When Winter Vinecki began her Spartan Race at Soldier Hollow in Utah, the fourteen year old was on a mission. It was far from her first race, she’s been racing since she was a young child… but unlike most 14 year olds, her mission is to educate the world on prostate cancer and raise funds. So far, she’s raised over $700,000 and she’s not slowing down. The youngest finisher of a complete marathon on Antarctica, she’s traveling the world spreading her message and running some of the world’s toughest races along the way. Her message about prostate cancer and it’s devastation is born out of her own tragic loss of her father to prostate cancer when she was just nine years old, shortly before his 41st birthday. At the Utah Race she shared what motivates her, what moves her and how Spartan Race is the newest addition to her impressive list of race finishes. To learn more about her cause, visit her website for Team Winter at www.teamwinter.org.

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    Winter, you are making your dad proud to be sure!
    Take care, enjoy life as I’m sure you are, good luck in future races, and all the best in your ‘race’ to the 2018 Olympics!!
    For someone so young to be making such a big difference, I hope you are proud of yourself too!


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