by Rose-Marie Jarry

Veggie Lasagna in a light creamy sauce ( 8 portions)

340g of brown rice lasagna noodle GLUTEN FREE

500g of cottage cheese 1%

7 garlic cloves

75g of light lemon, basil pesto

Sea salt

Lemon pepper

½ cup of water

3 Endives about 250g

1 table spoon of olive Oil

2 table spoon of water

1 lb of whole asparagus

2 sliced bell pepper (cut round)    


Cook the noodles, set aside

Blend the cottage cheese, garlic, basil pesto, salt, pepper and water together until you get a smooth and soft texture.

Warm up a pan, add 1 table spoon of olive oil.

Grill the endives sliced lengthwise for 2 minutes, set aside. Then grill the rings of bell peppers and asparagus.

In a medium Glass pan, set up the ingredients as instructed:

3 lasagna noodles covered by all the grilled endives and a layer of the cheese mix.

3-4 lasagna noodles covered by the grilled peppers and a layer of the cheese mix.

3 lasagna noodles, covered by the layer of the grilled asparagus and the last layer of the cheese mix.

Cook for 30 minutes in the oven at 380 degrees.

Serves up to 8 portions.  271 calories per portion.

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