How long does it take to walk your dog? Fifteen, twenty, maybe even thirty minutes? That’s more than enough time to squeeze a small work out in. Walk your dog more than once a day? Even better! You may have never thought about it but walking a dog is already great exercise. You’re outside. You’re moving. Enjoying the scenery. On it’s own it’s not a strenuous workout out by any means, it’s simply a walk. What if you could change that. Do something that turns said workout into something more. Guess, what? You can! Just follow these steps and turn your typical dog walk into a Spartan inspired dog walk! As we reported once before, dog walking is actually very good for you!

sandbag carry dog walk spartan race workout

Handsfree Leash and Sandbag Carry

Step 1: Purchase a hands free leash, there are many out there that allow you to fasten the leash to your waist as opposed to holding it in your hand. Here’s a few “Best Seller” options on (If you don’t want to purchase a hands free leash, another option is to wear a weight vest in Step 4).

Step 2: Fasten the leash to yourself and your dog.

Step 3 (Optional): If you can, find a partner, friend, or someone else to tag along to make it more fun.

Step 4: Grab a sandbag, log, kettlebell, or any other heavy/awkward object. Fill milk jugs with concrete or grab a bucket or two filled with gravel or sand. You’ll figure something out. You’re a Spartan!

weight vest spartan race dog walk workout

Weight Vest Dog Walking

Step 5: Take your dog for a long walk around your favorite neighborhood, park, or wherever you’d like to go. Make sure you and your dog are well hydrated and go for as long as you both can handle.

Step 6: When the going gets tough use teamwork to pass the sandbag (or whatever you brought with you) to your partner. If you don’t have a partner…suck it up buttercup.

Step 7: Make this part of your dog walking routine. Whenever it’s time to walk the dog, grab an object and get moving. You’ll be amazed at how much your core is getting worked. As things get easier, up the weight.

It’s that simple to turn your typical dog walk into a Spartan style dog walk! Now what are you waiting for get out there and give your pooch some exercise! As always, we’ll see you at the finish line.

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