How to Mince Garlic

There is a reason people tend to buy minced garlic. You can always find it readily available in the supermarket right next to the fresh garlic. Why? Because mincing your own garlic each time a recipe calls for it takes time.

But don’t’ resort to the easy way out. Learn how to mince your own garlic. Then you can schedule a garlic mincing workout, where you mince and store all the garlic you will need to get through the next few days.

Step 1: Use your hand and wrist strength to break apart garlic bulb into individual cloves.

Step 2: Lay the flat side of a large knife against a whole garlic clove.  With the palm of your hand, smash the clove between the knife’s flat side the cutting board. Exercise caution. The garlic clove inside the papery shell can be removed easily now. This is an alternative to peeling the garlic clove.

Step 3: Take your garlic cloves and chop them into thin slices in one direction. Then chop those slices into smaller pieces by cutting perpendicularly to your last series of knife strokes.

Step 4: Store minced garlic in an air-tight container. Though fresh garlic is best (and most powerful), garlic will keep for a few days this way.

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