How to Select Garlic

When stored at room temperature, garlic can last a long time.  Knowing this, wait till it’s on sale, or you are at your favorite farm stand, and stock up. If garlic is being sold by the bulb, obviously select the biggest ones you can find. This will not only increase the value you get, but make the garlic cloves easier to peel. Otherwise, look for plump and firm bulbs. You want the paper-like skin to be intact and dry, not spongy or shriveled.

Remember once you break open a garlic bulb and separate it into cloves, the lifetime and nutritional value of that garlic starts to decrease at a much faster rate.

Many people choose to buy garlic already minced in jars. This is preserved garlic and not to be confused with fresh garlic. Click here to learn how to mince your own garlic.

Garlic can also be obtain in other forms. You can find it rendered as essential oil, powder, and extract.

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Basic Garlic Preparation

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