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Niki Kenney

When Niki Kenney first emailed me, she was a Spartan finisher – the Georgia race actually, she blogged about her experience, and we loved her spirit and enthusiasm.  Since then Niki has contacted Spartan Race again this time to spearhead (like how I did that?  Spearhead?  Since we throw spears….) a fundraiser for Hobie’s efforts as he chases down a $20,000 prize for winning the remaining Spartan Races.


Hobie Call's Culvert Crawl, Death Race 2011

Hobie’s contributions to the Spartan races and obstacle racing is remarkable.  He’s one of the most inspiring athletes we’ve come in contact with and has always sought the toughest competition we could bring to the table.  Rarely seen without a smile on his face, he is a class act and an athlete that Spartan Races has embraced for what he has accomplished but most importantly for the man that he is.  He didn’t win the Death Race, but his pursuit of Spartan glory is far from over.  He still has a chance to walk away a Spartan Champion if he can pull off winning of the remaining events in our United States circuit.

Don’t be fooled, for the competitive athletes like Hobie we are still a race with talented racers that are coming to take him on and even for a phenom athlete like Hobie Call it’s not always going to be an easy road.   That doesn’t mean we don’t love the guy… From the mountains of Temecula to the ski ridges of New York we’ve followed the journey of  Hobie Call with earnest.  How can you help that journey continue for such a worthy athlete?  Read Niki’s message and find out…

Hobie Call Fundraiser:

by Niki Kenney


Hobie Call Arizona Super Spartan

Ask any Spartan racer who Hobie Call is- you’ll get the same response. A candid smile will creep across their face as they describe an amazing athlete with more courage and determination then you could ever imagine. They’ll be honored to tell you they’ve raced with him or that they wish they had the opportunity. You’ll hear the story of his incredible path and goals that have been adjusted and readjusted over the course of a few months. The Spartan will tell you the famous story of how he even sold his TV to get to a race.

Ask any Spartan racer to describe Hobie Call in a few words. They’ll say he’s inspiration, an inhuman beast with the true guts of a Spartan warrior and the courage to win it all.


Hobie Call Transverse Wall

Hobie has become every Spartan racer’s personal hero. His Facebook page is littered with strangers sending healing vibes and hopeful words of encouragement. He probably doesn’t even know half the people he’s excepting friend requests from! He just knows they’re Spartans. The Spartans that have come to love him with sheer optimism, without even really knowing him.

It takes a special person to uphold the Spartan Code, but Hobie pulls it off.

A Spartan:
Pushes his mind and body to it’s limits. (He’s KILLED 6 Spartan Races and even participated in the DEATH RACE).
Masters his emotions. (Check out his infections smile and obvious happiness on each and every course).
Learns continuously. (He’s learned to MASTER some of the hardest obstacles of the courses).
Gives generously. (His attitude and spirit have given power and inspiration to more people that I’m guessing he would have every imagined).
Leads. (He’s always up front! (; But he’s also become the unanimous leader of Spartan racing clans)
Stands up for what they believe in, no matter the cost. (Remember, he sold his TV to get to a race!)
Knows their flaws as well as they know their strengths. (It’s clear that Hobie pushes his strengths to the max to overcome any flaws (We just don’t know what they are yet!) )
Proves themselves through actions, not words.

Hobie never asked to be a hero. He didn’t preach his plan from the rooftops and hope for waves of followers. He became a Spartan celebrity race by race from his pure will to succeed. By which, he has obviously done so in epic proportions.

Hobie’s story is an remarkable one. You’ve heard it. You’ve told it. Maybe even been a part of it. You’ve cheered him on and maybe even challenged him to help continue his story. His plan to win EIGHT more races for the ultimate title and a modest purse is nothing short of awe inspiring.

Eight more races means thousands more Spartan’s joining in the Aroo’s chanted around the globe for Hobie. If only he had a nickel for every one of those well wishes right?

For Hobie, unfortunately, part of his journey means an emptier running shorts pockets. It’s time for us to band together like the Spartan’s we are to help him reach his goal. Spartan’s give generously- and that’s exactly what we’re going to do. Let’s put some dollar signs behind our cheering and help Hobie and his family get him to these last 8 races. You know the drill- ANYTHING HELPS!

Channel your inner Spartan!!

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    It’s all nice and considerate of you to want to help this guy but I’m sure he can work out a few more races worth of cash. How about for those thinking of donating, you cruise on over to the Red Cross website and make a small donation for the tornado victims of Alabama or the flood victims elsewhere in this country who have lost everything.

