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One of the ultimate exercises you can perform any time and anywhere in training towards Spartan Race domination is the squat. It’s the epitome of your go-to exercise for training your legs to conquer the relentless climbs that a Spartan Race of any distance will present before you. In a Spartan Race you have to run, it’s a key element of the race and squats can help develop the muscles necessary for all the running, hiking, climbing, and low crawling you’ll be doing as you make your way through one the Spartan Race courses. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Sprint, Super, or Beast. You’ll want to practice your squats. Even more so if you decide to take on a Hurricane Heat or an HH12HR, I have a feeling the leader of that loves dishing out squats., squats, squat, barbell squat, barbell squatsPerforming the squat will improve the strength in your glutes, but most importantly it will work your quadriceps. Incorporate squats into your routine and you’ll have the muscle composition to get over any 6’, 7’ or 8’ wall, climbing the steepest of hills will be a breeze, and taking on the downhill will feel all too good. If using a barbell is too much for you at first start without weight, you can even incorporate items other than a barbell such as a log, sandbag, or properly hold while still executing proper technique. Master the squat and finishing a Spartan Race burpee free will be that much closer to reality. Use the squat as the next exercise to add to your workout regimen and climb another rung on the ladder to obstacle immunity.

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