Sides

Part Three is jam packed with videos and media of those who remained in the race that Margaret spoke with and interviewed live on Ustream.  Check out her journey, her decision in the race, and her perceptions from the other side.  Check out her blog and keep following her journey in 2012!  We’ll see her at more upcoming Spartan events and you can follow her training and her finishes at!  Next up for Margaret, the Utah Beast!














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    Margaret I was sad when you left the Death Race but understood. Loved having you on team # 5!! See you next year!! It was blast being there and I know that the Death Race is for me….

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      ~jennifer – ugh. bad day in the box. though i did come and sort of woruokt. i didn’t press well and i humiliated that wod. 2 sorry rounds. josie, however, kicked that jerk’s BUTT! awesome work, josie. []

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