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You should be used to performing lunges with all the ones you’ve been doing this month for the #Spartan30. Lunges are one of the most powerful leg exercises you can utilize on a daily basis, anytime, anywhere. The lunge exercise can be changed up quite a bit as you have seen throughout the month, from stationary, to walking lunges, to jumping lunges there are a lot of options out there to help you develop strong legs capable of climbing and descending the steepest of mountains. If you’re training for the World Championship in Vermont, take our word for it, start upping the amount of lunges you are performing. Being able to power hike up and down Mount Killington will be a lot easier if you develop the muscles required to conquer the 13+ miles of mountainous terrain. You’ve been warned., how to, spartan race, lunges, barbell lunge, walking lunge, Performing a barbell walking lunge will get you ready for those endless sandbags carries, it’ll prepare your legs for jumping over walls, and demolishing everything a Spartan Race will throw your way. Take the time to do lunges when you walk to the bathroom, or on your way to the dining hall for lunch. The more you train, the better prepared you will be. Remember keep pushing your limits. Develop obstacle immunity. Become unstoppable. Now go get after it Spartan. AROO!!!

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