WOD for Monday, Jan 30th presented by Gaspari Nutrition

~By James Villepigue CSCS & Hobie Call


THE TITLE – 15 Minute Burst-Bouts Workout

This explosive high-Intensity metabolic resistance training WOD is going to kick your arse into high gear. Just 15 minutes to maximize your time and results!

clip_image001SETS & REPS

Max Endurance & Metabolic Overhaul

Sets: 1

Don’t Think Reps Focus on the work to rest ratio!

Resistance: Light to Moderate

Form is the most important part of this workout. Make sure you can perform each exercise perfectly and perform them as powerfully and explosively as possible!

clip_image001[1]WORK TO REST RATIOS

Work for 1minute during each Burst (accounts for each exercise for the 1 minute time frame)

Rest 30s after the 11exercise Bout (Bursts as the total 11 exercise cycle or round)



You MUST do a dynamic/active warm-upprior to engaging in an exercise program and when possible perform active recovery between sets. This can be as simple as doing some stretches or walking around.


Use Either A 20lb Kettlebell or Dumbbell

1. 20 KB Swings – Take hold of a kettlebell or dumbbell (DB on one end) and hold it with fully extended arms down between your legs. Bring feet double hip width apart, knees slightly bent, abs tight, chest out, shoulder pulled back & down and head straight. Squat down by bending at the knees and mimic the motion of sitting back and down, as if you were sitting in a chair…stick your butt out and maintain a lower lumbar curve – maintain the chest out and shoulders pulled back posture. Now as you stand up, shift your hips forward and simultaneously lift the KB/DB using the front shoulder muscles…you’re lifting the weight up with extended arms (only moving from shoulder joint). Let the KB/DB fall back (do not resist it when it’s coming back down) to the start position and please maintain that perfect posture and keep all muscles nice and rigid to ensure safety. You objective move rapidly, but to keep a smooth transition especially when the KB/DB is coming back down and you’re switching from the start position back to the KB/DB up portion. Exhale as you exert and lift the weight.

2. 20 Squats into Upright Power Rows – Hold the KB/DB just as you did with the KB Swings and align your body the same: KB/DB held with fully extended arms, feet double hip width apart, abs tight, lower back arched, butt out, chest out and shoulders pulled back and down. Head is up and eyes are looking straight ahead. This time, squat down until your thighs are parallel to the ground and as you stand up, stand more explosively to generate power and as you’re standing, immediately upright row the KB/DB up, leading the movement with the elbows – Elbows are held high, hands are hanging limp and fingers are securing the handle of the KB/DB.

3. 20 Bent Over Rows – Take hold of two dumbbells (not your two friends you brought to the gym!) in a neutral grip (palms facing the inside of your body). Feet are hip width apart this time, knees bent, abs nice and tight, chest out and shoulders pulled back and down. Now, bend over at the hips and maintain that tight posture…I need you to make sure that the lower back is arched and that it remains tightly held in place – Any rounding of the lower back will direct force to the lumbar spine and could injure you. The dumbbells will be hanging down just to the outsides of your knees. Begin the action by driving the elbows up behind you and toward the ceiling…in other words, act as if you were pulling a lawn mower rip chord. Keep the elbows tight to your sides and focus on stimulating the outer back muscles…especially when those dumbbells are in the mid/top position.

4. 20 Push Ups (using a full-range-of-motion – place an empty water bottle under chest and lower until you hear the crackle of the bottle). Maintain a straight and rigid spine and keep your butts in line with your spine…don’t let it droop down or peak high.

5. 20 Push Presses – Grab two dumbbells, take a standing shoulder width stance and use your lower body to independently thrust each dumbbell into the shoulder level start position. Your objective is to keep the elbows pulled back with forearms held vertically. Squat down slightly and allow your lower body to generate the force to assist in the shoulder pressing of the dumbbells…in other words, with DB’s held in the start position, squat down 1/3rd of the way that you’d go if you ere doing a parallel squat and stand quickly and immediately press both dumbbells up overhead. Lower slowly back to the 1/3rdsquat position and without rest, press again.

