hurricane-irene-satellite-picture-mdnWhen Spartan Race Directors and course designers were plotting out the mayhem for the Amesbury, MA Spartan Race, they knew that they wanted to show the 8,000+ athletes the craziest race day of their lives. Spartan prides itself on designing the most insane obstacles and it appears Mother Nature wanted in on the action. Irene, currently a Level 3 looking to be upgraded to a Level 4 hurricane is predicted to make landfall in the Amesbury, New England area Sunday morning and despite all our best efforts (and impressive burpee demonstration) the State of Massachusetts has placed all emergency services on hurricane alert for Sunday requiring us to cancel Sunday’s event. In short, the decision was taken out of our hands.  Saturday heats will still be raced as scheduled.

Please know that this decision was not made lightly. Amesbury Emergency needs tonyc-bos-canes-history-082311-600x405 ensure all staff is ready to respond to those who may find themselves in need. Words like, “dangerous” and “calamity” and “devastating” are being thrown around and while Spartans don’t fear such things, Public Safety and Emergency crews can’t be kept from doing their jobs and we respect that.

We exhausted every avenue and looked for every possible alternative, but cancelling Sunday is the only option. We sincerely apologize to all the Sunday athletes who have been looking forward to their chance at Spartan finisher glory; we simply cannot override the local and state Emergency authorities and their judgment.  We do hope to see you in PA or SI and most definitely next year in Amesbury!
So…now what?

  • Saturday race heats are on as scheduled. If you are scheduled for a Saturday heat, you’re not affected by this announcement.
  • Saturday‘s Amesbury heats are SOLD OUT so we can’t move Sunday athletes to Saturday’s race.
  • While our official policy is that we don’t issue refunds or credits for canceled events, we are making an exception to this policy in this case.  ALL Sunday racers are being automatically moved to our 2012 event at no cost so you’ll get your shot to take on Amesbury! You don’t need to do anything for this transfer – we’ll take care of it for you. For transfers we are using same heat times, same place, same set up on our Sunday Sprint next year.

If you need a quicker fix, we have one more bonus for you. PA and Staten Island are just around the corner and we want to see you there!

  • To show you how much we want to see your Spartan faces before 2012, register for PA or Staten Island this week and use Promo code IRENE for 20% off! AND you’ll still get to race in next year’s Amesbury Sprint! Double bonus!

Pennsylvania 9/10/2011 Register Now!

Staten Island 9/24/2011 Register Now!

Stay safe out there, Spartans! Irene is going to hit hard and while it hasn’t been confirmed, initial reports are indicating that Hurricane Irene just wanted her own Spartan Sprint finisher medal. 

- The Spartan Race Team

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    Disappointed doesn’t even come close. See you in PA Spartans.

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