by Carrie Adams

Every obstacle counts when you are racing a Spartan course.  It’s not just about gaining ground on the technical running portions, it’s about using the obstacles as opportunities to make up  time as well.   Take the story of Andrew Hostetler in Amesbury, MA.  Our timing company J-Chip, added a split component to the sandbag carry and their data collection yielded some fascinating results for all our racers,  Hostetler in particular.   He went into the sandbag carry in 3rd place, down by 10 seconds.  He sped the hill with one of the fastest splits of the day (1:16), and in that one obstacle gained 32 seconds on the 2nd place runner, taking a 22-second lead that he was able to hold for the rest of the race, finishing in 2nd overall on Sunday.

Hostetler recounts the race  in his own words saying, “I went out in the lead and I was confident I would have no problem keeping it. Then I hit the log hop and slipped on the second to last log, winning me 30 burpees as 10 other racers passed me. I got up knowing that I had my work cut out for me. I caught up to Eric and Elliot around the Hercules hoist and did my best to hold second place. When we got to the traverse wall I had no idea Eric was so close to me and we ended up starting the sandbag carry together. I gave that hill everything I had left since I knew we didn’t have much running left, but quite a few obstacles. Half way up the hill my legs started burning and that only let me know that I could push even harder.”

That push earned Hostetler a second place finish and demonstrated the importance of pushing the pace at the obstacles and on the run.  Another interesting fact we learned from our J-Chip timing experiment is that times for the sandbag carry ranged from 1:16 to 11 minutes!  That’s incredible!

Remember to keep up the intensity, it may make all the difference!

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    Hi everyone, first time Spartan Racer, just a quick question about Spartan Race. My friends and I are just wondering if Spartan Race is organized like Warrior Dash. If we sign up for 8:00 AM, is there really a regulation that will force us to race at that time? Or is it just massive unorganized waves like Warrior Dash?
    I only ask because our groupon codes are only allowing us to register for 8:00AM (even though they say any time either day in Midwest). Spartan Race tells us to contact Groupon, Groupon tells us to contact Spartan Race, so we’re kind of stuck.

    Thanks in advanced for your help :)

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