6. 20 Grand Slams (using either rubber tubing or a cable set just below chest level) – This is a core movement, so I need you to focus on the abdominal muscles especially. The more focus you put on a muscle during training, the more stimulation you can direct to that muscle. Take hold of the handle and extend your arms out in front of you. I personally like to first grip with my right hand and wrap the left hand over. Feet are shoulder width apart, knees are bent and abs are already contracted to help direct the stimulation optimally. Please keep your head and eyes straight throughout the entire exercise, as this will help to create the desired muscle stimulation during trunk rotations. Hunker down and stay tight and begin by rotating to the left…as you’re heading back to the start/middle position, without any rest, immediately rotate right…try to maintain a smooth transition from the midpoint to each side…the less ballistic that transition is, the safer and the more muscle stimulation (less momentum generated) to the core muscles.

7. 20 Diamond Push Ups (using a full-range-of-motion – place an empty water bottle under chest and lower until you hear the crackle of the bottle) – The same form as the regular pushup, but now the hands are kept close to one another/side-by-side…I like to fully extend my hands and connect index finger/pointers and thumbs to form the diamond shape. This exercise should be focused on the triceps primarily and the chest secondarily.

8. 20 Turkish Get Ups (10 Left & 10 Right) – Begin this movement with a light-weight and increase as you find yourself progressing. Begin by lying on your back with either a dumbbell or kettlebell in your right hand and push it up overhead with the right arm fully extended. Stay there and keep that right hand, shoulder and elbow tight. Fully extend your left leg out in front of you and bend the right knee and allow the right hip to flare out. In this position, I want your knee pointed out toward the right and your right foot facing in toward your left knee – the right leg will form a angled pyramid/triangle. Your left arm is extended down in line with your left leg. Now begin the action by distributing the weight to your right foot. Push off the right foot (your right knee will now want to point in toward your midline) and roll your body toward your left hip. Now bend that left arm and smoothly continue moving and distribute the weight to the left elbow and then immediately to a fully extended left arm with left hand flat on the ground. Your right arm with weight in hand is still in that rigidly held overhead position. Now, as your left hand is holding the bulk of your bodyweight and the weight you are holding overhead, your right foot is planted flat…I now want you to pick up that left leg, bend at the knee and bring/drive that leg back and place your foot flat so that now both your left and right feet are pointing straight or slight angled out and you’re now in a deep squat position. Now, quickly fully extend that left arm out in front of you to help counter balance the weight being help by the right hand.

Two important tips here: keep your head and eyes looking up on an angle during the entire exercise protocol. This will ensure perfect posture and exercise safety.

From the deep squat position, distribute the weight evenly to both feet and stand up, maintaining the left arm fully extended overhead, your head/eyes looking up and that left arm out in front of you. That was one full Turkish Get Up. Now switch sides!

9. 20 Burpees – Stand straight up with feet pointing straight ahead. Bend over at the hips, place the hands down flat on the ground in front of you, thrust the legs out behind you, jump them back in and stand back up. That’s one full repetition. Maintain form and do your best to resist getting sloppy as you begin to exhaust. These. As you probably know, are tough!

10. 20 Russian Twists – Sit on the ground and take hold of a DB/weight plate/medicine ball. Hold the weight out in front of you and keep the elbows locked in that position. Bend your knees, lean back and you will be teetering on your coccyx/tail bone – hopefully you’ve got some cushion there! – Now, contract those abdominals before you begin the rotations to help turn those muscle on and now start the action by rotating to the left and back to the right, leading the movement with the weight in hands. This movement should be performed rapidly.


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    Great WOD!
    You guys should add a printable format button

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    In preparation for the race…I used burpies or squat thrust as a conditioning exercise…20 minutes non stop burpies followed by 2o minutes of jumping jacks…this is very effective for improving conditioning and building a frame of refference in relation to your ability to endure long periods of exertion…

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