by Rose Marie Jarry

Want a new take on a favorite comfort meal?  Try this Alfredo pasta dinner from our Spartan Performance Nutrition kitchen.

Boil water and sea salt, once it water comes to a boil cook the Penne for 10-15 minutes or as recommended on the packaging. Strain pasta and set aside.

To make you Alfredo sauce blend all the sauce’s ingredients together until you get a soft mixture. Transfer in a pot and warm up on low heat until it is warm enough to serve.

Put asparagus in boiling water for Only 1 minute, do not cook them any longer than that. Drain water right away and grill them with the mushrooms and the red sliced onion in the oven at 400 degrees in a lightly greased (with a teaspoon of olive oil) pan. 10 minutes later, you can dress up your plate.

Put 1 cup of cook Penne at the bottom of the plate, a full hand of the grill veggies on top of the pasta and a scoop of that delicious Alfredo sauce on top. Garnish with a touch of fresh Basil leaves.

476 calories per serving

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