thebeast-46Spartan Race has teamed up with Concept 2, LifeAsRx, BodyWrench and several other innovators in the fitness industry, to bring you the “Fittest Box” competition. We are challenging the fittest, toughest, most gnarly, bad-ass group of maniacs in the country to “think outside of the box” and strut your stuff at a Spartan Race near you.

How it Works:

  • Have a team captain create a team name under the name of your box
  • Sign up a team of AT LEAST 4 to as many 2012 Spartan Races as you can -the more races you compete in, the more points you can earn
  • Top 4 finishers on your team of UNLIMITED competitors for each race will earn points
  • Team with the most points after the last Spartan Race of 2012 wins
  • Winner gets to claim the title of “Fittest Box” and a grand prize totaling over $20K in rad gear and equipment!


  • 12 Rowing Machines courtesy of Concept 2
  • $1K gift certificate from LifeAsRx BND_1461
  • Custom t-shirt design from Affiliates AsRx
  • 25 Body Wrenches from our partner Body Wrench
  • A slew of other prizes including but not limited to
  • Kettle bells, jump ropes, medicine balls, footwear, fish oil, and other essential fitness equipment


  • Recruit as many people out of your box as possible to race on your team…each racer earns points towards your team’s total!
  • Sign up to multiple Spartan Race events in the United States to stack more points
  • Top 4 finishers from the team each earn points
  • Points are based on an algorithm that considers:
    -The Spartan Race Event that a racer participates in
    -Course distance
    -Course difficulty
    -Environment and topography
  • Points are earned by each team member’s overall placement in a given race
    -Top 10 = 50 points
    -Top 20 = 25 points
    -Top 50 = 10 points
    -Participant = 5 points

A Spartan Race is a challenge that incorporates all components of fitness…cardio, power, strength, speed, stamina, accuracy, balance, coordination…and most of all, your mental grit. This is exactly how you train…now do something with it! Nothing says more about a person than how they react when the odds are stacked against them…whether in the gym, at work, or out on the course. How will you react when adversity is staring you in the face? Sign up, show up, don’t ever give up.

Get back in the box…you have a real race to train for.

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    are there any old boys? ie baby boomers over 60 in the race.this is my second obstacle race.looking foreward to the competition.even if it hurts.

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