Let’s face it – When it comes to running, sometimes we can’t make it to the gym. Other times it’s so cold out (Polar Vortex, anyone?) that it endangers your health. Or you just don’t want to. We get it. But that doesn’t mean that your fitness must suffer.

A personal home gym or treadmill notwithstanding, our homes don’t seem like the most hospitable spaces for a jog. However, there are multiple ways that you can still simulate a run using some creativity. And with the #Spartan30 “Run 1 Mile a Day for 30 Days” Challenge underway, we want to supply you with some ways to completing your runs from the comfort of your home.

Although Spartans are not huge fans of the Romans, they did have a few tricks worth adopting. When the Roman army would march to and from battle, they would count how times they took a step on their left foot. When soldiers reached 1,000 steps they knew they had walked a mile. Hence, 2,000 steps equal a mile walked. This can be performed from anywhere in your home. What’s more, you can throw in movements to enhance this workout such as high knees and lunges. A 190 pound man can burn over 510 calories an hour running in place, not to mention you can watch 300 all the while.

Many Spartan Race courses climb up and down mountains and it’s likely your afternoon jog will encounter elevation. Rather than bundle up, take a tumble and end up like Otzi the Iceman, stay indoors and attack your staircase. Sprint up the stairs, pumping your arms all the way to the top. Use the walk down as your rest period. Try performing 15-20 stair sprints in a set. To run a mile, you’d have to complete approximately 526 flights on conventional 15 step stairway. Time to take a deep breathe (oh yeah, don’t forget to keep breathing!).

This method requires a bit more space – the type that can be found in a basement or garage – and focuses on building your fast-twitch muscles necessary for making quick movements on the course. Clear a runway that will allow you to push your speed  beyond a jog, making sure that your floors surface is not slippery. Also, make sure to put the dog in the other room, it’ll try and join in. Starting at one end, quickly sprint until reaching the other end. Anticipate the turn and, using your hand if necessary, pivot on your back foot and change direction. Sprints are great for burning fat and will prepare you for the short bursts of energy necessary to topple gladiators at the end of a long race.

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