WOD for 6.12.12 brought to you by Gaspari Nutrition

~By James Villepigue CSCS & Hobie Call

Hello Spartans. We’re hoping that you have been following along and are more than ready for today’s hard core WOD!

We’re focusing on a resistance training exercise followed by a cardio-based movement. Your work time will be a full minute and you’ll have 20 seconds rest to quickly catch your breath and transition to your next exercise.

Please review the workout and wrap your brain around what you’ll be doing – the right mindset is everything when it comes to conquering these WOD’s and will certainly mean everything on race day, if you intend on conquering the course!

Let’s get to it:

Set your timer to 60 seconds of work and to 20 seconds of rest. If you don’t have a timer, shoot for 30 repetitions per 60 second exercise Burst.

We’ve got 11 meaty exercises on today’s list. Shoot for between 2 to 3 cycles/bouts, depending on your fitness level.

If at any time, you feel overly exhausted, be smart and stop. Take a moment to assess your condition. If you feel OK, continue…if you are not sure – be smart & STOP!

Here’s Your List of Movements…

60/20 W-T-R–

1-  Romanian Deadlifts – With two dumbbells of moderate weight, placed on the floor, placed horizontally in front of you, stand facing the bar with your feet shoulder width apart, or slightly less and halfway under the dumbbells.

While still standing straight, look up to the ceiling and inhale deeply. As you descend to the dumbbells, hold your breath and do the following: arch your lower back—don’t round it— and squeeze your shoulder blades to hold your shoulders back. Make a point of pushing your butt back as if you were going to sit in a chair and keep your shins vertical.

Remember to keep your eyes on the ceiling throughout the movement. This keeps your back aligned properly so that you will lift with your legs instead of your back. During the descent tighten up your entire body to keep alignment correct. I call this the full body tension technique and it’s a great way to call upon all muscles for work time, while helping to avoid injury because all muscles are working to keep joints and connective tissue guarded.

Straighten your arms, tighten your abs and glutes and remember you are still holding your breath. When I say “holding your breath”, this creates a valsalva maneuver, which creates a natural safety belt around your spine. Don’t hold your breath for too long! It’s only during the range where exertion is at its greatest. Make sense? If not, contact me and I will be happy to explain further.

Squeeze the db’s with your hands and turn your focus to your legs.

Now press through your heels to push the floor away from you, pull the shoulders back and stand straight up. Keep every muscle in your body rigid as you pull.

Near the top of the lift give your hips a slight thrust forward and throw back your shoulders to completely straighten your body. Keep your chest high but DO NOT LEAN BACK. You are still looking at an angle up.

At the top, you can take a deep breath before you lower the bar to the ground.

To lower the bar, keep your back straight and push your butt back, bending at the hips.

2-  Jab, Cross, Hook, Uppercut – Step your non-dominant leg out and point your foot directly toward your punch target – in this case, the air. The dominant foot is kept back and staggered to the side of your body with that foot angled to 45 degrees i.e. if my left leg is forward, my right leg is positioned about 3 feet back and 2 feet to the right of my body. Jab with the non-dominant arm, cross with the dominant arm, hook with the non-dominant arm and uppercut with the dominant arm. Make sure that your speed is quick, but DO NOT lock out the elbow on any of the punches!

3-  Pushups – (using a full-range-of-motion – place an empty water bottle under chest and lower until you hear the crackle of the bottle). Maintain a straight and rigid spine and keep your butts in line with your spine…don’t let it droop down or peak high.

4-  Jump Rope – keep the arms down at the sides of the body and only jump high enough to allow the rope to get under your feet. Be sure to stay light on your toes…allow them to act as shock absorbers.

5-  Pull-Ups – 60 seconds is a long time, so when you need to break, break, and catch your breath and then resume!

6-  Straight Punches with Running In Place – just as you’d imagine.

7-  Standing Squat Into Upright Power Rows – A Kettlebell would be ideal, as you can simply take hold of the handle. If you only have access to a dumbbell, place a dumbbell horizontally on the ground and grip the handle with your fingers, securely grasping throughout the movement. Hold the weight between your legs with fully extended arms, feet double hip width apart, abs tight, lower back arched, butt out, chest out and shoulders pulled back and down. Head is up and eyes are looking straight ahead. Squat down until your thighs are parallel to the ground and as you stand up, stand explosively to generate power and as you’re standing, immediately upright row the KB/DB up, leading the movement with the elbows – Elbows are held high, hands are hanging limp and fingers are securing the handle of the KB/DB.

8-  Jumping jack flash with front & side raises – A speed driven jumping jack where you raise your arms out to the sides on the first jump out, quickly bring them back in and then raise your arms out to the front on the next leg jump out.

9-  Bodyweight or Single Dumbbell Weighted Speed Squats into Calf Raise at top – These sound easy, but with those legs exhausted and with the rapid-fire movement, you’re going to surely feel these bad boys!

10. Burpee, Pushup & Press – That’s right! Take hold of two dumbbells of a moderate weight. From a standing upright position, squat down, position the hands out in front of you (as if you were about to perform a pushup), thrust those legs out, perform one full pushup, drive the legs back in, stand up and go right into a standing shoulder power press for TWO quick repetitions. This exercise is speed driven, so keep the pace quick and maintain proper form!

1 Minute Rest at the end of the 10th exercise

Perform 2-3 bouts – 2 Bouts = 28 Minutes/3 Bouts = 42 Minutes

1,000 jump rope using a 40/15 work-to-rest ratio – Try to perform 100 jumps per 40 seconds and this will equate to = just about 9 minutes.

Today’s Total WOD Time:  2 Bouts = 37 Minutes/3 Bouts = 51 Minutes

Ready to rock this WOD from home?  Make sure you’ve got the following on hand…

If you haven’t already, gear up with an adequate timer.

Use a smart phone timer app or get yourself a Gymboss Timer

Set the GymBoss to 60/20 and do yourself a favor and think about how much weight you’ll be using for each exercise prior to beginning the Burst Bout session.

Hobie and I really look forward to hearing about how you all did! Please remember to share your results under this post.

Keep Going!

James Villepigue & Hobie Call


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    I’m going to crush this WOD tomorrow. Thanks y’all! I’ll let ya know how it was.

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    seriously loving this wod! We have been doing our CrossFit wods out in the mud and water to prep for the beast, turns out woding in the river is a whole lot of fun! The Beast can’t come fast enough!

  3. avatar

    Fantastic, Mr! ;-)

    Let us know how you do!

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    This was so much fun

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    This WOD is going to crush me. I love it!

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    Crazy workout. I loved it!

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    love the work outs guys. Ever feel like trading a work out let me know. I got one you guys would love, if you are interested :D

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    11 and trying it out

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    on vacation with the family. does not mean I cannot utilize this to my advantage @the gym. To be done @7am!!! SpartanDERP!!!!

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    So did this workout last night was way harder than I had thought!!! Got through it twice before I felt like I was going to die

  12. avatar

    Does anyone have a good iPhone timer app?

    • avatar

      iPhone has a good built in timer app. Go into the clock and there’s a timer option at the bottom right hand of the screen. There’s also alarm and stopwatch options.

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    Turned out to be a great workout. It’s all about what you put into it. I enjoyed the mix up of movements . . . but not the pain/exhaustion. What hurts you only makes you stronger. Just don’t get to the point where it will cause you injury. I’m finding my limits. Never really did a lot of jump rope. I’m turning into a pro with it and actually enjoying the exercise. The Beast is always on my mind. Thanks for the WOD.

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