by Anthony Adragna

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If you’re looking for even more reasons to do exercise regularly, check out the following list from US News & World Report that stresses some benefits of working out that you might not have thought about. Via their list:

1. Exercise Reduces the Harmful Effects of Stress: Studies prove that 30 minutes of exercise on a cross treadmill brings beneficial chemicals like serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine into the brain. Additionally, a study by the University of California at San Francisco suggests that exercise could actually counteract the parts of aging process caused by stress.
2. It Could Help Prevent Depression: Doing exercise three times a week and burning 350 calories each time relieves depression about as effectively as anti-depressants.
3. It Helps With Learning: When you exercise, levels of brain chemicals called growth factors increase. A recent study shows that students performed better at cognitive tests after 10 minutes of exercise.
4. Exercise Increases Your Self-Esteem and Body Image: Even if you don’t radically change how you look, merely completing an exercise goal can lead to a more positive body image.
5. High Intensity Exercise Leads to Feelings of Euphoria: That urban legend of a “runner’s high” actually exists. If you run intensely for 30 minutes, then decrease your pace for five minutes before sprinting again, you will feel great for the rest of the day.

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