by Jess Murden

In the end, it’s the internal battle that is the truest test of one’s competitive spirit.  We Spartans are all competitive by nature–that’s why we do what we do.  However, participating in a Spartan Race will tap into your true competitiveness: the battle you fight within.

This internal competition comes from the desire to keep fighting because we don’t want to disappoint ourselves.  We want to finish strong and to complete what we started.  Failure is not an option.  Fatigue, muscle soreness and bruises are but mere microscopic obstacles when it comes to internal competition.

Spartan Races bring out the best in us.  Yes, we are competing against other racers, but those with true grit and the willpower to endure must rely on their spirit of internal competition to guide them towards success.  No fear of heights, nor mud, nor fire will quell a Spartan Racer’s inner sense of competition.

Good luck to all the Super Spartan racers in SoCal tomorrow.  Make us proud!

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