~By James Villepigue CSCS & Hobie Call

Are You Ready To Workout…I Mean Really Ready?

Let’s talk a little bit about training cold. For those of you who are not familiar with the term, “training cold”, it simply means, training without a warm-up and just jumping right into an intense style workout when your muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments are not yet ready.

When you do this, not only is your physical body not yet ready to train, but neither is your neurological system and this can greatly negatively effect the signals between your brain and your body.

If you’re a young person doing this, your body may be more resilient and forgiving, but trust me when I say, that the damage is being done and it can be accumulative.

Now, let’s talk about a body that’s properly warmed up and really ready to go – You’ve got a light sweat coming on, your heart is working and your skeletal muscles, joints and connective tissue are feeling limber and are prepared to work.

This is a recipe for training success and by sticking with the prep, you can look forward to a lifetime of training success and less injuries. This brief preparation that you’ve taken the time for will have a dramatically positive effect on each and every one of your workouts.

The Dynamic Warm-Up

  • 15 Bodyweight Good-Mornings – Stand with feet shoulder width apart and a slight bend in knees, torso fully extended with head up, chin forward and arms at your sides. Bend at waist until body is parallel with floor by pushing buttocks back and return to your starting position and immediately repeat.
  • 10/20 Torso Twists (A twist to each side is 1 rep) – Spread your feet just shy of shoulder width, keep a slight bend in the knees, bring arms out to sides and keep them fully extended. Twist (don’t thrust your body, simply twist to warm-up the spine) your upper body, keeping your head straight.
  • 8/16 Walking Lunges (Each leg lunge out is 1 rep) A twist to each side is 1 rep) – Feet are side by side, only a few inches from one another. Knees are slightly bent, chest out, shoulders back and down, abs tight and keep your head and eyes (looking) straight. Begin by stepping the right leg out far enough, so that you roll heel to toe and avoid the knee from going over the toes. Lunge forward with one leg and without rest, lunge forward with the opposite leg. Let the leg stepping out do all the work – the back leg is only for balancing.
  • 8/16 Alternating Hamstring Bends (Each bend down one leg is 1 rep) – Spread your legs approximately 3 feet apart, keeping the knees just short of lock out. Begin by facing forward and bend down in the direction of your right leg. Exhale as you draw your hands down that leg and touch your toes. Come back up to the middle and immediately move to the left leg and repeat.
  • 10 Jumping Jacks – Come on now! ;-)
  • 10 Deep Squats – Take a slightly wider than hip width stance and slightly bend the knees. Stick your chest out, bring your shoulders back and down and keep your head up. Squat down and mimic the motion of sitting back as you would sit in a chair. Stop when thighs are parallel. Immediately stand back up and repeat.
  • 10 Arm Rolls Backwards – Simply giant arms circles.
  • 10 Arm Rolls Foreword – Simply giant arms circles.
  • 10/20 Arm Over Unders (One swing over and one swing under is 1 rep) – You’re standing with hip width apart, knees slightly bent, chest out, shoulders back and down and body relaxed. Bring your arms up and extended out in front of you and swing them back and fourth – During the first swing forward, the left arm should swing under the right – during the next swing back and forward your right arm will swing under the left arm. Repeat.

*If you have the time and for best results, repeat the entire sequence twice.


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    Good warm-up and very accurate comments about properly warming up before a workout – too many people short-change this aspect of training.

    I would suggest one change however, in your description of the Good-Mornings: instead of bending at the “waist”, you should “hinge at the hips” which looks like a small change but is a significantly different movement. It will protect the back and properly engage the posterior chain. There should be no disconnect in the waist at all, with a fully engaged core.

    Monkey Bar Gym Montreal

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    You guys rock! Thanks so much for the wod’s and the daily support! Some days reading your quotes gets me through! And now offering expert advice, you are second to none. Thanks again! Shannon

  3. avatar

    New to Spartan WOD, but not CrossFit WODs. Is this WOD just the Dynamic warm-up, or did I miss a link to a WOD, or what?

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    seems good i always warm-up b4 my workouts i use the same routines i learned in the army it is similar n maybe a lil better in some aspets but i will combine the 2 n go from there thanks

    now where is the real workout of the day

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    Thank you for your advises and helping me every day with the exercise routines, now that I’m in the gym, I’m trying to train my self since the trainer is very expense for me. I bought a note book, is like my gurnal for everyday, I also doing three days of spinning, because my goal for this year is to loose weight, and enjoy with you guys for a competition.

    Thank you again.

    Isabel Hernandez

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    Am I missing the workout or is the warm up it?

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    Cheers for sharing that link but unluckily it appears to be down? Anybody have a mirror?

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