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      Chris, this fundraiser is being spearheaded by a fellow Spartan and we wanted to give it some publicity. To your comment, we actually have several charities that we work with directly and have them on our page – Homes for Troops and Max Cure Foundation for Pediatric Cancer. We are also working with Susan G. Komen for some upcoming races including Chicago. We live our own code. Spartans give generously.

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      you must not know anything about this organization. It’s not just about giving money to some guy, he’s an inspiration, the more people who race the more money that gets donated to people like.. oh soldiers and other groups. Hobie inspired me to sign up and some of my friends as well. All that is money that gets donated. Try to be a good person and realize the spirit of this request for donations.

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      The Red Cross? That is a great organization, the CEO makes over $650K and only about $.35 of every dollar donated actually goes to a cause…

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        You did not here this from me but that CEO makes way over 650k. Is the Red Cross a global company? If yes, then money floats oversees in another account… maybe its a lucky guess. But the Red Cross is a good organization. I will rarely complain about any organization helping people.

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    It is sad when people criticize without knowing the facts. The first thing I learned about the spartan races is that you donate to foundations. The message is about giving not give to what you think someone should give too. Just had to get that out my system.
    Okay, I want to thank you for setting this up for Hobie, because I mentioned before that he should or someone should set up a form where people can donate to help him strive for the opportunity to reach the 100k. You could tell from the spartan videos that it was a struggle financially, but the lesson from this is Hobie just step forward in faith that things will work out during the journey. Hobie has inspired me in so many ways in life. Being a former athlete I can understand the emotions he has been dealing with finally realizing he gave his all but did not reach what he personally wanted to do. The spartan races gave him life, just as Hobie has given many of us life and inspiration. I know I probably could never beat Hobie, but I have been training the hardest in my life (distance running) and want to one day compete with Hobie and give the best effort I can. When I am training I think of Hobie and know he is training harder. He has been my inspiration to eat better, trainer hard and give money to help him press towards his goals and one day compete side by side and finally meet the man that made me want to work harder, train harder to compete with the best of the best and not be afraid because of fear of failure. I have shared Hobie stories with most of my athletic friends because I want them to watch him train and watch the videos and watch Hobie compete. When Hobie lost the DeathRace it was hard to take personally and my buddies took it hard too and my training has sucked this week because I have mentally checked out because I did not know if he would compete anymore, it’s expensive to do what he is trying to do and I would not have a chance to meet him personally and say thanks for inspiring me, and I will see you at the finish line. I have a shirt that say “I want to beat Hobie Call” on the back, on the front it say “Because I know he is training harder then me.” When I see the front of the shirt in the mirror it gives me the extra push to go longer and harder during my training. I will lose 20 pounds by August and 20 more by March of next year when Spartan Race is in my home town in Georgia (I learned about spartan races in may 2011! This is what Hobie has done for me and other. People donate to help Hobie continue to compete. It is amazing what he has done for the spartan races. Mark my words, if he wins out the rest of the year, the spartan race will be bigger in 2012! Everyone wants to compete against a champion. Just watch the New York Episode. Many want to take on that challenge. This is very exciting!

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    Wow Chris, even when you’re on the computer you can’t google search to find out where the floods are? You’re a real care giver. Who are you to assume someone can afford that many races?

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    Hobie is an inspiration. I first met him when he moved into our neighborhood. As I watched how Hobie trained and the dedication and effort he put into it, I realized this guy was pretty special. The more I learned about him, the more inspirational he became. I was never a close friend to Hobie but he left an impression upon my son and that is all that mattered to me. Hobie moved away a year or so ago yet, I am thankful we have been able to follow him with the Spartan Race. I understand those who post such positive things about him. Even if you have never met him, his story sucks you in and he has truly affected thousands. Spartan is lucky to have such a guy becuase he has that way of drawing you into his world which has been such a great benefit for them. When we put together an event to try to raise money to help Hobie in his cause, my family did not hesitate. I only wished I had done more so, this will be a great way to give more and help him in his cause. I can understand Chris and his thinking however, this is not about one person, it is about an organization who cares. I give plenty to help charitable organizations but once in a while, it feels good to help the individual too. Hobie never asked to become who he is, it is just the nature of who he is. I know Hobie will give his best effort and if doesn’t come out on top, there is no shame, everyone of his supporters will still be thankful that they got to know him, even if they never met him. Go Hobie and kick some Spartan Butt.

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