by Rose-Marie Jarry

A tasty idea for a raw vegan meal.  Perfect on the go, for lunch, or as a nice sit down meal.

You might want to start eating a lot more raw stuff when you can; this will help you bring down your acidity level in your body. Doing so also helps eliminate waste that build up in your body when you train or eat an unhealthy diet.


Blend the ginger, green beans and mango together. Add the sea salt and pepper.  Set aside.

Soak the rice paper 30 seconds in warm water 1 sheet at a time. Then they will be ready to roll.

Lay the rice sheet flat out on the counter, place a Nori sheet over it and add two tablespoons of the bean mix into the Nori and rice sheet. Keep the side of the sheets clear – if you don’t do this, the mix will overflow when you roll it.

On top of the mix, add a bundle of organic sprouts, pumpkin seeds tinny carrots, 1 piece of avocado and 1-2 leaves of fresh endives.

Start rolling the sheets. Once they are nicely rolled, give yourself a couple minutes before eating so the rice sheet will hold together better and stay in 1 piece. If you want to keep for next day, wrap it in plastic wrap and keep in fridge.

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