by Rose Marie Jarry

Even if wild rice is more expensive than other types of rice, its taste and texture make it worth it. Wild rice is also loaded with health benefits. Wild rice is a very healthy food choice. First of all, wild rice is not really a grain, but an aquatic grass seed. Native Americans have been cultivating this food since before we arrived on this land. It has more protein than regular rice and is richer in the amino acid lysine.


Cook both types of rice together in a rice cooker. When it’s cooked, add the coconut oil and the dried coconut into the rice and then mix. Add half of the lemon juice and half the spices. Set aside.

To make the avocado-stuffed eggs to go with the rice, start by boiling the eggs. Then peel them and cut them in half to keep the white intact. Remove the yellow and put it in a bowl.  With a fork, mash the yellows with 1 ripe avocado; pour the other half of the lemon juice and spices in your purée. Fill the white part of the eggs with the green mixture.

Ready to eat! Enjoy!

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