by Rose-Marie Jarie

Summer ushers in a whole crop of fruits and vegetables in season and what better way to add some flavor to a salad then some avocados and mangos.  Try this unique salad as a side or as complete meal.  Enjoy!

Avocado & mango salad

2 avocados

2 tomatoes

1 ripe mango

50g of lactose free allegro cheese 4% fat.

½ Lemon’s Juice – Squeezed

2 table spoons of fresh cilantro

Salt and pepper to add taste


Cut avocado in two from top to bottom and empty, preserve the shell to create a bowl to serve the salad.

Dice the mango, avocado, tomato and the cheese in smalls cubes. Add the lemon juice, cilantro, salt and pepper.

Place the salad in the empty avocado shells.





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