by Rose-Marie Jarry

This is a light and reinvented version of the traditional lasagna recipe that we all know. Everybody knows that Italian lasagna is really good in the tummy, but not so good on calories. This one is really different and will make you discover a healthy way to eat lasagna.

This lasagna contains 6 different veggies to help you get all your greens.


Cook the lasagna noodles, when they are cooked, drain and cut each noodle into 3 squares. Set aside.

Steam the yellow beans for 10 minutes. Once they are cooked put them in a bowl and pour some olive oil and salt on them along with a tablespoon of the chopped dill. Set aside.

In a little pot, warm up the olive oil and roast the garlic and scallions. After 1 minute, add the slices of bell peppers and the Tamari sauce. Right afterwards, add the water into the mix. Let simmer for 3-4 minutes. Once all that is done, add some of the chopped fresh dill and set aside.

When everything is ready to assemble take your plate and follow the instruction bellow.

Put 1 tablespoon of the garlic, some dill and the pepper sauce on the bottom of the plate.

Place 1 square noodle over it.

Place 5-6 yellow beans over the noodle + 1 slice of raw tomato.

Place 1 square noodle over top along with 1 tablespoon of the garlic, dill & bell pepper sauce.

Repeat this for 4-5 layers. At the end, on top you could add a piece of goat cheese and put it in the oven on broil for 1 minute. If you want to stick with the Vegan style, then forget the cheese.

Serve immediately!

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