by Rose-Marie Jarry

Who says you can’t have satisfy your sweet tooth cravings and still be healthy?  These vegan high protein cookies are not only delicious but made from healthy, organic ingredients that will keep your body fueled so you can keep going with your Spartan training!  Making the recipes?  Send us your pictures of your own Spartan nutrition recipes to!

This recipe can be made with any kind of flour. If you don’t have the Amaranth or rice flour, you can use any other gluten free flour. But if you can use the Amaranth one, you’ll get all the good nutrients from it that work well with this recipe. Amaranth is not well known, but you might want to start using it more often to get all of its benefits. If you don’t want it to be gluten free you can use organic wheat flour.

Pre heat the oven at 375 degrees.

Grease a cookie sheet, or use a non-stick cooking sheet.

Mix in a big bowl with all the dry ingredients. Add all the liquid, fruits and chocolates chips.

Mix well to get a nice thick texture. You want to be able to shape cookies on the cookie sheet.

Depending on what type of flour you use, you may find your mix too dry as well. If that happens add some coconut milk or sprint water, until you get the right consistency.

Cook for 15 minutes.   372 calories per large cookie


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