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Every week we have been challenging you to add new exercises to your workout regimen in an effort to develop obstacle immunity. This week we are taking things up a tick with the introduction of the pistol squat. The pistol squat is an advanced exercise that requires a solid base before attempting. Not only will the pistol squat work your quads and hamstring muscles but also all the stabilizers muscles they are connected to. When first beginning to incorporate this exercise into your training be sure to utilize a wall or pole for balance. As you advance and become stronger at this exercise you’ll be able to do so without any assistance. Once you are comfortable enough with the movement, incorporate an even bigger challenge by adding weight such as a kettlebell or a sandbag.

Start slow and work your way up. Remember it’s all about developing strength over time. This won’t come easy but as you dedicate yourself to pushing past your comfort zone you will become a stronger athlete capable over overcoming everything Spartan Race and life throw in your path. Adding the pistol squat to your repertoire will give you the leg strength and balance needed to conquer the log hop, 6′, 7′, and 8′ walls as well as the inverted walls and all those vertical cargo nets. Keep training hard, Spartan and we will see you at the finish line! Aroo!!!

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