by Carrie Adams

Regularly we receive emails from race participants who overcome injuries and setbacks to finish our races.  While rare, serious injuries on the course do happen and here is one story from our Staten Island runner, Brian Elliott who sustained a broken elbow on the course.  Here, he recounts his ordeal and his commitment to finishing what he started that morning.

SRSI_BD_1935 (2)I participated in the Staten Island Super Spartan race on Sept 24th. My bib number was 8628.  I went into the race thinking “e tan e epi tan” saying [Greek for “with this or on this” – a famous Spartan for warriors returning to battle and their shields.] but didn’t realize what a mantra it would be for me.  I broke my elbow at mile two going over one of the 10 foot walls.  I knew something bad was wrong but was able to get over the wall…after that I came to the next wall just a few yards away my heart sank….I had doubts and for a few minutes I lingered…then I thought “e tan e epi tan” and with that, I was able to scale the wall, and then the next, and then jump the fire, etc.  I finished the race in under 2 hours.  SRSI_MA_1244 (2)

I drove myself to the ER afterwards and had surgery 5 days later.  I’m on the mend and hope to compete in another race next season.

From Spartan Race HQ, we wish Brian a speedy recovery, thank him for his inspiring story, and look forward to seeing him again in 2012 with his well-earned battle scars!  “E tan e epi tan”!


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