By Jason Jaksetic (The Barn Beast) and Carrie Adams (Shawty)

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Spartan Race has been posting the brutal WOD (Workout of the Day) on our Facebook Page for quite some time.  These killer workouts are designed to get your body shredded and ready for race day.  And we love to get feedback via Facebook comments from Spartan Nation about how hard they are, who’s doing them, and how fast.  Burpees (a Spartan favorite), long runs, push ups until you cry, sprints at the track, pull ups, weighted vests, walking lunges (for a mile), tire flips, jumping rope, and pretty much any other form of torture our masterminds can create are all fair game for our WODs.

It’s come down to this: a personal challenge from Joe DeSena, Spartan Race’s CEO.  He dared us to do the WOD every single day, for thirty straight days, saying “Commit to it, talk about it, and show everybody how it can change your life.”

The plan:

So marketing guru Jason Jaksetic, aka the Barn Beast, and Spartan writer Carrie Adams, aka Shawty, are spending thirty days doing the WOD, blogging it, tweeting it, videoing it, talking a little smack, and most importantly using it as part of our event training.  WOD are designed to be challenging to complete.  They can be modified to meet different event goals and geographic terrain. Carrie and Jason will be doing the same WOD each day and adding or modifying based on their surroundings and their specific events.

Carrie and Jason, Spartan Facebook king Ben McDonald and our Twitter maven M_Scan, will be taking on the Beast in Killington, VT on August 6th, 2011 as a team too so we have plenty to train for.  (Read more about The Beast in our most recent newsletter.)  

You knew we run our own races, right?

Meet your Challengers (Ladies First):




Shawty is a Spartan writer, endurance athlete/triathlete training for a half Ironman in August, the Spartan Beast in August, a 50k, and several marathons this summer and fall.  Shawty also runs the Spartan races in the Midwest and did SoCal back in February.  Her goal is to destroy the Beast, knock out her first ultra, qualify for Boston with a wide margin (despite the new rules), and go to the big dance next year.  Shawty is a zen trail runner who eats clean, loves honey badgers, detests male endurance athletes that rock shorty shorts (hence the nickname) wears pink running shoes and lip gloss, and proudly races with a “You Got Chicked” tag on the back of her racing jersey.  Single mom to two girls, she’s representing all the Spartan women out there who do some rad chicking of their own.  Shawty wants girls and women to live an inspired life and embrace how powerful, unique, happy and successful they are just being true to themselves.

Her favorite quote is “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world,”(Marilyn Monroe.)  (This can easily alternate between a smoking hot peep-toe pump and a rad pair of Brooks Cascadia trail runners.)

Start following Shawty on Twitter now, and don’t miss a beat.


The Barn Beast

The Barn Beast:

You know the Barn Beast.  The Barn Beast is one of Spartan’s most notorious badasses.  Notable for finishing the 100 mile snow shoe race (after a mere thirty days of training), he’s an ultra distance athlete training for The Spartan Death Race, the Spartan Beast, and a Double Ironman. (Yes those are real. There are triples, and decas, and even 15x Ironman Events). He’s been doing Ironman Events for years, qualified and competed in Kona, and can really pound on the bike. He’s recently been pursuing ultra distance running and training in the Green Mountains of Vermont, happily dragging tires up the mountain. The Barn Beast is also a musician, writer, and philosopher, and recently completed his first one-man rendition of Jesus Christ Super Star.  He’s representing all those who actively seek new challenges outside their comfort zones, because he believes that there is no such thing as “normal,” and that being overwhelmed is a perfectly wonderful place to be.

His favorite quotes is “Always go too far, because that’s where you’ll find the truth” (Albert Camus.)

Start following the Barn Beast on Twitter now, and don’t miss a beat.

Thirty days begin today.  Join the movement.  Enjoy the pain.  Get it done.

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