By Rose-Marie Jarry

This salad is awesome when you invite company over. It’s simple to make and it will impress them. It’s light and fruity, so you can enjoy this on a hot summer day as well.  The pumpkin seeds will add a little bit of protein and also a nice source of iron.  This is a final touch to make your salad even more complete in nutrients.


In a small blender: Put in the passion fruit seeds, sesame oil, honey, lemon juice and spices. Blend it all together. Set aside.

Place your mache leaves on a plate, cut your atulfo mango into slices and put them on the plate as well along with the kiwi rings.

Slice some thin pieces of cheese and wrap each half of them in a fresh fig.

Slice the avocado in pieces and add it to your salad.

Finish it by pouring some passion fruit dressing all over your salad and sprinkle pumpkin seeds on top.

If you are looking for less calories, you have the option of removing the avocado from your plate. Doing so will remove 322 calories from your dish but if you don’t mind, go ahead and enjoy the avocado.

1 serving is 543 calories.

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